23 Beautiful Vintage Cazal Sunglasses To Accessorize Your Look

There’s no doubt about it: you’re going to stand out no matter what Cazal sunglasses you’re wearing.

After all, Cazal is an eyewear brand that somehow manages to release collection after collection of trendsetting eyewear designs that always look super retro yet ultra-contemporary.  

23 Beautiful Vintage Cazal Sunglasses to Accessorize Your Look

That’s exactly why we’ve gone ahead and rounded up 23 beautiful vintage Cazal sunglasses you need to complete your look.

What look, you ask? It doesn’t matter – these must-have Cazal sunglasses are the perfect vintage accessory to complement any outfit! We love them all and we know you will too.

And yep, our list includes the best Cazal vintage sunglasses for both men and women.

1. Cazal 8043 Sunglasses

Color: Black-Gold

Lenses: Gray Gradient

Let’s start off with one of the most vintage designs Cazal has put out: the 8043 sunglasses. This pair is certified retro thanks to the rectangular shape and thick frames that include gold styling on the temples and bridge.

The pink etching on the lenses is the final touch that really gives these an ‘80s look.

2. Cazal 9066 Sunglasses

Color: Black Matt

Lenses: Gray Gradient

It’s the retro black and white styling that does it for us, a look that makes the Cazal 9066 sunglasses a must-have vintage accessory. These come in one color only but, to be honest, we don’t think we need anything else.

3. Cazal 9080 Sunglasses

Color: Bicolour

Lenses: Blue Gradient

It’s the classic John Lennon look with a design that somehow looks vintage and futuristic at the same time.

The gold frame, double bridge design, and blue gradient lenses deliver an effortless rock ‘n’ roll look, in addition to the fact that they’re round – the perfect upgrade to your Ray-Ban Round Metals.

4. Cazal 9104 Sunglasses

Color: Brown-Crystal

Lenses: Green Gradient

Brown sunglasses? We’re here for it. The Cazal 9104 sunglasses are as retro as it gets, sporting a style that comes straight out of the ‘70s. The sharp edges and unique double bridge design add to this model’s retro factor, and they also come in Black-Gold!

5. Cazal 8042 Sunglasses

Color: Black-Gold

Lenses: Gray Gradient

The Cazal 8042 sunglasses serve up the same colorway as the 8043 sunglasses, but with a thick pilot frame boasting a gold double bridge.

Once again, it’s the gray gradient lenses etched with pink Caval branding that makes these look super retro – the perfect look for ‘80s fashionistas. 

6. Cazal 9094 Sunglasses

Color: Crystal

Lenses: Gray Gradient

We love the crystal frames and rose gold detailing of the Cazal 9094 sunglasses, which look retro, contemporary, and groovy all in one. You can pick these up in two more colorways—Black Mat and Black—but Crystal 9094 sunglasses easily have the most vintage appeal.

7. Cazal 9500 Sunglasses 

Color: Rosegold

Lenses: Violet Gradient (AR Coated)

It’s the jagged aviator design that makes the Cazal 9500 sunglasses look vintage yet ultra-contemporary. Coupled with the rose gold frame housing violet gradient lenses—plus the unique double bridge—this pair offers a look that’s going to turn heads. 

8. Cazal 8500 Sunglasses 

Color: Red-Gold

Lenses: Brown Gradient

Would this list be complete without cat eye sunglasses? Absolutely not. Which is why the Cazal 8500 sunglasses deserve a spot here.

For an all-out vintage look, it’s the Red-Gold pair that you need to get your hands on, which feature brown gradient lenses and gold detailing at the temples – groovy and sassy.

9. Cazal 8502 Sunglasses

Color: Violet-Rosegold

Lenses: Violet Gradient

It doesn’t get any more chic than the Cazal 8502 sunglasses – especially in Violet Rose Gold. Oversized and thick-rimmed, these are the sunglasses you need if you’re all about large frames. For a bolder, simpler look, these also come in Black-Gold.

10. Cazal 8044 Sunglasses

Color: Brown-Crystal

Lenses: Brown Gradient

Cazal is a trendsetter when it comes to bridges. And the Cazal 8044 sunglasses are a clear testament to this with its retro gold bridge styling that continues around the frame – a serious head-turning look.

You can pick these up in Black-Gold and Black-Silver as well, but the Brown-Crystal colorway is by far the most vintage-looking.

11. Cazal 8031 Sunglasses

Color: Black

Lenses: Gray Gradient

Now here’s a pair of sunglasses that will stand out. Cazal always raises the bar when it comes to unique frame shapes and the Cazal 8031 sunglasses are the epitome of this brand’s push for innovation.

We won’t even bother to try and describe these, but one thing’s for sure: they look vintage and retro in equal measure.

