22 Amazing Vintage Round Sunglasses You’ll Love

Love the round look when it comes to sunglasses? So do we. It’s timeless and iconic, to put it as simply as possible, and an easy way to stand out from the crowd no matter whether the sun’s out or not.

And if you’re hunting for the best round sunglasses you can get your hands on, you’re in luck as we’ve rounded up 22 amazing vintage round sunglasses you’ll love .

22 Amazing Vintage Round Sunglasses You’ll Love

Hey, your friends will even love them too.

So whether you’re all about the John Lennon look or a round oversized frame that exudes sophistication and class, we’ve got you covered. 

Either way, all the round sunglasses you’ll find below are one thing above all else: effortlessly vintage.

1. Ray-Ban 3447 Round Metal

Let’s start with the obvious, shall we? Ray-Ban is a household name and its 3447 “Round Metal” model is a hot pick among celebrities and fashionistas alike (check out ‘14 Cool Vintage Ray Ban Sunglasses To Accessorize Your Look‘).

It comes in a range of colorways and styles (there are even limited edition models with leather frames, if you can find them available), each providing a rock ‘n’ roll look that’s vintage-certified.

2. Bonnie Clyde Desierto

Bonnie Clyde Desierto sunglasses are about as vintage as it gets. The semi-rimless styling is a chic design choice that supercharges the vintage look, and the lenses boast various gradients—black, purple, orange, and red—for the finishing touch to any Coachella outfit.

But why stop there? We’d wear these as much as possible.

3. Tory Burch TY6062 Round Sunglasses

Now these are amazingly vintage! Tory Burch TY6062 sunglasses ooze style and confidence thanks to the oversized look and gold-tone hardware that stands out no matter which frame color you opt for. We love them and we know we’re definitely not the only ones.

4. Versace VE2229 Round Sunglasses

Looking for vintage round sunglasses that also scream luxury? The Versace VE2229 sunglasses are a clear winner.

It’s the gold and black frame that does it for us, along with the Versace branding on the arms that makes an obvious point: you choose your sunglasses with intent. 

5. Gucci GG1081S Round Sunglasses

We couldn’t leave Gucci off of our list. And it’s their round GG1081S sunglasses that you need to set your sights on if you want a bold, oversized look that’s chic, vintage, and super classy (check out ‘24 Beautiful Vintage Gucci Sunglasses To Accessorize Your Look‘).

We like them in black the most, but the fiery tortoiseshell and retro beige frame colors are just as eye-catching.

6. Illesteva Roma II Round Sunglasses

It’s easy to stand out when you’re wearing Illesta Roma II round sunglasses. The arched bridge is what sets these sunglasses apart, especially if you go full vintage and grab the champagne gold frame with brown lenses – easily our favorite sunglasses by Illesteva.

7. Miu Miu MU59U Round Sunglasses

Here’s a pair of sunglasses with a look that’s straight out of the ‘50s. Miu Miu MU59U round sunglasses offer a thick metal frame and an oval-like round shape that almost gives off the same vibe as cat eye sunglasses. Yep, definitely vintage, if you ask us.

8. Celine Triomphe 01 Round Sunglasses

How could we leave out Celine? We couldn’t, and it’s their Triomphe 01 sunglasses that take our pick.

And it’s not just because it’s the first in Celine’s popular Triomphe lineup; we love the round oval frame and the vintage vibe these sunglasses give off – especially in white with Celine’s recognizable gold branding on the arms.

9. Burberry BE 3101 Round Sunglasses

Oversized John Lennon sunglasses from one of the most iconic British brands ever? Yes please. Burberry’s BE3103 sunglasses keep it simple but still manage to stand out.

We also love the gradient colorways that include pink gunmetal, yellow gold, and bi-gradient purple – blended shades for people who do anything but follow the crowd.

10. Oliver Peoples G. Ponti-3 OV1293ST

Taking inspiration from the architectural designs of Gio Ponti, the Oliver People G. Ponti-3 sunglasses were always going to be stylish.

And they are, as alongside the round frames, it’s the subtle beveled bridge and temples that makes these sunglasses aesthetically vintage.

11. Moscot Zolman Sun Round Sunglasses

Here’s a choice for men and women who really want to look the part when summertime comes around. Both colors—Classic Havana and Flesh—boast a near-transparent frame handcrafted from Italian acetate, with thickset arms for a truly vintage look and feel.

If you prefer small and narrow round sunglasses, we can’t recommend these enough.

