How To Create Beautiful Vintage Victory Rolls [In A Jiffy!]

If you love creating beautiful hairstyles, you will have definitely heard of Victory rolls.

Vintage Victory Rolls

This iconic hairstyle originated in the 1940s around the time that WWII ended.

Despite the fact that this hairstyle is decades old, it is still incredibly popular to recreate today.

Whether you want to create this stunning hairstyle for a themed costume party, or you just want to incorporate it into your daily aesthetic, we have a guide for you.

In this article, we have put together a guide to creating beautiful vintage victory rolls in a jiffy. 

Things You’ll Need

As with any complex hairstyle, there are a few things that you will need to help you create this look and make it look its best.  

The first thing that you need to get is some light-hold hair mousse.

This will help to give your hair some grip which will help keep the style in place for longer.

You will also need some hairspray which will also make the hairstyle stay all day.

The hold of the hairspray is up to you and what you prefer.

You will also need some bobby pins and elastic hair bands to help create and secure this hairstyle (Also check out How To Create 40s Hair With Hot Sticks).

The closer the bobby pins are to your hair color the better.

A long comb with a rat tail handle will be necessary, as well as a large round brush to help with styling. 

Finally, you will need a curling iron to complete this style.

If you have the resources, having a couple of curling irons in different sizes can create the best results for this look.

To finish the look properly, you will also need some hair cream, serum, or a finishing spray. 

Prepping Your Hair

Apply The Mousse

The first step in creating beautiful vintage victory rolls is to prep your hair with a light-hold mousse.

You should do this when your hair is wet, after washing it.

You can apply the mousse the night before if necessary but it is an important step to remember.  

Separate Your Hair

Once you have washed your hair, applied the mousse, and allowed your hair to dry, you need to separate it into a top and bottom section.

Using the thin, rat-tailed comb, draw a circle around the crown of your head from one temple to the other.

\You should secure the bottom section of hair with an elastic band to keep it out of the way while you create the rolls. 

Create A Part

The classic victory rolls style involves creating two rolls on the top of your head.

These rolls are traditionally different sizes. Therefore, it is necessary to create a straight part that is slightly off-center. 

Which side you choose to make the part is up to you but it is best to position it halfway between your ear and the center of the top of your head.  

If you have side-swept bangs, it is best to make sure that the part for your victory rolls is on the opposite side of your bangs.  

Brush The First Section Upwards

The side that you choose to roll first doesn’t matter, generally, you will be drawn to one side or the other depending on which hand is your most dominant.

Take the section that you want to start with and hold it straight upwards from your head.

Brush this section until all of the tangles have been removed. 

How To Create Beautiful Vintage Victory Rolls [In A Jiffy!]

Apply Hairspray

Still holding the first section of hair straight up, apply some of your hairspray to the length of the section.

If you have particularly fine or thin hair, you may want to back-comb the section of hair to help it hold its shape and volume. 

If your hair is thicker, the mousse and hairspray should be enough to keep your hair in place.  

Creating The Victory Rolls

Begin Wrapping Your Curl

With the section of hair that you are holding straight up, begin rolling the ends around your fingers.

Use your middle finger and ring finger to create the best size and shape of the roll.

Make sure that you are continuing to hold the section of hair as taut as possible to ensure that your roll is neat and secure. 

Keep curling your hair around your fingers until you have created a strong roll. 

Continue Creating The Curl Towards Your Scalp

Once the roll has formed a strong and solid shape, you can remove your fingers from the center of the roll.

Keep curling your hair around into a roll until you reach your scalp. The roll should look a bit like a hollow log from the outside.  

Spray The Curl With Hairspray

Once you have curled the entire section into a victory roll, spray it with some hairspray while holding it in place.

This will help it to keep its shape better. A light spray should be enough and help avoid making it crusty. 

Secure The Curl In Place

Once you have sprayed the roll with hairspray, it is time to begin pinning it into place.

Using your bobby pins, secure the roll against your scalp. 2-3 should be enough

Create The Second Roll

Following the same steps, create the second roll on the other side.  

Finishing The Look Off

Curl The Hair With A Curling Iron

With the two victory rolls created and secured, it is time to finish styling the bottom section of the hair.

Remove the elastic band and brush the hair through.

Using your curling iron, curl the ends of your hair to complete the look.

You can use different sizes of curling iron to create a more dynamic look.

Finally, give the whole look one last spray of hairspray to set it all.


If you want to, you can accessorize this hairstyle with some vintage-looking flowers.

This can help to create a stunning victory, street party look. 

Final Thoughts

Victory rolls are a stunning, vintage hairstyle that looks good on anyone.

This method is quick and simple and will leave you with gorgeous hair in a jiffy. 

Willa Price