21 Awesome Vintage New Balance Shoes That You Will Love

There’s something about New Balance sneakers that gives them an effortless vintage vibe. They’re classics too, boasting an iconic logo that’s recognizable the world over.

And the thing is, you just can’t own enough pairs (we can’t, anyway).

21 Awesome Vintage New Balance Shoes That You Will Love

So whether you’re looking for your first New Balance sneakers or another pair to add to your ever-growing collection, we’ve got you covered.

Below, we’ve rounded up 21 awesome vintage New Balance shoes that you will love.

Yep, these New Balance sneakers are awesome, vintage, and must-have shoes for any outfit that we know you’re going to love.

So let’s get into it, shall we?

1. New Balance 574

What makes New Balance 574 shoes so popular? It’s the classic sneaker look, we think. And this streamlined New Balance shoe is about as retro (and sought-after) as sneakers come.

It’s obvious that “Classic Grey” is the most popular color option here. We see them everywhere. But if you’re really shooting for that vintage look, the light blue cut with the gum sole is an easy choice. 

2. New Balance 550

Almost as popular as New Balance 574s is the New Balance 550 shoe. And it’s a super vintage look thanks to the oversized shape that’s made a long-overdue resurgence in recent years.

Yep, this look is all the rage right now, so these are shoes you need to add to your collection!

What we especially love about New Balance 550s is the simple colorways you can choose from. White and blue is our favorite, but we wouldn’t blame you if you opted for the “Vintage Indigo” pair for that softened retro look.

3. New Balance 327

New Balance 327 shoes scream vintage. It’s the oversized logo and heel for us – a classic running shoe look. And they simply look great from every angle.

You just can’t go wrong with 327s. They’re the perfect compliment to any casual outfit, and the color options they come in are certified vintage. Our pick? Golden hour with nightwatch green!

4. New Balance 213

That’s right – New Balance makes high tops too. And it’s official: they look awesomely vintage. So the New Balance 213 shoes are right up your alley if you prefer the high ankle look. Converse or New Balance? New Balance, obviously.

5. New Balance 300

We love the New Balance 300 sneakers. They’re not just comfortable; they’re effortlessly stylish thanks to the casual, retro design that looks good paired with pretty much anything. 

It’s a popular New Balance classic and for good reason. Want to go all-out vintage? The green 300s with the black and yellow heel panel is our recommendation, but we also love these in off-white beige.

6. New Balance 990v5

New Balance 990s give off vintage vibes from every angle. There are a few versions here but the 990v5 is our choice. Why? Like the New Balance 574, the “Classic Grey” 900 shoes are a retro staple. They’re also some of the most comfiest shoes we’ve worn!

7. New Balance 410 2E

Like sneakers that look like trail running shoes? The New Balance 410 2E shoes won’t disappoint. They come in a range of colors, but you’ll get the most vintage look from the silver and black pair – an all-season wearable.

8. New Balance 530

Classics. The New Balance 530s are among the brand’s most famous designs (up there with the New Balance 550s) with well-earned vintage status.

It’s the classic white design, above all, alongside the retro New Balance branding. A vintage “dad shoe”, through and through, so we can’t get enough of these.

9. New Balance 993

New Balance 993 shoes are essentials for fashionistas who love all things retro and vintage. A collector’s item, in fact, as the 993s have been going for over seven decades.

Another staple in Classic Grey, we like the New Balance 993 sneakers for their sporty yet casual look.

10. New Balance 237v1

A lot like the New Balance 327s in many ways but also awesomely different. The New Balance 237v1 shoes offer the same oversized logo branding, thick sole, and vintage colorways but without the jagged cut for a more streamlined look.

And in blue, black, and gray, the 237v1 sneakers look straight out of the ‘70s.

11. New Balance 850 OG Reissue

With a similar shape to the New Balance 530s, but sportier in design, the New Balance 850 OG Reissue is a must-have pair for sneakerheads after the perfect balance of vintage and contemporary.

