10 Eye Catching Vintage Dior Sunglasses To Accessorize Your Look

Dior glasses are the height of elegance and luxury with their chic designs that have a vintage flair.

10 Eye Catching Vintage Dior Sunglasses To Accessorize Your Look

In addition to creating Dior glasses, the well-known French luxury goods firm Christian Dior also creates and sells a variety of other high-end fashion items, such as leather goods, jewelry, and cosmetics, to mention a few.

Adorning anything from the designer is sure to grant you looks and commitments of admiration.

However, getting your hands on a bag or clothing may be rather expensive. Especially if you are buying first hand. 

We have 10 eye-catching vintage Dior sunglasses to accessorize and upgrade your look (for more vintage sunglasses, read about our favorite Gucci sunglasses here).

Have a look and discover a whole new range of accessories that will really elevate your entire look whether you wear them to shield your eyes or just hold to show off your outfit. 

1. Black Acetate Dior

These vintage Black Acetate Dior Sunglasses are rounded, sleek, and sure to elevate your look.

The high rounded frames are reminiscent of the iconic 2010’s look that leave you feeling effortlessly cool. 

Made from acetate, these sunglasses are more environmentally friendly than your typical plastic sunglasses.

With toasted pink legs they add a splash of color without being too overwhelming.

Perfect for pairing with an all neutral look that needs a little something extra to make it really pop. 

The rounded frames are sure to suit a wide range of face shapes without feeling heavy and uncomfortable. 

2. Dior J’adore Bandage Shield Sunglasses

We have all seen celebrities such as Kim Kardashian walking around with bandage style sunglasses.

These small sunglasses are the ones if you want to achieve a futuristic look over a more vintage look. 

Now, these specific glasses were created in the 90’s by Dior and are quickly becoming the latest fashion trend.

With the sleek design, lenses giving a full peripheral view and the black fading into the green color scheme, these sunglasses are sure to give your outfit an extra nudge. 

Pair with an all black outfit and a statement jacket to really capture the full essence of these glasses.

You will want to wear these sunglasses every time you leave the house, even when there isn’t a hint of sun in the sky!

3. Dior So Light 1

Taking it back to the 2000’s. The Dior So Light 1 sunglasses in pink were made to make a true statement.

With the super wide lens and bulky legs, the translucent pink frames are perfect for completing any outfit in need of a certain pop. 

Who didn’t have a pair of large sunglasses throughout the Y2K era?

These sunglasses are simple and sure to give you attitude without you needing to even speak. 

They are also great for covering your face on those days when you are feeling a little less than 10%.

Place them on your face and watch as you become the star of your show in every location. 

4. Dior CD Reflected 52

If you are looking for a pair of sunglasses that you can wear at any time with any event then the Dior CD Reflected 52’s are for you. 

The aviator shape gives these sunglasses a smart casual look perfect for wearing to the beach or to a summer beach wedding.

While these sunglasses were released in 2015, the shape is inspired by the iconic shape worn in the 50’s and 60’s. 

You will look elegant and put together while also looking laid back and relaxed.

An incredible combination for anyone looking to up their fashion game. 

The combination of gray and rose gold provides an air of elegance, the sun glasses, paired with the slim white legs and you have a stunning pair of sunglasses ready to be worn all summer long. 

5. Dior C03 Orange

Nothing shouts vintage like large rounded frames, orange tinted lenses and widely colored frames.

The Dior C03 sunglasses are from the 70’s and truly capture the fashion of the time. 

Dior are known for their advantageous fashion choices and these sunglasses are no different.

You can really envision them paired with large hair and a flamboyant outfit.

Dior C03 wearers were ready to show the world their look without a care in the world. 

Do You Have The Same Dream?

The lenses of these sunglasses are what really draws you in. Large, rounded at the top yet squared at the bottom.

Creating the illusion of a longer face, perfect for those with a more triangular shaped face as the wideness of the glasses creates a genius balance.

