20 Amazing Designer Vintage Dresses To Enhance Your Wardrobe

Vintage designer dresses might be all the rage right now, but it often means you can grab a bargain. In today’s world, the majority of people are trying to find ways they can stop endorsing fast fashion.

Buying second hand is a great way to do just that, and you might also find something special while doing so. Who doesn’t like to find a vintage Christian Dior dress that is half price or less? Right.

20 Amazing Designer Vintage Dresses To Enhance Your Wardrobe

Here at Diary of a Vintage Girl however, we have been loving vintage for years, and we also love to share cool finds with you. If you are looking for a vintage designer dress, then look no further.

We have 20 amazing designer vintage dresses to enhance your wardrobe. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s take a look!

1. 1980s Christian Dior Floral Dress

While this dress was originally designed for wearing in the home as you are pouring your morning coffee, there is no reason you cannot wear this outdoors.

The trend of wearing your bra as outerwear keeps coming back every summer, so take the plunge and wear this as a beautiful fall or spring dress with jewelry. 

2. 1970s Chanel Silk Chiffon Dress

This 1970s Chanel dress is the epitome of the era with its bat wing sleeves and mid-length skirt. It has a modern touch with the wide neckline and loose fit.

The neckline also droops down at the back to show off some skin. This will make a delightful party dress teamed with some heels or boots. 

3. 1980s Red Valentino Dress

Due to it being a 1980s dress, it has a low fitted waistline that gives a woman a wonderful silhouette. 

Along with this are subtle shoulder pads too – but don’t worry, they are hardly noticeable yet add shape to your frame. 

It includes a gold button detail at the back to give it added style.

4. 1980s Jean Louis Scherrer Dress

This 1980s dress is the complete opposite to the Valentino one above. Not only is it black and ankle length, but it has a double breasted waistcoat style front.

The designer himself began at Christian Dior way back in 1955. In 1961 he began his own label and then sold it to Seibu of Japan in 1992. 

This is a quirky and must-have item!

5. Vintage Leather Dolce And Gabbana Dress

Noted as being made before the year 2000, this vintage leather Dolce and Gabbana dress is the perfect party dress. 

It will fit a slim silhouette (it is size small or Italian size 40), so you will want to check to see if it will fit. Is it giving you Y2K vibes too?

6. Anna Sui Cocktail Dress

This beautiful and elegant Anna Sui dress is noted as being made before the year 2000. It is sleeveless and fits just above the knee.

The material itself is a metallic mix of purple, yellow and blue. It would suit any party, along with some delightful vintage heels. 

7. 1980s Christian Dior White And Floral Dress

If you are familiar with the fragrance Miss Dior, then you might be getting some vibes here. This beautiful floral dress is perfect for summer with its knot tie straps and flowy material. 

It fits below the knee and would make a beautiful vintage dress to have a summer’s picnic in (for more of this style, check out our favorite ‘Vintage Cottage Core Dresses To Enhance Your Wardrobe‘).

8. 1990s Isabelle Allard Silk Dress

This stunning halterneck Isabelle Allard dress is made from silk and lace, and would be perfect for a grand party or a prom. It could even make an alternative wedding dress.

There is Crinoline placed under the lace to add extra oomph and drama. This means you do not have to find an underskirt to do it for you. 

9. 1990s Miss O by Oscar De La Renta Dress

This short dress has a layered tulle skirt and velvet black colored sleeves that look like a short jacket.

The whole construction of the dress is wonderful and well done. Its sea blue bodice hugs the waist and flows into the full skirt.

Perfect for any 1990s enthusiast.

10. Vintage Paco By Paco Rabanne Lime Knit Dress

This Paco by Paco Rabanne dress is noted as being made before the year 2000. Just like the vintage leather Dolce and Gabbana dress above, it is giving us serious Y2K vibes.

The bright neon green is constructed together using a knit technique. This makes it lighter than other material and perhaps more prone to stretching, but this dress is in perfect condition.