These are recognizable New Balance shoes through and through – despite not featuring the classic “N” logo on the sides!

12. New Balance 608v5

Can’t get enough of the classic white design paired with the iconic New Balance logo? The New Balance 608v5 shoes are another benchmark shoe to add to your collection.

It’s the straightforward vintage white and black look that does it for us, along with the fact that these shoes are ridiculously comfortable.

13. New Balance 530v2

Here’s a revamped version of the classic New Balance 530 shoes but with a vintage touch-up that’s had these sneakers flying off shelves. Yep, the beige Retro Khaki New Balance 530v2 shoes can be seen on Instagram profiles everywhere and it’s no wonder why.

So If you’re looking to up your vintage game with your first pair of New Balance sneakers, the 530v2 shoes are an easy choice.

14. New Balance 997S x Bodega

New Balance and Bodega? A match made in heaven. We have to say it: collaboration never looked this good and the 997S shoes just so happen to be full-blown vintage in design. 

The color options these shoes come in are authentically retro and the contemporary Yeezy-style shape makes them all the more stylish. Just take your pick between the designs which include “No Days Off”, “No Bad Days”, and “Better Days”.

15. New Balance 992

New Balance 992s with blue denim? It’s the iconic Steve Jobs look. And we’re here for it, to be honest. The Classic Gray design, thick sole, wide tongue, and small New Balance logo – it’s a look that’s straight-up vintage and retro. What’s not to love?

16. New Balance 827 x Abzorb Aime Leon Dore

New Balance shoes don’t come more colorful than the 827 x Abzorb Aime Leon Dore. And here’s the thing: they look super vintage as well.

In a dull off-white splashed with red, blue, yellow, and green, this New Balance sneaker collaboration is one we didn’t know we needed. And it comes in two more colorways!

This special release isn’t cheap, it has to be said, but they’re the New Balance shoes you need if you really want to stand out from the crowd.

17. New Balance Numeric 440

It doesn’t matter whether you prefer high or low tops, because the Numeric 440 shoes come in both. And thanks to the stripped-down look of both styles, wearing either one is the final vintage touch to any outfit. 

Grab these in white, off-white, black with gum sole, or even brown suede – it’s a simple, accessible sneaker that’s perfect if you’re not crazy about other New Balance shoes but still want to rep the vintage logo.

18. New Balance 515

We love the New Balance 515s, especially in black with the white logo and gum sole. This pair, along with the Classic Gray pair, are old-school running shoes with a go-to casual vintage look.

Love retro Nike Waffles or Adidas TRX vintage shoes? Then you’ll also love the New Balance 515 running sneakers.

19. New Balance 520v7

Want a pair of vintage New Balances that you can run in? Enter the New Balance 520v7 running shoes, a contemporary running shoe that still manages to look old-school thanks to the jagged sole, New Balance branding, and classic running shoe silhouette.

Grab these in off-white and pink for the best vintage look.

20. New Balance 1500 Miami

Like Nike Air Max shoes but want something less common and more, well, vintage? The New Balance 1500 Miamis are the shoes you need.

Shaped like Air Max sneakers but with small “N” branding and a neon green and pink colorway, the New Balance 1500s fuse streetwear and vintage in a shoe that’s going to make you stand out in any crowd (see also ‘15 Fresh Neon Party Outfits That Will Guarantee To Turn Heads‘). 

21. New Balance 407

Steve Carrell rocked the hell out of these in Crazy, Stupid, Love and we honestly don’t know what Ryan Gosling’s character had against them to roast them so hard.

These are classics, as the 407s look quintessentially New Balance from every angle – the oversized shape, thick laces, and small logo branding.

So we had to include these in our list of vintage New Balance shoes. Remember: dad shoes are in, people. 

Final Thoughts

And that wraps up our list of 21 awesome vintage New Balance shoes that you need to add to your wardrobe. We’re sure there’s a pair here that you fell in love with (perhaps several pairs), so make sure to bookmark this page for future reference!

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