12. Barton Perreira Joplin Round Sunglasses

Named after Janice Joplin? We don’t know. But what we do know is that Barton Perreira Joplin sunglasses deliver a summer look that’s authentically vintage with any outfit.

And if you like your sunglasses oversized—and we mean oversized—then these sunglasses are going to be right up your alley.

13. Randolph Engineering P3

Yep, even Randolph Engineering offers round sunglasses in its popular eyewear lineup, and they’re the Randolph Engineering P3 sunglasses.

These have a half-aviator, half-round shape that’s similar to the Ray-Ban 3447 Round Metal sunglasses, making them a classic go-to choice for men and women alike.

14. Jacques Marie Mage Ringo

If you’re obsessed with sunglasses as much as us, you’ll know about Jacques Marie Mage. 

And when it comes to round frames with vintage styling, nothing beats the “Ringo” sunglasses by Jacques Marie Mage, which boast a double bridge, a thickset frame, and subtle lined engravings – a must-have accessory you’ll be finding pretty much every excuse to wear.

15. Cutler And Gross 1377 Round Sunglasses

Frames don’t come thicker than this, making the Cutler and Gross 1377 sunglasses an easy choice for fashionistas partial to vintage and retro looks that are nothing short of bold.

You get a range of color options here, but it’s the “Granny Chic” frame you want if you’re dead set on going all-out vintage.

16. Prada PR27NS Round Sunglasses

Prada sunglasses always turn heads. And when it comes to round frames, the Prada PR27NS sunglasses are called “Catwalk” for a reason.

You only have to look at the styling on the arms – if these sunglasses don’t ooze vintage, high fashion, and character, we don’t know what does.

17. Michael Kors MK5020 CHO 119313

That’s right, Michael Kors designs sunglasses, too. These are hard to come by, but the Michael MK5020 CHO119313 sunglasses are worth including here because they’re big, round, and authentically vintage – especially since you’ll probably have to pick these up secondhand!

18. Matsuda M3080 Round Sunglasses

Who doesn’t love Matsuda designs? This brand blends vintage and modern like no other, and the Matsuda M3080 sunglasses are no exception. 

Somehow these sunglasses look vintage, industrial, and contemporary all at the same time, resulting in a look that’s sure to draw attention no matter what outfit you pair them with.

19. Akila CTM Round

Collaboration never looked this good. And you have Chinatown Market and Akila Eyewear to thank for these round sunglasses that look chic, vintage, and sophisticated in equal measure. 

To top it all off, the Akila CTM Round sunglasses are checkered – a fashion statement that’s true vintage and retro. They’re also limited (which might not come as a surprise), so definitely grab these wherever you can.

20. Etnia Barcelona Almagro

Casually stylish is what Etnia Barcelona’s “Almagro” sunglasses can be best described as, and we daresay they look super vintage too, especially if you get your hands on the “OGPG” frame. 

But to be honest, every frame color the Etnia Barcelona Almagro sunglasses come in serves up an effortless retro and vintage look. The drawback? Well, deciding which color to choose.

21. Linda Farrow Annie 966

Going semi-rimless is an easy way to nail the vintage look when it comes to sunglasses. So just like the Bonnie Clyde Desierto sunglasses listed above, the Linda Farrow Annie 966 sunglasses are a similar option worth comparing. 

But if you do opt for Linda Farrow, the good news is that no matter whether you choose black or brown, it’s the gold detailing that makes these look vintage – so you really can’t go wrong either way.

22. Krewe Conti Round Sunglasses

Last but not least: the “Conti” sunglasses by Krewe. Gigi Hadid wears these, and Kendall Jenner also owns a pair – so you know these sunglasses won’t let you down where style is concerned. 

And what’s not to love? The Krewe Conti sunglasses are round, sleek, and unique, thanks to gorgeous color designs and a single brow bridge that will set these sunglasses apart from every other pair you own.

Final Thoughts

And that wraps up our full list of 22 amazing vintage round sunglasses that you need to add to your collection! We know there’s a pair of round sunglasses here that you fell in love with (perhaps several pairs), so make sure to bookmark this page for future reference (for an edgier look, also check out ‘10 Fashionable Vintage Cat Eye Sunglasses You Need In Your Life‘).

All in all, round sunglasses are must-haves for any wardrobe. For all outfits, round sunglasses always look rock ‘n’ roll, iconic, and, of course, vintage – no matter whether you prefer oversized styles or the classic John Lennon look!

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