13 Best 2000s Themed Party Outfits To Try Today

Ah, the 2000s. Leather skirts, sparkly shoes, and shiny pants. And that was just the guys! Think back to the glory days of popped collars and fitted cowboy shirts and you are transported right into the “Y2K” fashion era.

Myspace was where all the cool kids hung out, Lizzie McGuire was Queen of Disney, and Britney Spears was on everyone’s iPod.

13 Best 2000s Themed Party Outfits To Try Today

The 2000s were a fun, wacky time and some might say, it was the last great era before technology took over completely. As for fashion, some loved it and some loathed it. Us? We loved AND loathed the fashion choices!

Now we’re in the “roaring” 2020s and although we don’t have a time machine to go back to those golden times, we can revisit our younger days with some 2000s themed party costumes! 

Inspired by TV and movie stars, and, of course, pop stars of the 2000s, we have compiled a list of 2000s themed outfits to wear to an upcoming party (go back in time and check out the 15 Best 70s Theme Party Outfits To Try Today).

Whether it is for Halloween, or a regular party, these outfits will take you back to simpler times.

So, let’s transform you into your favorite celebrity of that decade and revisit those wild times!

2000s Themed Party Outfits 

1. Couture Tracksuits

Athletic and leisure clothes combine with these “athleisure” tracksuits. Known as couture tracksuits, this clothing was very popular in the 2000s, made famous by the likes of Paris Hilton and Britney Spears. Today, it’s coming back into fashion! 

Juicy couture tracksuits and large, oversized Louis Vuitton bags were all the rage thanks to Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton with the look becoming so iconic that they both recreated the image for a SKIMS Shapewear Campaign recently.

Although not quite party attire, these tracksuits are perfect for a costume event. And, best of all, they are back in vogue so start wearing it out and about and you may become a local style icon. 

2. Britney Spears Theme

We can’t go any further without trying a Britney Spears themed outfit. One of the biggest, most successful artists of the late 1990s and 2000s, Britney has so many famous outfits that we could be here all day and make a list of Britney-themed outfits.

Just take a look at any of her 2000s videos and you will find inspiration, but we suggest the nude, embellished two-piece she wore at the 2000s VMAs. 

3. Bright Colors And Skinny Jeans

As with the 1970s, denim made a huge comeback in the naughties. And, just as popular were skinny jeans that came in every color you can think of. The brighter your jeans were, the better!

We’re pretty sure everyone we knew had skinny jeans that were either yellow, white, orange, purple, or some other color of the rainbow!

Bright skinny jeans were worn by both men and women during the 2000s with designers focusing on jewel-tone colors. Try matching your jeans with a leopard print top and you will be 2008 all over again.

4. The Clingy Dress

You will impress everyone at the party with a 2000s inspired clingy dress. Yes, Capri jeans and flip flops are also a staple from the Y2K era but they’re not quite stylish enough for a party! Instead, a clingy mini dress is the answer!

If you want to be extra flirty, opt for an off-the-shoulder dress. Made from jersey, the cups of your bra would be outlined and topped off with a large belt at the hips for extra style. Queen of the party! 

5. Oversized Hoops

Heading to a casual party at a friend’s house? Well, you’ll need to pull out the big guns. By this, we mean mega oversized earring hoops! 

The 2000s was a glamorous time and the bigger your bling was, the better! Pair with a lacy tank top or a cotton t-shirt with skinny jeans and everyone will be in awe of your style. 

6. A Graphic T-Shirt And A Denim Skirt

If one piece of clothing summed up the 2000s, it was the classic denim skirt. Part of every high school girl’s wardrobe, you would see these everywhere, whether they were a flirtatious mini skirt, knee-length, or A-line.

When you pair this type of skirt with a graphic t-shirt, your look is complete. And, it’s so easy and quick to do! Try and find a t-shirt with a famous 2000s saying, such as “chillax” or “That’s Hot.” If you’re going for a 2000s theme, you may as well go full out! 

