15 Best 18th Birthday Outfits To Try Today

The age of 18 is a watershed moment for everyone, regardless of gender and sex, and it deserves to be celebrated by wearing one of the best outfits you can.

15 Best 18th Birthday Outfits To Try Today

Your 18th birthday is more than just a day to remember the 18 thrilling years that shaped you into the lovely woman you are today, it also grants you the lawful authorization to do anything you want without asking people or doing things that a day before were illegal for you to do (just sayin’).

However, with all the enthusiasm you might be overwhelmed with things to prepare and organize for your party, with an outfit idea being left for the last moment.

Or you might have it as one of your priorities and now feel overwhelmed by the endless styling possibilities. Well, don’t worry because we are here to help you out with that.

In this article, we have included the 15 best 18th birthday outfits you can try on today to decide which one is the best for your special day (see also ‘15 Fresh Sexy Birthday Outfits That Will Guarantee To Turn Heads‘).

All of them are perfect, so no matter which one you choose, rest assured that you will be the star of the day and the party!

What Can I Wear On My 18th Birthday?

Your birthday is the ideal opportunity to be anything and everything you desire to be. Go over the top, add colors and sparkle, and do and wear whatever makes you happy!

You are the star of the show at this party, and nobody should dare to take the attention away from you. And because everyone’s eyes will be on you, you must look your best!

Here are some ideas for making yourself stand out:

Go big on the makeup: choose vibrant, bold colors for your lips, sparkly lip gloss, purple or strawberry red lipstick, or even a silver one!

Be edgy: choose jewelry and accessory pieces like tiaras, sequin shoulder bags, metal embellished headbands, and embellished scarves.

Glitters and sparkles: Glam it up but make it flamboyant with glitter, sparkles, and spangly dresses.

Go high: Prefer eye-catching, sleek heels like stilettos, decorative heels, platforms, or very high ones.

15 Best 18th Birthday Outfits

1. Leather Outfit

If you feel fierce and want to slay the party, leather is the only option we can think of.

You can go 100% leather head to toe or mix it up by wearing leather pants and a cotton crop top or a laced white or black t-shirt or long shirt.

You can also try a long leather skirt with a leather crop top or go for some leather shorts with a see-through polka dot t-shirt.

2. Casual

Blue denim high or low-waisted jeans with a casual-chic shirt on top, a pair of heels or espadrilles, and smokey eye makeup are more than enough if you want to keep it casual.

Yes, your 18th birthday is a special one but it’s still just a number for some people so if you don’t feel like this is the occasion to go OTT, then feel free to keep it simple.

3. Princess Of The Night

A glam and fluffy mini pink dress with some black-heeled shoes is a great statement piece, and if you wear a tiara on your head you will definitely be the princess of the night.

You can choose other dress colors too like lilac or turquoise and match them with some silver-heeled shoes with diamante bow details.

If it’s wintertime, you can go for a fluffy knitted corseted dress with a flippy skirt and find a matching pouch or purse to go with it. Pearl earrings and a necklace are a must!

4. Chic In White

A white tulle skirt with a white cardigan on top, white heels, and a white hat is what will make it impossible for you to go unnoticed.

If you want a more masculine or confident look, a three-piece pantsuit with wide-leg pants with a high rise, a crop-bustier top, and a lined blazer is a chic option for a classy champagne party.

5. Girly

Super tight and sexy, girly outfits are great for themed birthday parties where you want to be the cutest and, at the same time, sexiest girl (see also ‘9 Of The Best 21st Birthday Outfits To Try Today‘).

Tight mini skirts, the 80s, and 90s patterned crop tops, and all kinds of colored accessories on your hair are the way to be stylish and girly!

6. Pretty In Pink

Pink and girly might feel like they’re the same thing, but they are not.

While a girly outfit might be similar to that of Jennifer Garner’s in 13 Going 30 when she was a 30-year-old woman with a teenage girl’s soul, a jumpsuit like this one is far from girly, and we are pretty sure that everyone will call you the Carrie Bradshaw of the party!

Other options can be this pink leopard jacquard satin balloon sleeve dress or a rose gold two-tone bandeau mini dress that will make you shine brighter than the lights.

7. Flamboyant

Color combinations with orange maxi pleated skirts and fuchsia satin tops, huge statement earrings that remind you of Dali’s absurdist designs, and a smile hair styling is the perfect outfit for those 18-year-old women who know what styling means.

8. Patterned

Anything that makes a simple fabric look like a piece of art or wallpaper is something you should wear to your birthday party if you are all about patterns.

You can even mix and match geometric pattern tops with floral skirts or vice versa. Anyway, it all goes!

9. Metallic

Do you remember those shimmer pants you saw at the shop display thinking “those would be the talk of Coachella?”

Well, consider buying them if you want to be the talk of your 18th birthday party!

If you want to wear a skirt, go for a metallic low-rise maxi skirt in silver color and match it with a black crop top and some platform sandals in textured black metallic.

If you are a winter baby, dare to wear knee boots in metallic blue with a blue dress and a silver headband. Talk about futuristic style!

10. Rock ‘N’ Roll

Rock ‘n’ roll stars or those rock ‘n’ roll appearances of Miley Cyrus can be the inspiration for the perfect rock ‘n’ roll outfit you will wear for your birthday party.

A total-red leather outfit with matching leather ankle boots or some zebra trousers in black and white with a Nirvana t-shirt, some big earrings, and some chunky high-heeled or lace-up flat shoes are more than enough to make you the (rock) star of the day!

11. Floral

A classic pattern that deserves its own category, floral dresses are gorgeous in all cuts, lengths, and colors.

On your birthday, go with the craziest and most fancy one like this yellow square-shaped mini dress, and keep the others for a weekend night out!

A polka dot handbag like the one here is also necessary if you want to make some unexpectedly great matching.

12. Bodysuit-up

If you want to wear one thing only and that not being a dress, then overalls are your next best option. Think of cargo-style leather boilersuits or a Denim one or try bringing the 70s to the party with some flares!

13. Maxi

Black sleek maxi dresses, gold sequin draped maxi dresses, or even strapless ones with waist cut-outs are the kind of dresses you can wear with a stiletto shoe and some silver or gold jewelry.

Classy, sassy, and oozing confidence and style, maxi dresses are ideal for formal parties where you want to impress all the boys but also show them that you’re a woman now!

14. Total Black

This black lace flower bodysuit is the perfect example of how you can go all black and still stand out from the crowd.

The same holds true for black boho dresses and mini black dresses like this one with black bandage wires.

15. Sexy

All of the outfits we have already suggested bring their own sexiness to the table, but if sexy is what you are going for and it is the priority of your outfit, then we have some special ideas for that.

One of them is this ripped and hollowed-out v-neck skinny jumpsuit in black as well as this chiffon slip two-piece sett of black crop top and black maxi high-waisted skirt that reveals your legs in the sexiest way possible.

Finally, don’t forget about the tights and stockings that can turn the simplest of skirts or dresses into a sexy outfit!

The Bottom Line

These 15 outfits are some great ideas you can either copy as a whole or draw inspiration from to bring your own style and aesthetic into them.

Regardless of how you want to dress – sexy, girly, cool, in pink, black, or white – remember that what matters the most is to feel at your best and bring your own personality to the party!

Happy 18th birthday, girl! Make it count!

Willa Price

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