Vintage Valentines Gifts To Give Your Loved Ones

We are well into the 2020s now which means anything from the 1900s or early 2000s can easily be called vintage. This Valentines Day, give your partner a trip down memory lane by offering them something from their past.

Vintage Valentines Gifts To Give Your Loved Ones

Or if your partner enjoys styles from yesteryear, these vintage valentines gifts could be the ticket to their heart.

Scroll through and find the perfect gift for boo here!

1. 80s Totally Awesome Mix Tape

In the 80s, mix tapes were huge! They were the first real portable music carrier and the reason why so many obscure artists made their way to stardom.

Back in the day, love birds would create mix tapes for each other, adding their favorite songs to the cassette and sharing it with the one they loved most. Even better, many people would create a playlist that matched their romance, including songs that reminded them of their partner.

Today’s Spotify sharing playlist was massively inspired by this concept.

This tape is actually a phone case, but it brings back memories of those romantic moments.

2. 00s Beanie Babies

Here you can see the original 3 Valentines’ Beanie Babies. In the 00s teddys, toys and games were in their boom.

All these accessories were aimed at children, but it was the adults which loved them the most. Sure the kids enjoyed a stuffed teddy, but it was their parents who enjoyed the community and collection hobby that came with them.

Beanie Babies quickly became an investment choice, as they grew in value from the parents’ demands. Eventually, the market became saturated with these toys, and most of them lost their original value.

While the parents were frantically searching for the next toy in the collection, the kids were enjoying them as the toy they were intended to be.

If your partner had any part to play in the beanie baby obsessions, they will love to see these vintage toys back in their home.

3. 50s Ruby Diamond Cluster Earrings

Earrings like these are hard to find, but once you locate a collector like MarhevCo you can search through their display to find something similar.

Earrings from the 50s were always large and heavy. They were designed to show off real rubies and gems, without dominating the wearer’s face.

Anyone looking at these gems would know the wearer was rich but also elegant as the jewelry wouldn’t be larger than an inch. More than that and the earrings were too large, losing the elegant appeal and heading toward garish territory.

A fashionista would love a pair of earrings like this, allowing them to look like a 50s heiress.

4. 60s Love Pendant – Etoile d’Amour

Also known as the Sun Moon and Stars jewelry, this French love pendant has a rich history. Etoile d’Amour translates to Star and Love.

The pendant holds imagery that can be traced back to ancient cultures. The crescent moon represents man, the star represents love, fertility, and war, and the sun represents antiquity.

When the three symbols are seen together on jewelry, they become part of the Sun Moon, and Stars collection. During the Victorian Era, the British took on Eastern beliefs that the numbers 5 and 7 had a greater meaning in the universe. A 5-pointed star would bring luck and protection.

Because of this, star symbols appeared everywhere – even the concept of wishing upon a star was developed.

In the 20th century, Americans and the French leaped into this symbolism too and the jewelry Etoile d’Amour started to gain traction. But it was around the 60s that the love pendant became a staple of the era. In a time when astrological discoveries were being made and star signs were used as gospel, these pendants were a connection to luck and prosperity in love.

5. 70s Modern Retro Earrings

The 70s were all about chunky shapes and block colors. Even if you opted for pastel shades you can bet those colors were in a bold formation.

Earrings like this are easy to find and easy to make. Making a set of earrings like this would be the perfect gift idea for a thrifty partner who loves a groovy design.

6. 60s Novelty Print Valentine’s Day Boxers

Valentine boxers were a classic joke during the 60s. A character would rip their clothes, or their pants would fall only to reveal these whimsical undergarments.

Color TV was first made public and profitable in the 1960s, and with the glamor of color came silliness too.

Serious characters in a comedy show could create an easy laugh when their trousers dropped to see a hidden quirky side to their personality.

If your partner loves old-school comedy, they will be ecstatic to see these iconic boxers.

7. Victorian Wide Leather Strap Watch

For many people “vintage” doesn’t mean the last era or two, it means a time long gone from now. Watches like these invoke an image of time well beyond our reach.

This watch in particular has beautiful faux faded metal, a thick and sturdy strap, and a clock face in Roman numerals instead of traditional numbers.

It comes in 4 colors, but the best strap has to be the off-brown. It seems the most natural and the most authentic for a true vintage aesthetic.

Final Thoughts

The best vintage valentines gift should be based around the style your partner loves the most. Look at their wardrobe, their collections, and their overall style and lean into the aesthetic they already have.

Use our list as inspiration, or buy the items we suggest! Your partner will love them.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are The Most Sought After Vintage Items?

The most bought and searched-for vintage items are early baseball cards, vintage comic books, and antique furniture. The people who enjoy vintage items the most are collectors and fans of specific interests. Fashion is one of the least sought-after vintage items. 

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