20 Awesome Nike Blazer Mid ‘77 Vintage Women’s Shoes That You Will Love

Blazer Mid ‘77s… a retro staple that’s about as ‘70s and ‘80s as sneakers come.

We love Nike Blazer Mid ‘77s. The leather mid-rise design is a go-to look, and the retro Nike branding is recognizably iconic.

But Blazer Mid ‘77s don’t just look stylishly old-school; they’re also super comfy!

20 Awesome Nike Blazer Mid ‘77 Vintage Women’s Shoes That You Will Love

So if you’re a self-confessed sneakerhead who loves Nike Blazer Mid ‘77 sneakers, we’ve got you covered, as below we’ve rounded up 20 awesome Nike Blazer Mid ‘77 vintage women’s shoes that you will love (see also ‘9 Awesome Vintage Running Shoes That You Will Love‘).

And to make sure you can find the exact pair, we’ve included the style number and colorway for maximum convenience.

We’ve also included a few SB options to cover all bases. So with all that said and out the way, let’s dive into it.

1. Nike Blazer Mid ‘77 Next Nature DV2137-100

Color: Sail/Team Orange/Citron Tint/University Blue

The Nike Blazer Mid ‘77 Next Nature women’s shoes are vintage at first glance.

It’s the baby blue Nike logo, red heel, and faded yellow suede patches that really hit these off, as well as the off-white woven hemp design that looks straight-up old-school.

What also gives these sneakers a nice vintage touch is the retro Nike branding on the heel!

2. Nike Blazer Mid ‘77 FD0287-100

Color: White/Sail/Gum Medium Brown/Peach Cream

Peach with white? Effortlessly vintage. You’ll love the Nike Blazer Mid ‘77 FD0287-100 shoes if you’re all about soft peachy, orange colors. And to be honest, we love the simple vintage vibe these sneakers give off.

On top of that, the gum soles perfectly complement the orange for a fully certified vintage look.

3. Nike Blazer Mid ‘77 DZ4408-100

Color: White/Sail/Cinnabar/Mantra Orange

The Nike Blazer Mid ‘77 DZ4408-100 are similar to the Nike Blazer Mid ‘77 FD0287-100 sneakers, except with white suede side patches and pale red styling.

And it’s a color combination that looks super retro. Another bonus is the off-white soles, which awesomely contrast the white leather design.

4. Nike Blazer Mid ‘77 CZ1055-118

Color: White/Peach/Summit White/Pink Oxford

Prefer soft pink to orange and red? Then the Nike Blazer Mid ‘77 CZ1055-188 women’s sneakers will be right up your alley.

These shoes are pure white with browny pink branding, so they definitely offer a vintage look that will suit any casual outfit. A must-have pair for a more toned-down look.

5. Nike Blazer Mid ‘77 CZ1055-117

Color: White/White/Peach/White

Nike Blazer Mid ‘77s are vintage by design. So what’s more vintage than grabbing these in all-white?

What’s special about this pair is that, despite their minimalistic appearance, the sneakers feature subtle peach colors on the tongue, which look awesome against the pure-white laces.

6. Nike Blazer Mid ‘77 CZ1055-100

Color: White/Sail/Peach/Black

The Nike Blazer Mid ‘77 CZ1055-100 women’s shoes blend white leather panels and a off-white sole with black Nike logo branding for a classic, retro look.

They’re simple, as a result—much like the Nike CZ1055-117 shoes listed above—and a timeless choice that will work well with any casual outfit.

7. Nike SB Zoom Blazer Mid EK D09399-100

Color: Summit White/White/Nightshade

Like Nike SB? The Nike SB Zoom Blazer Mid EK sneakers are pretty new.

They also look aesthetically vintage, thanks to patchwork leather side panels, glossy blue Nike logo branding, and off-white/beige branding at the tongue and heel.

All in all? A must-have sneaker pair for the Nike NB fanatic who’s partial to vintage looks.

8. Nike Blazer Mid ‘77 DX2350-100

Color: White/Lilac/Green Glow/Safety Orange

Now these look vintage. And also super cute!

With etched orange and blue Nike tick logos (different on each side), gum soles, and a blue suede heel, the Nike Blazer Mid ‘77 DX2350-100 sneakers give off a full-blown vintage vibe that will turn heads.

So if you’re all about standing out and looking different from the crowd, these are the Blazer Mid ‘77 pair you need to own.

9. Nike SB Blazer Court Mid Premium DM8553-100

Color: White/White/Black

Another SB Blazer Mid pair of sneakers for skate shoe enthusiasts. These are super unique too, boasting an inky black Nike swoosh logo that will have you standing out from the pack.

The suede side patches complete the look, along with the retro Nike branding on the heel. The thin tongue is also ideal if you prefer to go without all the cushioning for a lighter feel.

