23 Beautiful Vintage Cartier Sunglasses To Accessorize Your Look

When it comes to jewelry, Cartier is the go-to choice among celebrities, socialites, entrepreneurs – even royalty.

It’s luxury high fashion straight from France, after all. And what’s unique about Cartier is that its sunglasses range (the entire Cartier eyewear range, in fact) is just as irresistible as its jewelry.

23 Beautiful Vintage Cartier Sunglasses to Accessorize Your Look

So if you’re on the hunt for a pair of sunglasses that will really set you apart from the crowd, get ready to be stunned as we’ve rounded up 23 beautiful vintage Cartier sunglasses to accessorize your look (find more vintage sunglasses here).

And it doesn’t matter what look you prefer, as these vintage Cartier sunglasses are the perfect accessory for any style (for more Cartier fashion, check out our guide to Cartier watches). 

In fact, you’ll be looking for any excuse to wear these sunglasses whether the sun’s out or not. We love them, and we’re sure you will too.

1. Cartier Antares Vintage Sunglasses

Cartier Antares sunglasses are a subtle nod to John Lennon with a round metal frame, making them the perfect upgrade to your Ray-Ban Round Metal 3447s.

What makes these stand out is the double bridge and the classic gold/brown colorway, which is a look that’s both vintage and timeless.

2. Panthere De Cartier CRESW00540

A gold frame with transparent red hexagonal lenses? Effortlessly vintage. And to top it off, the Panthere De Cartier CRESW00540 sunglasses brag panther detailing on the arms for a finishing touch that exudes class and sophistication.

Need we say it? We really like this pair.

3. Cartier Must Santos Vintage Sunglasses

Cartier Must Santos sunglasses are a classic. They’re unique too, featuring a frame that’s oval and rectangular for a certified vintage look.

We love the gold-plated frame with brown lenses the most. But it has to be said: this model’s hard to come by, so we definitely recommend grabbing these sunglasses if you find them.

4. Santos De Cartier CRESW00592

It’s the unique navigator shape, double nose bridge, and brushed metal finish that make the Santos De Cartier CRESW00592 sunglasses a bold and assertive choice that still manages to look vintage.

Finished with dark blue lenses, these sunglasses offer a classic look that oozes confidence.

5. Double C De Cartier CRESW00569

Cat eye shaped sunglasses will always be vintage. And if you’ve already got a few pairs of cat eye sunglasses, you’ll still want to add these sunglasses to your collection.

The Cartier Double C De Cartier CRESW00569 sunglasses come in a thick frame with wide arms and a gold enamel logo that’s class and sophistication put together. 

6. C De Cartier CRESW00294

It’s the tortoiseshell arms, double bridge, and palladium gold frame that makes these rectangular aviator-style sunglasses a vintage must-have. All in all?

The Cartier C De Cartier CRESW00569 sunglasses are the choice for you if you like your sunglasses classy but with a rock ‘n’ roll edge.

7. Cartier Saturn Vintage Sunglasses

It doesn’t get any better than Cartier Saturn sunglasses if you’re partial to oval frames. These vintage sunglasses are platinum-plated, with dark lenses for the perfect contrast.

Cartier Saturn sunglasses are as much a collector’s item as they are a fashion accessory, so they’re about as vintage as it can get.

8. Cartier Premiere Collection CRESW00563

Prefer oversized sunglasses? The Cartier Premiere Collection CRESW00563 sunglasses are a pair you’ll love.

We like the bold minimalism of the design the most, and it’s the branded silver temples that finish off the vintage vibe these sunglasses effortlessly achieve. Yep, these are sunglasses that’ll you definitely want to wear more than any other pair you own.

9. Cartier S Saphir Vintage Sunglasses

The Cartier S Saphir sunglasses are vintage at first glance, thanks to the flat bridge that serves as a nod to men’s sunglasses of the ‘40s.

You’ll also like these if you lean towards gold-framed aviator sunglasses, with the option of brown, green, and blue lenses for an all-out vintage look.

10. Louis Cartier Precious CRESP00009

Aviator sunglasses are classics. They just pair well with any outfit or style, which is why the Louis Cartier Precious CRESP00009 sunglasses are worth including here.

The double bridge is what gives these aviator sunglasses a unique vintage look, perfect for parading your inner rockstar.

11. Cartier Must Laque Vintage Sunglasses

The honey Cartier Must Laque sunglasses are certified vintage. Gold-plated with a double bridge and curved rectangular frame, we love the toned-down vintage look these sunglasses give off.