7. Tank Tops And Baby T-Shirts

The midriff has never had so much airtime as in the 2000s. Whether you were watching Friends or Disney stars like Hilary Duff or Ashley Tisdale, you would have seen many tank tops or mini tees on TV.

Figure-hugging tops were all the rage and why not? They look amazing! 

Athleisure wear became very popular in the 2000s, so tops such as these soon spread like wildfire in society. We even saw them on the red carpets of big movie premiers and stars such as Cristina Aguilera and Beyoncé showing off this fashion trend.

Also, if you’ve recently been to the beach and got a pretty sweet tan, then these tops are the best way to show it off. But, if tank tops are a little too revealing for you, simply wear a baby tee underneath. 

8. Gaucho-Like Pants, A Beret, A Graphic Tank Top, And A Metal Esmeralda Belt

It doesn’t get much more 2000s than this entire outfit. With Gaucho-like pants that come to just below the knees, a large metal belt, off the shoulder detailing on a tank top, and a large beret, you will be the 2000s personified. 

Finish off with leopard print small heels and you’re ready to party like it’s 2003!

9. True Religion Bootcut Jeans

One of the biggest clothing brands of the Y2K decade was True Religion. Making iconic clothes of the era, even the Black Eyed Peas sang about it – ““they say they love mah ass in Seven Jeans, True Religion…”

Perhaps the most iconic of all True Religion’s clothing items were the bootcut jeans. Next to Juicy Couture’s tracksuits, these may have been the most common site in the 2000s fashion world.

Think of Jessica Simpson, Destiny’s Child, and even Kanye West; all were sporting these flare-like pants.

10. Ripped Jeans With Peep-Toe Pumps

Step back straight into 2008 with ripped jeans and a pair of peep-toe pumps. Often worn by Lindsay Lohen and others of the time, this look was unforgettable.

It became a signature look in hip-hop fashion in both music videos and on or off the red carpet.

As for the top, a tight white shirt (yes, body hugging once again) will look great and a mini waistcoat. Trust us, when you walk into a party wearing this, your friends will be in awe and we wouldn’t be surprised if you started a trend once again!

11. A Choppy Skirt With A Slouchy Halter Top 

If you weren’t wearing a body hugging top, you went in the other direction, such as a slouchy halter top. The pinnacle of “cool-girl” fashion, these tops were casual yet very stylish and could be worn just about anywhere and for any occasion. 

Pair one of these tops with a choppy A-line skirt and you’re ready for any party. The choppy skirt drapes loosely around your body and even today, it is still fashionable and has a modern flair about it.

When paired with a slouchy halter top, you get a bohemian-inspired outfit that is perfect for a summer party or the beach (see also ‘10 Stylish All White Party Outfits To Add To Your Closet‘).

12. A Tunic And Jeans

Nothing says 2003 like the combination of a tunic and a pair of acid washed jeans. This classic combo was the perfect choice for those of us who were not brave enough to go for the midi dress and Capri pairing. 

If you want to go full on 2000s, try and find a tunic that is in the shape of a flowy halter dress. Those were all the rage in the fashion industry at the time and, in our opinion, could still be. We just need someone to bring it back (we’re looking at you!)

13. Wide Stud Belts (Double or Triple Grommet)

The 2000s was the golden age of emo. From My Chemical Romance to Paramore, we were surrounded by eye liner, skinny jeans, and who could forget those wide studded belts with double or even triple grommets?

Perfect with a pair of low-rise jeans, these belts were a staple of every teenager’s wardrobe and immediately transformed you into a rock star!

Style your colored jeans with a triple grommet studded belt and you may as well scream “I’M BRINGING THE 2000s BACK, BABY!” 

In Summary

Fashion changes but our fondness of fashion trends that have come and gone remains. We hope our selection of 2000s themed outfits has inspired you so you can relive a colorful time in fashion history.

Willa Price

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