Are Uggs Vegan?

Back in the Juicy Couture days, Uggs were the go-to shoes, and it now seems like they are making a comeback once again! 

Are Uggs Vegan

What makes these shoes so attractive is their slipper-like comfort, iconic look, and incredible warmth – especially during the winter seasons! 

However, the expensive price tag isn’t the only problem you have to worry about, it is how the shoes are made, too.

While these shoes are certainly warm, they are made from sheepskin with fleece attached to achieve this – this is definitely something to be aware of if you’re vegan. 

However, that being said, there are many different shoes that look and feel similar to Uggs without the cruelty involved. 

With this in mind, this guide will go over everything you need to know about Ugg’s role in a vegan lifestyle, as well as some alternatives if you’re looking to get your hands on a pair. 

Why Do Vegans Avoid Uggs?

Those who follow a vegan lifestyle strive to avoid using any products that are the result of animal exploitation. 

Hence, vegans do not consume dairy, meat, fish, honey, or eggs. However, a vegan lifestyle extends into all aspects of your life, too. 

This means that vegans don’t use or wear products made from animal byproducts, including silk, leather, suede, wool, sheepskin, or fur. 

One factor that all these materials share is that they require animals for products, hence, this does not align with the values or morals of a vegan lifestyle. 

Animal Welfare And Ugg Products

According to the product description featured on the UGG website, all their products are composed of materials that produce the best results. Here, the sheepskin is outlined as being twin-faced and grade A. 

Moreover, an upper wrap is composed of rich leather. There are two interchangeable soles: one made from wool and another made using leather. 

When it comes to the materials utilized in their products, UGG states that they attempt to maintain and uphold quality standards. 

As such, they only purchase materials from suppliers who have conducted and aligned with the Ethical Sourcing and Animal Welfare policy – which is re-accounted for each year. 

Moreover, their supplies have to comply with the Five Freedoms, too – this is an international standard for livestock welfare. 

This provides the animals with the freedom to take part in typical activities – ensuring they are not thirsty, hungry, or in any pain or discomfort during their upbringing. 

In addition to this, they have a strict policy against raising animals simply for inhumane slaughter, their hides, or being transported across oceans for mulesing. 

This practice involves removing the skin surrounding the sheep’s anal area, which prevents them from obtaining a parasitic infection called flystrike. 

This process is painful and cruel and can even lead to further health issues for the sheep further down the line. 

With this in mind, Ugg tries to source all its materials sustainably. Their hides result from animals being raised for meat, pelts, or a by-product. Thus, none of their furs come from vulnerable or endangered animals. 

Are Vegan Products Available At UGG?

There has recently been a new range released on the UGG website, this is called Plant Power. This plant-based range is made using repurposed and low-impact materials. 

This is Ugg’s attempt to reduce climate change on an industrial scale – keeping their products closer to being carbon neutral and minimizing emissions.

There are no animal-derived materials in this range, making them suitable for vegans. 

There is also another range called sugar sandals, composed of SugarSole. Here, renewable sugarcane is used to create the sole foam structure. This plant rapidly grows and only relies on water to do so. 

Plus, as it grows, sugarcane acts at removing carbon dioxide from the air. This removes Ugg’s dependency on ethylene from petroleum – reducing their use of fossil fuels

Vegan Alternatives To UGGs

Thanks to advancements in manufacturing and technology, it is easy to stay up to date on trends, fashionable, and cruelty-free with some Vegan UGG alternatives. 

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Below, we have outlined some of the best alternatives to provide you with a clear conscience.


Based in California, this brand prides itself on being a luxury ethical footwear company that focuses on comfort and craftsmanship for the best products. 

They offer a wide variety of boots, ranging in style and color – making the original Uggs look somewhat plain. 

2. Bearpaw

While the whole brand may not be exclusively vegan (since they sell wool and sheepskin boots), they do provide vegan options. 

Plus, these are some of the most comfortable and high-quality vegan products you’ll be able to find on the market! 

Bearpaws vegan boots are composed of faux fur and vegan microsuede – they are so similar to the original that you’ll have a hard time telling them apart. 

Plus, they are a more affordable option, too. The boots range between $55 and $90 each, although this is dependent on styles and sales. 

They offer a wide range of vegan styles, this includes:

  • Buckled Ugg Boots
  • Ugg-Style Boots (short, medium, and tall)
  • Fleece-Lined Chukka Boots
  • Ugg-Like Slippers

3. Muk Luks

This brand encapsulates everything cozy – from cabin slippers and socks to ugg-style boots. Plus, they have vegan alternatives, too! 

Soon, your feet will be rewarded with soft faux fur and vegan suede to keep your feet warm and dry throughout the year. 

4. Vegetarian Shoes

Despite their name, this brand is 100% vegan and they manufacture the Snugge Boot which will make you forget about the original Uggs completely! 

As their name suggests, these boots have a snug fit with cork soles and grippy rubber – perfect for keeping you warm and secure during the winter months. 

Final Thoughts

While Uggs may be fashionable and popular, this doesn’t make them cruelty-free and vegan-friendly. 

Instead of spending your money on these unethical practices, why not look to vegan alternatives? Hopefully, this guide has informed you about Ugg’s role in a vegan lifestyle.

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