10. Nike SB Blazer Court Mid Premium DM8553-300

Color: Barely Green/Barely Green/Sail/Boarder Blue

Just as vintage-looking as the Nike SB Blazer Court Mid Premium DM855-100 shoes shown above are the DM8553-300 sneakers, which come in minty green colors for a cutesy look.

These are lightweight, stylish, and, of course, awesomely vintage, so they’re another pair worth considering!

11. Nike SB Zoom Blazer Mid DR8190-161

Color: White/White/Sweet Beet/Sweet Beet

As touched on earlier, red and white is a combination that oozes ‘80s retro vibes.

And the fact that these sneakers, the Nike SB Zoom Blazer Mid DR8190-161, come in an off-white color with white tacky soles is the icing on the cake.

We love the look of these vintage women’s sneakers and we know you do too.

12. Nike SB Zoom Blazer Mid ISO DR9092-100

Color: White/White/Pro Green/Pro Green

The Nike SB Zoom Blazer Mid ISO sneakers stand out thanks to their forest green branding and beige-colored upper tongue. It’s a tennis court look that screams vintage, so these were an easy addition to our list. 

What’s more, the true-white sole has green treads, giving these even more character.

13. Nike Blazer Mid ‘77 By Ameena DO7433-900

Color: Multi-Color/Multi-Color/Multi-Color

A custom pair with a super vintage look, the Nike Blazer Mid ‘77 By Ameena sneakers are a must-have for Blazer Mid ‘77 collectors.

And we have to say it: these really stand out from the pack thanks to the beige-white paneling, white soles and laces, and red detailing for the Nike tick and tongue.

14. Nike SB Zoom Blazer Mid Premium Plus DR9144-001

Color: Black/White

We totally get it if your go-to color is black. And that’s exactly what the Nike SB Zoom Blazer Mid Premium Plus women’s sneakers have to offer, combining black and white—plus a mixture of materials—for a classic vintage look that’s also contemporary. 

15. Nike SB Zoom Blazer Mid Premium DA8854-300

Color: Aloe Verde/Rainforest/Spinach Green/University Gold

A sneaker pair for trendsetters. These Nike SB Zoom Blazer Mid Premium shoes boast side panels in different shades of green paired with a “broken” gold Nike tick logo and brown sole treads to provide a uniquely vintage look.

You simply can’t go wrong with these if you’re a vintage enthusiast.

16. Nike SB Zoom Blazer Mid PRM DM0859-400

Color: Boarder Blue/Celery/Barely Green/Racer Blue

Another pair in the SB Zoom Blazer Mid lineup that boasts white and brown soles, baby blue patchwork side panels, and soft yellow detailing for an easy vintage look.

These Nike SB Zoom Blazer Mid shoes are the ultimate choice for fashion trailblazers, as you can bet they’ll turn heads no matter the occasion.

17. Nike SB Zoom Blazer Mid PRM DR9087-555

Color: Lilac/Lilac/White/Lilac

Like the SB Zoom Blazer Mids but want something more… vibrant? Then the Nike SB Zoom Blazer Mid PRM DR9087-555 women’s sneakers are the ones to consider, boasting an eye-catching all-lilac design with white laces.

The broken Nike tick logo is featured on these sneakers too, which only adds to this pair’s unique design and look.

18. Nike Women’s Blazer Mid ‘77 DQ4692-100

Color: Sail/Total Orange/LT Photo Blue

Blue, orange, and white is the perfect colorway for vintage-loving sneakerheads. And it’s what the Nike Blazer Mid ‘77 women’s sneakers bring to the table, providing a retro look that’s simple yet fresh. 

19. Nike Women’s Blazer Mid ‘77 DO6683-200

Color: Ale Brown/Black/Sail

Hunting for brown Nike Blazer Mid ‘77s? Well, here they are. The Blazer Mid ‘77 DO6683-200 shoes come in ale brown leather with black corduroy Nike swooshes for a bold retro look.

We also love the beige suede side patches, which are a subtle but awesome finishing touch. 

20. Nike Blazer Mid ‘77 By You DO7433-900

Color: Multi-Color/Multi-Color/Multi-Color

Yep, Nike Blazer Mid 77 sneakers can also be customized to exactly how you want them. So if you’re looking for a specific vintage look that’s personal, the Nike Blazer Mid ‘77 By You sneakers to opt for! 

There are starter templates you can choose from (we like the red pair with blue swooshes the most) or you can fully start from scratch. It’s your call.

Final Thoughts

And that wraps up our list of 20 awesome Nike Blazer Mid ‘77 vintage women’s shoes that you need to add to your collection (for more vintage women’s fashion, check out our guide to vintage women’s watches).

We know – it’s pretty hard to choose just one pair (they’re all awesomely vintage and you probably want more than one), so make sure to bookmark this page for future reference!

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