24 Beautiful Vintage Gucci Sunglasses To Accessorize Your Look

Gucci is a name that doesn’t need an introduction. And when it comes to sunglasses, it’s a brand that somehow manages to produce designs that look uniquely contemporary while exuding vintage sophistication.

We love Gucci sunglasses – if we didn’t already make that clear.

24 Beautiful Vintage Gucci Sunglasses To Accessorize Your Look

Everyone should own a pair. But whether you’re hunting for your first Gucci sunglasses or more pairs to add to your collection, we’ve got you covered.

Below, we’ve rounded up 24 beautiful vintage Gucci sunglasses to accessorize your look . And it doesn’t matter what look you’re rocking. Vintage Gucci sunglasses are always the perfect accessory!

1. Gucci GG1081S Vintage Sunglasses

Gucci GG1081S sunglasses are the perfect start to this list. They’re oversized, round, and classy.

And the fact they come in thick black, fiery tortoiseshell, and off-white yellow is what makes these sunglasses full-blown vintage (especially the latter color). Love big round frames? Then you’ll love these (also check out ‘22 Amazing Vintage Round Sunglasses‘).

2. Gucci GG1614S Vintage Sunglasses

Next up is the Gucci GG1614S sunglasses – an ultra-vintage choice for those who prefer the oval look.

These are hard to come by, it has to be said, as they’re Gucci classics. So if you see a pair available, we definitely recommend grabbing them!

3. Gucci GG2195S Vintage Sunglasses

Gucci GG2195S sunglasses boast oval lenses with a subtle cat eye shape – an easy vintage look and a contemporary throwback to the ‘50s.

We like the transparent red and tortoiseshell frames the most. But no matter which color you opt for, it’s a must-have accessory to finish off any vintage beach look.

4. Gucci GG2400NS Vintage Sunglasses

It doesn’t get any more vintage than oval-shaped sunglasses with thickset frames.

That’s what the Gucci GG2400NS sunglasses offer, complete with a selection of vintage colors to choose from: Orange, Brown, Old Pink, Tortoiseshell, Tortoise, and Pearl.

5. Gucci GG2407S Vintage Sunglasses

Square frames? Super retro. So if you’re really looking for the ultimate vintage accessory to complete your outfit, the Gucci GG2407S sunglasses are the pair to get your hands on.

Alongside the square shape, these sunglasses boast thick arms for a seriously vintage look and feel.

6. Gucci GG1308 01N Vintage Sunglasses

Semi-rimless with gradient lenses and a double nose bridge, the Gucci GG1308 01N sunglasses ooze vintage class.

And if you can pull these off (of course you can), they’re a pair of sunglasses that will definitely make you stand out from any crowd.

7. Gucci GG0061S Vintage Sunglasses

Love the John Lennon look but think bigger is better? The Gucci GG0061S sunglasses boast large circular lenses and a range of gradient colors that all look awesomely vintage (check out ‘22 Amazing Vintage Round Sunglasses‘).

The fact these have a double bridge only adds to their super retro vibe – definitely one of our favorites, we must admit.

8. Gucci GG0895S Vintage Sunglasses

Like cat eye sunglasses? It doesn’t get more ‘50s than the Gucci GG00895S sunglasses – a must-have accessory for women who want to turn heads.

These sunglasses come in Havana Retro and Havana Brown colors (and also jet black if you like your sunglasses bold and sassy), both of which look effortlessly vintage.

9. Gucci GG0592S Vintage Sunglasses

Now here’s a pair of Gucci sunglasses that will make you feel like you’re on a catwalk each time you wear them.

In Havana Gold and Teal Ivory, the Gucci GG0592S vintage sunglasses look like no other pair in your collection (or anyone else’s, for that matter) – as that’s exactly why you need them. 

10. Gucci GG0884SA Vintage Sunglasses

Big, bold, and classy – what’s not to love about Gucci’s GG0884SA sunglasses? We like these in black the most, especially with the gold arms (and subtle Gucci branding) that finish off the vintage design.

If you like big square frames, this is the pair you need to accessorize any summer outfit.

11. Gucci GG0803S Vintage Sunglasses

If the G0895S cat eye sunglasses (listed above) are too much, then the Gucci GG0803S sunglasses are worth looking at instead.

Designed with a narrow aviator-style frame that gives off a subtle cat eye shape, these sunglasses provide a ‘50s vintage look that’s stylish but not too showy.

12. Gucci GG0956S Vintage Sunglasses

Boxy frames always exude vintage and retro appeal. And that’s what the Gucci GG0956S sunglasses do best, thanks to the thick black arms and frame shape that somehow manages to look both retro and futuristic.

