15 Amazing Vintage Tea Party Dresses To Enhance Your Wardrobe

What is a tea party without a tea party dress? There is something so sweet and feminine about a tea party style dress, and when it is a vintage one – well, then it is just magnificent!

15 Amazing Vintage Tea Party Dresses To Enhance Your Wardrobe

A tea party dress often has a relaxed look about it, yet somehow radiates femininity and the female body shape. Perhaps it is the cute bow at the waist, or the exquisite cut of the dress?

They can be short, long or midi – it really is up to you. If you are looking for the perfect vintage tea party dress to enhance your wardrobe, then look no further.

We have 15 vintage tea party dresses that are sure to wow you!

Laura Ashley Vintage Midi Tea Dress

This beautiful Laura Ashley midi blue tea dress is said to be from before the early 2000s. It looks like it could be the 1980s or 1990s.

It has a floral pattern to it consisting of yellow, green and blue. The dress style itself nips in at the waist and then has a full, flowing skirt that reaches just below the knee.

With short sleeves and a button down front, this dress has a wonderful shape that is bound to compliment all women. 

1920s Flapper Inspired Vintage Midi Tea Dress

While this flapper dress is inspired by the 1920s, unfortunately it was not made in the same era. However, it is vintage in its own right. 

This gorgeous dress was created before the early 2000s and has a wonderful vintage yellow color fabric that is adorned with summer flowers. 

It reaches mid shin on the leg and would not look out of place at a backyard gathering during summer. This is definitely tea party worthy.

1960s Lace Vintage Tea Party Dress

If you are looking for a vintage tea party dress from the 1960s, then look no further. This wonderful dress has satin lace that is in the color of a pastel purple.

There are three ribbons at the torso area that keeps the bodice fitted. As soon as the material reaches the waist, the skirt flares out and is able to flow – which is obviously great to dance in!

The dress itself reaches just above the ankle. It makes a wonderfully unique dress for any vintage lovin’ girl.

Vintage Floral Midi Tea Dress

This vintage floral tea dress has a 1950s or 1960s feel about it due to its curvaceous shape. It is fitted at the top, yet is pulled in at the waist to make it look smaller.

The dress then flares out into a full skirt full of beautiful colors from the floral pattern. The dress itself reaches halfway down the shin. The dress is fastened using buttons at the top and a zipper for the skirt.

1990s Vintage Midi Tea Dress

This 1990s simple tea dress is said to be another one that is inspired by the 1920s era. However, this can be worn by a person who loves everything pre-Y2K. 

While at first you may think this has a resemblance to the flapper dress, there is a tie at the back of the dress to create more shape at the waist – something that was quite popular in the 90s. 

The pattern includes sweet blooms, and the dress itself is very comfortable to spend all day in.

1950s Lanz Tea Dress

The first thing to note here is that this 1950s Lanz dress has pockets. Highly sought after, this midi length dress is retro at its finest

It has a white base with blue, pink and green stripes which are diagonally placed on the skirt. The dress also features a bow at the back which is really cute.

1980s Off The Shoulder Party Dress

We thought we would put a wild card dress among the tea party dresses. This 1980s dress isn’t necessarily a tea party dress as such, but that doesn’t mean you cannot wear it as one.

It is black in color and has a beautiful knot detail on the bust area that at first is difficult to see on any photo. However, it is the sweetheart neckline and the off the shoulder style that caught our attention.

If you want to make a statement, then this dress might be it. Plus, due to its darker color, you can wear whatever shoes and bag you want. 

Silver Lace 1990s Midi Tea Dress

This silver (and gray) 1990s midi tea dress almost has a relaxed fit, yet the dress is also fitted to the body. The dress itself looks effortless despite its lace pattern.

The marcasite brooch helps to bring your eyes in, as well as the shape of the dress, yet it also meets the deep V from the low plunge at the bust area.

If you do not want to wear a low cut dress, then this one is not for you. However, it can be tastefully worn – just remember to wear the right bra!

1950s Red Floral Midi Tea Party Dress

This 1950s tea party dress has the famous silhouette that the 50s were known for. These kinds of dresses make a great tea party dress. From the nipped in waist to the flowing skirt – it has it all. The overall floral pattern is really pretty too. Despite the majority of the color being red, there are hints of other colors too such as green and white.

Vintage Floral Mini Tea Party Dress

If you are looking for a mini tea party dress, then stop right there. Here is the perfect one for you that is from before the early 2000s.

This dress immediately pops with its striking colors of bright blues, pinks, oranges and greens. While it may have been made in the 1990s, it looks like it could be from the 1960s. It has a fitted waist to add some shape too.

1980s Long Vintage Tea Party Dress

This long beautiful 1980s dress is perfect for a tea party, or even brunch with the girls. It has a wonderful pink rose pattern that has bursts of green leaves and a white background.

The dress itself is long. The skirt reaches the ankles but also has movement in it which causes it to flow. It also has a really comfortable fit and shape that can be worn all day.

Vintage 1980s Floral Tea Party Dress

This dress is very similar to the one above, in both style and design. However, the flower pattern is slightly different and so are the colors.

Also, this dress has a tie waist for the back which adds some shape to the waist. Also, the bust area has a wrap design. Plus, it just looks really pretty!

1980s Vintage Mint Green Midi Dress

This mint green 1980s midi tea party dress is stunning. Not only does it have a beautiful fit and shape, but the color is very striking.

The dress has a flowing full skirt that starts at a nipped in tailored waist and fitted top area. There are also short cap sleeves to cover the shoulder area. 

1980s Floral Tea Dress

You might be mistaken thinking this dress is from the 1950s, when it is actually from the 1980s. While it is very obvious that this dress was inspired by the dress shapes and styles of the 1950s, it has a gorgeous silhouette. 

It also has a sweetheart neckline and a flowing full skirt full of deep blues, pinks, greens and whites. The floral design is wonderful and striking too. 

1980s Tea Dress Inspired By 1940s

This vintage 1980s tea dress is inspired by the dresses of the 1940s era. It includes puffed up sleeves, as well as a subtle waist belt to add some shape into the dress.

It has a retro style pattern full of blues, yellows and purples. While the pattern and colors are quite striking and in your face, these are the things that really make it stand out as a 1980s dress. The dress falls just below the knees, and looks wonderful at a tea party.

Final Thoughts

While a tea party dress isn’t just for wearing to a tea party, it most certainly does look pretty during one. 

But even if you are not heading to a tea party this spring or summer, a vintage tea party dress looks beautiful any day of the week.

Choosing a vintage tea party dress means that you can stand out from the crowd, but also choose a dress that has got a quirky edge to it. A lot of vintage tea party dresses are the originals of the styles we may see today at the local fashion store.

Hopefully you have found a beautiful vintage tea party dress in the list above. If you are looking for other vintage and retro styles, we have plenty to look at here on Diary of a Vintage Girl.

From retro Gucci and Rayban sunglasses, to vintage summer dresses and wedding dresses.

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