The gradient fade of the frames is also nostalgic of the time.

Great for pairing with numerous looks. Just make sure to have your hair as big as possible!

6. Dior Cat Style Dior 1 KB72K

Cat eye glasses in general are a style which pop in and out of fashion throughout the years.

However, the sleek, pointed shape is timeless and makes a statement no matter the latest trends. 

The black Dior cat style sunglasses are the ultimate pair of sunglasses to really upgrade your look.

With a thick frame and tapered legs you are sure to make a splash whenever you wear them. 

The Christian Dior logo is elegantly placed at the side for others to catch a glimpse when you turn your head. 

These sunglasses can be paired with any look you can think of and give you that sleek 1970’s look that everyone so desperately strives for.  

Who knew a simple pair of sunglasses could do so much for your outfit!

7. Dior Flash YB7MR

Do you find that thick, bulky rims just make your face look extra wide?

Or they simply feel too heavy on your face causing that awful headache? Then you may want to check out these Flash rimless sunglasses. 

With a subtle cat eye shape you are sure to exert a sense of confidence.

Even if you aren’t really feeling it. The rimless frame provides a lightweight feel and allows your more dominant feature to come through. 

Although, be careful when people are watching as the blue lenses are not the most eye covering!

Live your Y2K fantasy with some low cut jeans and a singlet.

Complete with these Dior Flash Rimless sunglasses.

Even better if all of your outfit is in light pastel colors to really let that pale blue lens pop.

8. Dior Vintage Aviator  

While the world was popping off with colors and patterns in the 80’s, Dior were establishing more muted tones with larger than life shapes.

These monochromatic sunglasses are perfect for those all neutral outfits. 

Brown lenses, brown frames with a brass logo, these sunglasses provided a sense of calm through the color scheme.

With the downturned, the large aviator shape gives an unexpecting flare. 

Those with an oval face shape are sure to enjoy the styling of these sunglasses however, the can be enjoyed by anyone. 

They were extremely popular with male celebrities of the 80’s looking to make a statement on the red carpet.

If that is the aura you are going for then these Dior Vintage Aviator sunglasses are an absolute must.

9. Dior Couture2 VK4PA

Dior wasn’t just neutral colors and small labels. These Dior Couture2 VK4PA are a testament to Dior’s fun side.

These glasses have it all, fun color, frame shape, size, and of course that all important Chrisitan Dior logo on the legs. 

The long, slim, purple frames paired with opal lenses ensure that you can see the entire world with the tapered legs ensuring that your sunglasses aren’t going anywhere.

These alluring sunglasses are brilliant for making a statement without going overboard. 

You don’t even need to have a striking outfit. These sunglasses do all the work, allowing you to relax more when it comes to selecting the main body of your look. 

10. Dior Avant Garde Enamel Jeweled

These sunglasses are not for the faint of heart. You are really going to have to work that confidence to pull these guys off.

From the oval shaped frames, super dainty legs to the enabled jeweled details, these sunglasses are a true work out art. 

Created in the 1960’s these sunglasses are playful and let your creativity wonder.

Most may shy away from styling such extravagant sunglasses but for those who take on the challenge, you are sure to have a lot of fun. 

Bring the fashion of 1960 to life through your clothing, make up, hair, and these eye-catching sunglasses!

Final Thoughts 

If you feel like your outfit is lacking or is missing that special something, then vintage sunglasses are definitely worth the try. 

These 10 eye-catching vintage Dior sunglasses are the perfect addition to any outfit.

From a sleek cat eye to a defining bandage style, there is a pair of sunglasses for every look. 

We have a pair of Dior sunglasses from the 1960’s all the way through to the 2010’s allowing you to play around with not only your fashion but the inspirations behind your choices.

From the Y2K era ‘It Girl’ to a more subdued man on the red carpet. 

You really can create any look you dream of!

Willa Price