10 Beautiful Crown Vintage Shoes You Should Try!

We all know that the hallmark of a good outfit is a pair of decent shoes. This is why there is such a huge market for vintage shoes. It is hard to match a pair of jeans with shoes or trousers with shoes, but it certainly can be done.

10 Beautiful Crown Vintage Shoes You Should Try!

Crown has been making vintage shoes for a long time now, operating out of Northampton in England, they make everything from sneakers to classic cuts of shoe. The trouble is finding the right pair for you.

Because where can you get a pair of classic Crown shoes? Well, there are plenty to choose from, but we’ll help you along the way with our list of top 10 Crown shoes that you can use to complete your outfit.

Who Are Crown And What Do They Do?

Crown is a company based in Northampton in England that makes handmade shoes, from white sneakers to slippers (You might want to check out When Did Crocs Come Out?) to stitch down to horween shoes. They are known for their excellence and attention to detail.

This company has complete control over the quality of its shoes, from the factory floor to putting them out on the store shelves. This company is committed to not outsourcing any of its manufacturing overseas.

This company also employs only the very best shoemakers. It is this level of authenticity and graft that has earned them such a good reputation.

The sheer variety on offer here is amazing. You can get shoes for all seasons and all different kinds of occasions, whether it is evening wear, a summer garden party, or a nightclub.

So what are you waiting for? Well, we understand that there can be such a thing as too much choice. That’s why we’ve scoured the internet and honed down on a few of our favorite Crown vintage shoes.

10 Best Crown Vintage Shoes

1. Crown Vintage Taren Boot

First off we’re going to start with a luxurious tan boot that comes up to just under the knee. This shoe is very comfortable and has a great color, working perfectly with denim jeans and a vintage leather jacket combo.

This boot has suedes in the upper, meaning that it is one of the more durable boots on this list. This comes with a soft footbed that is padded, giving you the opportunity to walk in them for much longer.

2. Crown Vintage Yuliana Combat Boot

If you want that ball-busting punk rocker look, then we would certainly nudge you in the direction of this combat boot. This is made from polyurethane in the upper, which makes them very durable as well as extremely environmentally friendly.

If you want a boot that is durable as well as fashionable, then this is the one. It comes with a pull tab on the back and a nice thick sole. You can wear these to work or on the dancefloor. They are comfortable and can be worn in any season.

3. Crown Vintage Tipryn Chelsea Boot

If you fancy something a little lighter in color and texture, then this Chelsea boot will be a welcome addition to your wardrobe. You could wear it with blue or black denim, it combines suede leather and textile.

This comes with a round toe that will be very comfortable, allowing you to wear it in the long term. This comes with fabric lining on the inside, which will be very warm for the winter seasons.

We can certainly see this shoe being worn at a chalet on a ski slope.

4. Crown Vintage Hashel Boot

If you have an elegant outfit, perhaps flowing cotton, or silk, then why not ground it with thick boots like this? This has a worn leather brown look, with a round toe for comfort and a stacked heel for extra support.

You can wear this one during the summer or the winter. We can picture it with a red summer sundress, although you could probably pair these shoes with any number of wardrobe combos.

5. Crown Vintage Tipryn Chelsea Lug Boot

This next style of shoe is a little more subtle but nevertheless fashionable. You can pair this one with several outfits and wear it on several different occasions.

You can be sure of having something for winter, summer, autumn and spring with these shoes.

They come in a very tasteful black color, which will be perfect for your tight denim jeans. You can also make these boots work with your office clothing.

These are both casual and formal shoes, so if you are making the transition on the same day, then why not keep your boots on?

6. Crown Vintage Ravvi Boot

Now if you want something with a slightly different shape (square toe) and a higher length on your leg, then you can’t really go wrong with these shoes. They are tan and fitting, which makes them great for outdoor activities.

This comes with great padding in the footbed, meaning that you’ll be able to wear these shoes for a lot longer. This has a synthetic lining, which will be a lot more durable in rain and extreme weather.

If you want an all-round outdoor boot, then this is the one for you.

7. Crown Vintage Mandy Riding Boot

If you want to cultivate a look that screams dominant equestrian chic, then these riding boots are perfect for you. They come with a solid buckle on the front and are made from polyurethane, which means that they will last you for longer.

These types of boots will go well with denim or even leather. We would recommend pairing this with lighter colors, so if you have white jeans, then have them bookended with some black riding boots.

8. Crown Vintage Emira2 Over-The-Knee Boot

Now we have something for the really sophisticated with an extremely high boot that will be perfect for the winter season.

These will hug the bottom of your leg very tightly, giving you that warmth and security that you just don’t get from smaller shoes.

This comes with an almond toe and a pull-on design that means you can get them on quickly without much fuss. The shape of the toe is probably more stylish than comfortable.

This is lined with sock foam, which makes putting on this boot much like sinking into a warm bath.

9. Crown Vintage Vectoria Boot

Next up, we have a wedge boot that is very comfortable, with space in the lining that will allow your foot to breathe naturally.

This comes with dual elastic gore that will allow the foot the stretch and flex within the shoe, allowing you to keep it on for longer.

This boot comes with a decent heel that is aligned so that you can walk in a straight line without keeling over. That comes with a synthetic sole that is extremely hardy. You can wear this for months and you won’t notice much sign of wear and tear.

10. Crown Vintage Casper Chukka Boot

Finally, we have a smaller boot that is great for wearing on an evening out. Subtle, demur yet completely durable, these are shoes that you can wear every day at the office without having to worry about the sole perishing.

These are lace-up shoes, which give off that traditional feel. You can pair them with your formal trousers or maybe some corduroy if you’re feeling brave. These shoes are extremely comfortable on the inside, so don’t be fooled by the imposing exterior.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Should I Choose Crown Vintage Shoes?

As you can see above, some of these shoes are extremely stylish. They cater to people with more refined tastes and want that slightly retro vibe to their footwear.

They are also extremely well made, not like a lot of other high-street fashion shoes out there which barely last a week.

What Are Crown Vintage Shoes Made From?

These shoes are made from a combination of different materials including leather, rubber and polyurethane. These are used because they are flexible and extremely durable.

If you have an active job where you’ll be on your feet for most of the day, it’s important to have shoes that will hold up and still look nice even after multiple wears.

How Much Will I Have To Pay For My Crown Vintage Shoes?

If you are working to a strict budget, then you should probably give Crown Vintage a miss. These shoes are very well made and it comes with a price tag, we’re afraid.

However, you should consider your shoes like an investment, the quality of the craftsmanship will result in them lasting for years.


We hope that our guide to the Crown Vintage brand will help you decide whether you want to go for this manufacturer and, if so, what style of shoe you’ll need for your outfit.

Remember that the more complex designs of shoes that contain lots of different materials will probably cost you more money, but they will last longer. Just make sure to read the manufacturer’s description before committing to a purchase.

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