We love the look of these and we know we’re not the only ones.

13. Gucci GG0704S Vintage Sunglasses

How to look studious and classy while wearing sunglasses? The Gucci GG0704S sunglasses – that’s how.

These vintage sunglasses are perfect for the bookish gentleman on vacation, available in two unique vintage styles: Havana and Pink Green.

14. Gucci GG0028S Vintage Sunglasses

The Gucci GG0028S sunglasses give off a similar vibe to the GG1081S (listed above), but with a more pronounced cat eye shape.

They’re beautifully vintage, as a result, while still providing a trendy, sophisticated look that’s going to do any of your outfits all the right favors.

15. Gucci GG2409S Vintage Sunglasses

Rectangular sunglasses will always be vintage. And if rectangular just so happens to be your go-to sunglasses look, the Gucci GG2409S sunglasses are everything you’ve been looking for.

These come in metallic pink, gray metallic, gosha gray, tortoiseshell, black yellow, and gradient orange. The only problem is deciding on which color to get.

16. Gucci GG0896S Vintage Sunglasses

Partial to big square frames? Then you’ll love the Gucci GG0896S sunglasses, which combine a bold thickset frame with gradient lenses for a vintage style that also looks contemporary.

The gold Gucci logo on the arms is the finishing touch that makes these sunglasses subtly classy.

17. Gucci GG0724S Vintage Sunglasses

Consider yourself a trendsetter when it comes to fashion?

These Gucci GG0724S sunglasses offer up one of the brand’s innovative designs, featuring metal link arms and detachable branded Gucci charms for a look that’s truly unique.

Our recommendation? We think the Gold Pink design comes out on top if you’re all about vintage styles.

18. Gucci GG0327S Vintage Sunglasses

After thick cat eye frames? Then the GG0327S sunglasses are an ideal choice.

Black or tortoiseshell brown, both frame colors ooze vintage sass and sophistication, complete with gold Gucci logos on the arms and gradient lenses to complement any winter or summer look.

Either way, you’re going to be looking for any excuse to wear these.

19. Gucci GG1369S Vintage Sunglasses

Vintage, yet ultra-modern. The Gucci GG1369S sunglasses are definitely a fashion statement, boasting a thick, boxy frame with orange lenses for a look that’s retro modernized.

If you like high-fashion eyewear, then these sunglasses are the perfect accessory to complement your look. 

20. Gucci GG2196S Vintage Sunglasses

The Gucci GG2196S sunglasses are on this list for the straight-up fact that they look super vintage in white.

The oval frame provides vintage points too, along with the thick arms that make these sunglasses chic and classy from every angle. 

21. Gucci GG0395SK Vintage Sunglasses

Like aviators but also like round sunglasses? The Gucci GG0395SK sunglasses bring together the best of both worlds in a trendy metal frame that’s lightweight yet full of style.

Gold Pink is our go-to choice, but you can’t go wrong with Brown or Black either, which all look nothing less than rock ‘n’ roll. 

22. Gucci GG0990S Vintage Sunglasses

Now these sunglasses are sassy.

The Gucci GG0900S sunglasses boast an arched oval frame inspired by vintage cat eye sunglasses, rounded off with a choice of three retro colorways: black, beige, and green – all with gradient orange lenses to complete the look.

Easily the perfect complement to any one-piece worn at the beach.

23. Gucci GG0706S Vintage Sunglasses

With its thick aviator-shaped frame and double bridge, the Gucci GG07076S sunglasses are a choice made to stand out.

You can get them in Ivory, Black, or Brown, but it’s the black frame that really nails the retro look thanks to the orange lenses that perfectly contrast the thick frame.

We also love the textual Gucci branding on the arms – subtle but enough to get noticed.

24. Gucci GG296S Vintage Sunglasses

Last but not least: the Gucci G296S vintage sunglasses. These sunglasses are oversized – and we mean oversized.

It’s the super thick arms that does it for us, as well as the Gucci branding that does away with the classic logo, opting for written calligraphy instead.

All in all, it’s a trendy pair of sunglasses that exudes vintage sophistication and class.

Final Thoughts

And that nicely wraps up our list of 24 beautiful vintage Gucci sunglasses that you need to accessorize your look (also check out amazing vintage sunglasses by Chanel, Dior, Oakley, Cazal, Carrera, Ray Ban, Cartier).

So matter whether you keep it casual or sophisticated—maybe a bit of both—these vintage Gucci sunglasses are all must-have accessories – sun out or not.

We’re sure you found a pair of sunglasses here that you love, so make sure to bookmark this page for future reference!

Or, if you simply can’t wait, why not shop for your favorite choice today? We love all these Gucci sunglasses, so we can’t blame you.

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