If you can find them with the red lenses, however, that’s the pair to grab for true vintage style.

12. Santos De Cartier CRESW00578

You know the sunglasses look vintage when they’re sporting burgundy lenses and a brushed golden metal finish for the frame.

And the Santos De Cartier CRESW00578 sunglasses take it further with an oversized cat eye shape that looks sassy, sophisticated, and vintage all in one.

13. Pasha De Cartier CRESW00542

The Cartier Pasha De Cartier CRESW00542 sunglasses are a nod to the timeless John Lennon look with blue lenses and a platinum titanium finish that’s sleek and modern.

These stand out against other round sunglasses thanks to the double bridge, as well as the fact that they’re Cartier too, of course.

14. Cartier Driver Vintage Sunglasses

Cartier Driver sunglasses (not the watch!) offer a trendy ‘60s look with a large aviator frame and lined bevels on the bridge and temples, plus a gold finish and brown lenses that bring out the final vintage touch.

Cartier Driver sunglasses are available with green lenses too, and they look just as authentically vintage.

15. Cartier C De Cartier CRESW00289

The palladium metal gray finish with blue lenses is a combination that screams vintage, which is why we love the Cartier C De Cartier CRESW00289 sunglasses.

The small Cartier inscription, brushed temples, and double bridge styling are just more reasons why these sunglasses are must-haves for anyone who’s after a modernized vintage look.

16. Panthere De Cartier CRESW0061

It’s not often you see sunglasses with pentagonal lenses, so the Cartier Panthere De Cartier CRESW0061 sunglasses are a pair that effortlessly stand out.

We can’t pull these off, we must admit, but they certainly offer a classy vintage look that’ll set you apart from, well, everyone who’s around you.

17. Premiere De Cartier CRESW00546

If you want to look like Ryan Gosling in The Nice Guys, the Premiere De Cartier CRESW00546 sunglasses will get you there.

It’s the green polarized lenses, gold frame, and wooden-brown arms that give these sunglasses a classic retro look, especially if you pair them with a brown or mahogany suit. 

18. Cartier Madison Vintage Sunglasses

Round rimless sunglasses? Cartier went there and the end product is one we absolutely love.

These are unique, above all, thanks to the recognizable Cartier styling at the temples and the selection of colors these sunglasses come in: black and gold, brown and gold, and pink and gold – all awesomely vintage.

19. Santos De Cartier CRESW00362

Forget the champagne gold finish and pilot frame; it’s the white leather bridge that makes the Santos De Cartier CRESW00362 sunglasses a hot vintage look that’ll turn heads wherever you go.

These sunglasses are unique and trendy with detailing that’s nothing less than luxurious, so we can’t recommend these enough if you want nothing but high-end.

20. Trinity Sunglasses CRESW00500

The Cartier Trinity CRESW00500 sunglasses ooze vintage sophistication with a gorgeous butterfly shape, gradient gray lenses, and a thick black rim that’s retro and classy at the same time.

The unique butterfly shape is the selling point, needless to say, so these sunglasses are definitely a must-have accessory if you want to stand out.

21. Cartier Aurore Vintage Sunglasses

Vintage certified? Check. The Cartier Aurore sunglasses are a classic model featuring a solid composite frame in yellow and orange tortoiseshell with brown lenses – and they look stunning.

You might find it hard to find this pair, but doesn’t that only make you want them more? A must-buy if you see them available.

22. Premiere De Cartier CRESW00603

Sporting a streamlined rectangular frame with green lenses and thickset ivory white arms, the Cartier Premiere De Cartier CRESW00603 sunglasses are the ultimate accessory for men who want to look as fashionable as possible.

Need we say it? These are our top pick for men – a pair of vintage sunglasses that won’t let any outfit down.

23. Cartier Reflet Vintage Sunglasses

Last but not least: Cartier Reflet sunglasses. It’s not often you see sunglasses that are simple yet so trendy, and that’s what makes these such a sought-after vintage item.

In tiger red tortoiseshell with gold-plated arms, the Cartier Reflet vintage sunglasses are simply a must-have pair of sunglasses if you always want to be the coolest person in the room.

Final Thoughts

And that wraps up our list of 23 beautiful vintage Cartier sunglasses that you need to accessorize and complete your look (for more vintage sunglasses, read about our favorite Gucci sunglasses here). We know – it’s hard to choose just one, as they’re all simply stunning.

But we know you found a pair here (or maybe a few pairs – we don’t blame you) that you absolutely love, so make sure to bookmark this page for future reference!

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