7 Beautiful Vintage Bridesmaid Dresses They’ll Love

If you have ever planned a wedding before or you’re in the middle of planning one right now, then you know how important it is to make sure every little detail is right.

7 Beautiful Vintage Bridesmaid Dresses They’ll Love

The wedding couple will always have a very specific image in their mind for their wedding and if one thing is out of place or doesn’t quite match their expectations, then it can throw the whole wedding theme off. 

One important detail to get right is the bridesmaids dresses. If you are going for a vintage theme for your wedding, then choosing vintage bridesmaids dresses is a great way to ensure the theme is clear to your guests throughout the night. 

If you need help or inspiration finding the right vintage bridesmaids dress, then here are a few options for you to check out! 

Pleated Chiffon Bridesmaids Dress

An incredibly popular style of brides and bridesmaid attire these days is inspired by Ancient Greece or Italy.

These dresses are usually loose and comfortable, with a lean silhouette that does little to highlight curves. This is because these dresses are designed to mimic the style of an Ancient Greek chiton. 

So, if you want your wedding to have a timeless, classic feel, picking up a bridesmaid dress that is inspired by the Ancient World is a great idea. 

This bridesmaids dress from June Bridals perfectly captures the features of a chiton with its spaghetti straps, loose fabric, ankle-length skirt, and fabric belt for the waist. It’s simple yet stunning, and perfect for summer or beach weddings. 

You can choose to purchase it in any color you desire. However, if you want to get that vintage Greek look, we’d recommend you stick to lighter colors.

Choosing white is not always an option because traditionally, the bride is supposed to wear white – but the dress is also available in pastel tones of lavender, blush pink, sage, ice yellow, and gold. 

Pair this dress with some light brown heels or sandals, curl the hair and style it in a bun, and your bridesmaids will look as if they just stepped out of Ancient Greece. 

Regency Inspired Bridesmaid Dress

With the massive success of Netflix’s series Bridgerton, more and more brides are giving their wedding a British ‘Regency’ theme.

The period was a very romantic one and some of literature’s best novels were set and published during this short time in British history (a bit of Jane Austen, anyone?). 

So, if you want your wedding to have this ‘Regency’ aesthetic, then this vintage wedding dress is one for you to check out. 

It features the empire waistline which was popular during the 1800s, the long floor-length skirt which women were expected to wear for modesty, and the short sleeves which freed the arms.

However, this dress isn’t exactly like something you would find during the Regency era. The sleeves were almost never flared and necklines were not worn in a plunging V shape. However, the rest of the dress nails it! 

As for colors, it’s always a good idea to go bright and bold with Regency dresses. Although white was a popular color, so were dark tones like scarlet and emerald, and lighter pastels like pale pink, baby blue, and lilac. 

So, whether you are inspired by Pride and Prejudice or Bridgerton, this bridesmaid dress is a great choice to go with if you want your wedding to have a vintage Regency-esque feel. 

Emerald Flapper Dress

A very popular vintage style is the flapper dress, or dresses that originate from the 1920s. This time period was known for its glitz and glamor as people celebrated the end of the First World War and economies began to recover.

A lot of people found wealth, women in particular found new freedoms, and so it was known as the ‘Roaring’ 20s for its wild parties (think Great Gatsby). 

The 1920s also saw the prominent rise of Art Deco – a decorative style that uses bold colors and geometric shapes to make very precise patterns.

This style was not limited to architecture and decor, however. It also had an influence on fashion during the time – and this is where this bridesmaid dress comes in. 

This emerald green bridesmaids dress is perfect for winter weddings and has an amazing shimmering black art deco design.

This helps make the dress really pop and perfectly captures the essence of the 1920s.

While the fitted silhouette and elbow-length sheer sleeves are not very true to the period, it is pulled back thanks to the bold colors and art deco patterns – making it a flattering bridesmaid dress that still conveys the time period. 

So, if you are planning on your wedding reception being the biggest party of your life, choosing a vintage 1920s flapper dress for your bridesmaids is a great choice.

1940s Cindy Dress

This vintage dress is one of our personal favorites because it’s so elegant and beautiful, but also perfectly captures the style of dresses from the 1940s.

It is made and sold from the UK but don’t worry – they ship to the US! This means that you can easily get your hands on this amazing vintage dress and hand it over to your bridesmaids to wear. 

The dress itself is a powdered blue, which is perfect for weddings. It also gives this dress a very sophisticated look thanks to its modesty and 1940s vintage style.

The sleeves are short, the neckline high, but the waist is defined and there’s a decorative bow on the neckline to make this dress appear incredibly elegant. 

These are all classic features of a 1940s dress so if you are enamored with the style, this is definitely a bridesmaid dress for you to consider! 

Yellow Butterfly Swing Dress

When it comes to 1950s vintage dresses, we have just two words: swing dresses. 

Swing dresses are best associated with the idealized image of the 1950s American Housewife – she cooks and cleans during the day, and transforms into the perfect host during the night.

Swing dresses always feature large, full skirts that end around the knee, use bold colors, and have a flattering, exposing neckline. 

This swing dress is perfect for vintage weddings that want to capture that sweet American Dream vibe of the 1950s. It’s bright yellow, covered with gorgeous miniature butterflies, and features a flattering silhouette for your bridesmaids.

The straps are adjustable so your bridesmaids can make this dress fit their own personal comfort while still looking beautiful. We love how vibrant this dress is and how it gives off this air of optimism – which is perfect for a wedding! 

Pair it with a pearl necklace, a sweet curly hairstyle, and a cute pair of heels to make the perfect 1950s bridesmaid outfit! 

Floral Flare Swing Dress

Another great vintage 1950s swing dress is this one from Retro-Stage. 

It has all the amazing features of a traditional 1950s swing dress including the full skirt and the fitted, defined waist. This helps flaunt the bust, especially when coupled with this plunging neckline.

The flared short sleeves also perfectly complement the flare of the skirt and all combined help make a beautifully designed dress. 

As for the color and pattern, this dress uses an incredibly sweet floral pattern paired with a blushing pink. Overall, this swing dress has a very sophisticated and elegant look while still keeping the sweetness of the 1950s. 

Pair this dress with a pearl necklace and a pair of cute heels, then your bridesmaids will perfectly capture the look of the 1950s. 

1970’s Floral Full-Coverage Bridesmaid Dress

Bridesmaids in the 1970s really had a unique look compared to other decades and fashion periods. Dresses during the time were full coverage with high neckline, long bishop sleeves, and long skirts.

The silhouettes were lean and the fabric loose and comfortable to wear – but they were covered in crazy floral patterns. 

The 70s isn’t best known for its ‘fashion’ but you can still make these vintage dresses work as bridesmaid dresses.

This bridesmaid dress captures all the important elements of 70s dresses – the sleeves, the silhouette, the floral pattern – but delivers in a way that makes it look incredibly trendy. 

So, a 70s inspired wedding doesn’t need to be gaudy or filled with clashing colors or patterns that will give you a headache – as this bridesmaid dress proves! 

Final Thoughts

So, those were some vintage bridesmaids dresses you can give to your bridesmaids for your wedding. Each dress is stunning and beautiful, and sure to leave your bridesmaids happy.

Plus, it will fit your theme of a vintage wedding perfectly and help you achieve your dream wedding! 

If the bridesmaid’s dress of your dreams is not up there, then think about what kind of dress and time period you want to replicate and search around for a matching dress.

There are tons of dresses out there which are inspired by vintage designs, so there is bound to be a bridesmaid dress out there for you! Good luck! 

Willa Price

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