12. Cazal 9105 Sunglasses

Color: Gold-Khaki

Lenses: Green Gradient (AR Coated)

A retro look straight from the future. Cazal 9105 sunglasses are the ultimate accessory for any high-fashion outfit, merging a gold frame with black and white styling for a look that’s going to get noticed.

You can also grab these in Black-Gold with Gray Gradient lenses for a more prominent look.

13. Cazal 8504 Sunglasses

Color: Brown-Crystal

Lenses: Brown Gradient

Here’s another pair of Cazal sunglasses that manage to look vintage – despite being totally unique.

It’s the thickset frame and Brown-Crystal design that does it for us with the 8504 sunglasses, which also boast the same gold styling on the temples as the Cazal 8500 sunglasses.

14. Cazal 8503 Sunglasses

Color: Black-Gold

Lenses: Gray Gradient

Like Cazal sunglasses but want something more minimalist? Then the Cazal 8503 sunglasses might just become your next buy. These have a thick black frame and double bridge, with gold detailing on the lenses and temples for a look that’s simple but eye-catching.

15. Cazal 6004/3 Sunglasses 

Color: Olive

Lenses: Brown Gradient

Olive sunglasses? You bet – and they look beautiful thanks to the boxy frame, thick rims, and brown arms with gold temples.

The 6004/3 sunglasses look super retro and also come in a host of colors: Black Mat-Silver, Black-Gold, Black-Silver, Crystal, and Iceblue – all effortlessly vintage!

16. Cazal 8507 Sunglasses

Color: Rose-Rosegold

Lenses: Blue Gradient

These hexagonal sunglasses really stand out – needless to say. So they’re the perfect choice if you’re after a chic pair of sunglasses that also look vintage.

The Cazal 8507 sunglasses look awesome in rose gold, but we also love the Black-Gold variation with the brownish gray gradient lenses.

17. Cazal 8506 Sunglasses

Color: Black-Crimson

Lenses: Gray Gradient

The Cazal 8506 sunglasses ooze sassiness and sophistication. It’s the unique cat eye shape, for one, along with the fiery crimson tortoiseshell frame with gold edging.

Perhaps the most unique quality of these sunglasses are the arms, though, which you won’t find on any other pair of sunglasses – ever.

18. Cazal 9093 Sunglasses 

Color: Gold-Rosewood

Lenses: Green Gradient

Brown and gold frames with green and pink gradient lenses – it’s clear that the Cazal 9093 sunglasses were designed with retro nostalgia in mind.

And Cazal nailed it, because this pair in Gold Rosewood looks like it was pulled straight from Miami in the ‘80s. Needless to say, we love it.

19. Cazal 8508 Sunglasses

Color: Brown-Crystal

Lenses: Brown Gradient

Cazal’s Brown-Crystal sunglasses always give off vintage vibes. And the 8508 sunglasses take it further with an oversized square shape with thick, transparent rims.

We like this colorway the most, but the 8508 sunglasses in Violet-Gold are worth checking out too if you’re after a groovier vintage look.

20. Cazal 9502 Sunglasses 

Color: Aubergine-Gold

Lenses: Violet Gradient (AR Coated)

Here’s a pair of Cazal sunglasses that ooze vintage sophistication and class. It’s the gold frame with violet lenses that does it, along with the unique design choice around the upper edges of the sunglasses.

Alongside Aubergine-Gold, you can also grab these in Brown-Gold, Grey-Gold, and Black-Gold.

21. Cazal 9092 Sunglasses

Color: Night Blue

Lenses: Blue Gradient

Can blue sunglasses look vintage? It does if you’re wearing Cazal 9092 sunglasses. These frames have a thick upper rim in royal blue with gold arms and a gold double bridge for good measure.

They look vintage, classy, and timeless, making them a great choice for men who need to look the part. 

22. Cazal 9078 Sunglasses

Color: Crystal

Lenses: Gray Gradient

The 9078 sunglasses are one of the most unique designs Cazal has released – a design that also just so happens to look 100% vintage. These only come in one color—Crystal—but it’s all you need if you’re looking for a timeless vintage look that won’t go unnoticed.

23. Cazal 9503 Sunglasses

Color: Amber-Gold

Lenses: Brown Gradient (AR Coated)

Last but not least, the Cazal 9503 sunglasses – which are perhaps the most vintage-looking pair on this list.

Sporting a unique overlapping design at the bridge with bold orange rims and amber-gold arms, these sunglasses look stunningly vintage, simply put. And we have to admit it: these are our absolute favorites. 

Final Thoughts

So that wraps up our list of 23 beautiful vintage Cazal sunglasses you need to accessorize your look (for more vintage sunglasses, read about our favorite Gucci sunglasses here). And it doesn’t matter which look you’re rocking; these Cazal sunglasses all have a unique vintage quality that will complement any outfit you pair them with!

We know you found a pair here that you fell in love with (maybe several pairs), so make sure to bookmark this page for future reference. Or maybe go ahead and buy them right now. We don’t blame you.

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