9 Awesome Vintage Running Shoes That You Will Love

The running world is currently dominated by innovative sneakers crammed with the latest technology.

Whilst there’s nothing necessarily wrong with fancy footbeds and anti-sweat technology, it's not something nostalgic runners are interested in. 

If you’re anything like us, you’d much prefer to run in a vintage pair of running shoes, complete with eye-popping swede, foamy midsoles, and simple, attractive styling.

9 Awesome Vintage Running Shoes That You Will Love

Vintage shoes might not offer the latest performance technology, but they almost always beat their modern counterparts in terms of looks.

On top of that, they get the job done. Running in vintage shoes is comfortable and easy. In fact, some would argue it's easier, as we don’t have to worry about finding the best tech.

If you’re someone that loves vintage running shoes, you’ve come to the right place. In this post, we’re going to show you 9 awesome vintage running shoes.

If you’re looking for a new pair of vintage sneakers, stick around!

9 Awesome Vintage Running Shoes That You Will Love


We’ll kickstart our list with the Saucony Orginal men’s. These simple, yet stylish sneakers feature a typically classic, old-school style.

They feature the same features and functions as Saucony’s famous Jazz model of running shoes.

Available in an impressive 20 colors, you will definitely be able to find the color you love.

This running shoe has a durable and comfortable upper made from mesh, nylon, and suede. This not only offers durability but also increases breathability. 

One unique feature the Saucony Original’s come with is an unlined tongue. This might seem strange at first but it perfectly allows the material to lie flat against your foot. This helps reduce chafing and heat build-up.

In terms of comfort, this vintage shoe is also packed with padding. It also has plenty of toe room thanks to the wide design.


Compared to other vintage running shoes, the New Balance 574’s don’t look as stylish.

This may seem like a negative but if you prefer simpler vintage running shoes with a dialed-down design, you’re in luck.

In fact, it is the simplicity of these running shoes that attracts so many runners. As a result, this running shoe has been popular for many years. 

When it comes to performance, the 574’s are great. They are made out of retro materials and feature plenty of padding for extra comfort.

Made from suede and mesh, these shoes have a padded collar and tongue. 

The foam midsole and heel cushion only make the running shoes more comfortable. These shoes even have a roomy toe box to reduce cramps. 

What’s not to like?


Next up, we have another pair of vintage New Balance running shoes. This time, we have the 990V5s.

With a 75-year reputation for producing high-quality sneakers, it isn’t a surprise to see another vintage pair of New Balance shoes on this list.

To ensure these running shoes have a timeless appearance, you won’t find them in bright colors. Instead, they are only available in neutral colors such as white, grey, black, and silver.

Clean, sleek, and stylish, these running shoes feature a mesh and pigskin upper that looks great and performs well.

Your feet will stay cool at all times, whilst the pigskin ensures durability. The blown rubber sole is also extremely durable thanks to its thick design. 

Available in a wide range of sizes, it is the durability of these shoes that makes them perfect for road running.


We move on to a vintage pair of Reebok running shoes next. Reebok has been creating some of the very best running shoes since the 1890s.

As a result, the brand has a wealth of experience when it comes to manufacturing the best classic running shoes.

The men’s classic nylon sneakers feature an EVA midsole. This midsole offers improved arch support, whilst looking stylish and sporty.

Meanwhile, the low-cut design provides more flexibility around the ankle. This helps you run with more freedom and no restrictions. 

As far as appearance goes, these running shoes might be as retro as they can be. They have a wonderfully nostalgic sporty appearance that will turn heads when you run. 

You’ll find that the solid rubber outsole these shoes come with is more than grippy enough for track and road running.


If you’re looking for a vintage pair of running shoes that offers the best of both worlds, look no further than the Adidas Originals I-5923 running shoes.

These running shoes are inspired by 70s and 80s Adidas running shoes. However, they have also been mixed with some modern technology to enhance the comfort and performance of the sneaker.

The end result is a pair of running sneakers that look retro but have a modern feel.

The shoes are made from a stretch mesh and feature a wedge-shaped design. One of the modern touches included in these sneakers is a boost insole. This provides extra comfort and improves running performance.

To keep these shoes looking retro, Adidas has used a mesh and suede design. The stylish design looks so good that you could easily wear these shoes out and about too.


It was only a matter of time before a pair of Nike running shoes made it onto our list. After all, Nike is arguably the best and biggest manufacturer of running shoes in the world. 

The Nike Court Royale AC shoes are probably the best vintage running shoes Nike currently offers.

Available in men’s and women’s sizes, these shoes feature a tennis shoe style. This makes them a flat-soled running shoe.

These shoes look epic and perform well. Their design is sleek, clean, and bold without being too flashy.

You’ll only find the shoes in black and white. The leather upper gives the shoes a classy look that works well with the sporty style of the shoes. They are eye-catching but toned down. 

Thanks to the sneaker's flat sole, running and walking are easy. You can use the shoes for a wide range of sporting activities. To provide more durability, the outsole and midsole are fused together.


Another pair of vintage Nike running shoes you might like are the Nike track and field shoes. Like the Court Royale shoes, these Nike sneakers can be bought in sizes that suit both men and women. 

The shoes feature a simple, yet stylish vintage design that’s available in a wide variety of different colors.

In our opinion, the white and black versions of these shoes offer the best retro vibes.

In terms of durability and performance, these shoes are excellent. They feature a solid, yet comfortable rubber sole, plenty of soft cushioning, and a lightweight design. 

These running shoes can again be used for a wide range of sporting activities, not just running.


The ASICS GEL-Lyte III running shoes are available in four different colors. Two of the colors are bright and shiny, whilst the other two are more retro.

If you’re looking for the best vintage shoes, go for retro colors instead.

Aside from looking retro, these running shoes have a lot to offer in terms of performance.

They are well-cushioned to reduce pressure on your feet as you run, are made from durable materials, and have a split tongue that will stop the tongue from moving. 

The materials these shoes are made from include mesh, leather, and waterproof suede.

Aside from making the shoes durable and comfortable, this also makes the shoes look more vintage. 


The final sneaker on this list is the Reebok Classic Harman Run. For us, Reebok currently has the best collection of vintage running shoes.

The Classic Harman Run shoes sum this up perfectly.

These sneakers feature a unique heritage design that looks amazing no matter which color you choose.

The shoes have leather uppers that offer a retro vibe and extra comfort. These uppers also provide breathability. 

Made from nylon, the tongue of this running shoe allows extra airflow, whilst also offering extra cushioning.

For a snug feel, the lace-up closure keeps your feet in place. Finally, the EVA midsole and rubber outsoles provide comfort and bouncy cushioning. 

Final Thoughts

There you have it, 9 awesome vintage running shoes that you will love. On our list, we looked at some of the best running shoes from the biggest brands.

Almost every running shoe on our list features a dialed-down retro design, plenty of comfort, and reliable performance. 

We’ve even included some options that offer the best of both worlds.

It doesn’t matter what type of vintage running shoes you’re looking for, we’ve outlined an option for everyone on our list. All you have to do now is decide which running shoe is best for you.  

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