11. Y2K Moschino Dress

This silk Moschino dress is said to be from the late 1990s to the early 2000s. While it looks like a simple under the knee length floral wrap dress, it has a gorgeous low back with a bow.

It also gives the wearer a wonderful silhouette as it nips in at the waist. This is perfect to wear to a cocktail party.

12. Y2K Tadashi Shoji Dress

This vintage late 1990s early 2000s Tadashi Shoji dress is exactly what you would imagine of this time. The one shoulder dress was all the rage during this decade.

The dress itself has a pink colored applique that has been designed to look like it has a gradient effect. The skirt ends in an asymmetrical style with mesh underneath. 

13. 1980s Red Christian Dior Dress

This gorgeous red 1980s Christian Dior dress is a perfect match for anyone that wants comfort and style. 

It has a wrap design that includes the Dior motif, as well as a button with a monogrammed logo.

It reaches just below the knee and has subtle shoulder pads to add extra shape. Don’t worry, it will not look like you have big shoulders!

14. 1990s Carolina Herrera Dress

This 1990s vintage dress from Carolina Herrera Studio and Saks Fifth Avenue has a wonderful warming brown color. 

Its minimalist design includes oversized buttons, faux flaps for the pockets, and an overall straight cut. This would be beautiful once fall hits.   

15. Vintage Missoni For Neiman Marcus Dress

If you are looking for a vintage dress that falls below the knee, then this one is it. This slip dress from the 1990s is by MISSONI for Neiman Marcus.

The blue color with the red on silk makes this dress stand out from the rest. It will look great on all body types too. 

16. 1990s Prada Dress

This spring/summer season 1998 dress from Prada is a delight to wear. While it will naturally hug to the curves of the body, it also has a relaxed shape due to being straight cut.

It has an iconic polyurethane collar that has some stitched details, along with a plain, almost gold color that glitters in the sun. 

17. Plus-Size 1990s Moschino Dress

It can be difficult to find a plus-size designer vintage dress, but here you go! 

This 1990s Moschino dress includes a waist ‘belt’ that has been built in to create an hourglass silhouette. It ties as a bow at the back.

There are also wonderful layers of scalloped hems at the neckline to give this dress extra oomph. 

18. 1980s Blue Valentino Dress

As you may have noticed by now, Valentino did the 1980s very well. This dress is no exception. With its shapeless bodice, it is all in the detail with this garment.

Based on the career woman of the time, this dress includes buttons on the skirt, a structured top half and a powerful woman vibe. 

However, this one works as everyday wear!

19. 1960s-70s Oscar De La Renta Mini Dress

This MOD inspired Oscar de la Renta dress is noted as being from either the 1960s or 70s. It is a beautiful mini dress in a mix of sherbet colors. 

It has a gorgeous scalloped trim and a flattering bodice. Team this dress with heels (or even flats or boots) and you can bring this style up to date if you wish.

20. 1990s Chanel Mini Dress With Logo Buttons

You might be mistaken thinking this is a 1960s dress, when in fact it was actually released in 1997. 

While the gold logo button detail is very much of its time, the overall look has a 60s vibe that looks fantastically retro. 

Karl Largerfeld oversaw this dress, which includes a back zipper detail. 

Final Thoughts

Now that you have seen all 20 vintage dresses, which ones have stood out to you? From Prada and Moschino, to old school Oscar de la Renta and Dolce and Gabbana, there are many vintage designer dress finds to be had.

While wearing vintage will save you hundreds of dollars, there is something exciting about wearing a couple of decades old designer dresses. Okay, about four decades old!

Who needs to be wearing the latest season straight off the catwalk anyway? Certainly not us. Vintage style is interesting for a reason, and most of the styles come back around.

Enjoy searching for your favorite designer vintage dresses, and hopefully you will find that one dress to delight your day – or whole year. We get it!

Willa Price

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