15 Best 60s Theme Party Outfits To Try Today

Everything was changing in the 1960s! Music was getting louder, cinema was facing a whole new wave, and we even landed on the moon!

15 Best 60s Theme Party Outfits To Try Today

Fashion was no exception to this decade of revolution, with hemlines getting shorter, dresses getting looser, and color making a comeback!

If you’re heading to a 60s themed party, then you’re in for a lot of fun! 60s styles were all about having fun, and breaking free from the tight constraints of 1950s style. From boho hippie looks to go-go rocker styles, the 1960s changed the face of fashion.

Find some exciting 60s outfit ideas with this guide!

Casual Hippie Costume

What exemplifies the 1960s more than the rise of the hippies? Free love, peace, and flower power were the buzzwords of this decade, as young people broke free from the constraints of previous generations. 

A hippie look is all about the fringe and the flowers. Style with patterned flares for a Halloween party. But you can also wear a hippie outfit for a more casual 60s get together.

Add a pair of relaxed jeans and on off the shoulder top, for some 60s chic. 

Men’s Hippie Costume

The free love hippie movement culminated with Woodstock, a music and arts festival that took place during the summer of 1969.

Despite the ups and downs of the festival itself, for many music lovers, Woodstock represents the best that the 60s had to offer.

As with the women, for men, a hippie costume is all about the fringe and pattern. Shapes should be loose, so there’s plenty of room for moving about.

And even if you don’t have long hair, stay away from hairspray and gel — it should look effortless and wild.

Mini Skirt

The 1960s was when hemlines started getting shorter, and shorter, and shorter again.

By the end of the decade, the skirt hem was sitting several inches above the knee! And after an explosion in popularity in the 1960s, the mini skirt hasn’t gone away.

For a look that combines 60s fun with modern day fashion, try the mini skirt!

One of the best things about the mini skirt costume is that when the party is over, you can keep this in your wardrobe.

Go-Go Girl Outfit

Go-go dancers came to prominence in the 60s, performing at some of the hottest clubs and with the biggest musicians.

Their outfits ranged from sexy to scandalous, but for most people nowadays, the 60s go-go dancer is associated with mini dresses and bright patterns.

Dresses should accommodate movement, and stand out on the dance floor.

And if you want to dress as a go-go dancer, you need a pair of go-go boots! These are zip-up, knee high white boots.

Patterned Flares

Men and women can enjoy this unisex 60s trend: the patterned flare. Through the 1960s, pant legs became bigger than ever, and the style would culminate in the super wide flared trousers of the 1970s disco era.

Pair the look with a simple silk shirt in a bold color, for a 60s theme.

Another 60s classic is the paisley print. This Middle Eastern-inspired print became psychedelic with the addition of bright colors and exaggerated swirls.

If you aren’t ready to commit to the patterned flare, try a paisley shirt instead. 

Pink Go-Go Gorgeous Outfit

For a look that’s all about feeling the groove, try a brightly patterned go-go dancer dress. A stretch knit fabric will give you plenty of room for movement as you dance along to classic 60s tunes.

Make sure to wear the go-go white boots, which have a chunky low heel for enthusiastic dancing.

Go-go accessories were big and bold, and often made of plastic! Chunky hoop earrings work well with the vivid patterns of a go-go dress.

Fabulous Fringe

Wearing fringe signaled that you were the kind of person who liked to take it easy. Let’s be honest: as a fabric, fringe is almost entirely useless.

It was originally worn to help water run off buckskin clothing, and that wasn’t much of a concern for California hippies!

With a flower print headband, fringe vest, and fringe socks, this is an outfit for lazing around in the sunshine. Don’t forget the peace sign earrings! 

Leopard Print Dress

Leopard print burst onto the fashion scene in a big way in the 1960s. Spotted on glamorous movie stars such as Elizabeth Taylor, and fashion icons such as Jackie Kennedy, leopard print was associated with a certain level of sophistication.

It soon became popular with the general public. 

If you don’t want to commit to the full faux fur coat, add a touch of leopard print to a swing dress for a nod to 60s style. 

Printed Mini Dress

The babydoll dress was a rejection of the highly sculptured silhouettes of the 1950s.

It gave women the freedom to move, and took the emphasis away from the pinched waist and sculpted bust. For parties, the babydoll dress allows you to really make the most of the dance floor.

Fashion designers such as Mary Quant popularized the mini dress style, and complemented the simple shape with bold colors. Style with oversized sunglasses and white ankle boots.

Groovy Purple Suit

Austin Powers might not be the most accurate depiction of the Swingin’ Sixties, but it certainly captures a lot of what the movement was about!

For men who like to lean into their groovy side, a brightly colored suit and ruffled shirt is a perfect outfit for a 60s theme party (for something more modern, check out our 13 Best 2000s Themed Party Outfits).

Monochrome Party Girl

Before the bright colors that we associate with the end of the 60s, stylish teens were going for something a little sleeker. Cool and sophisticated, the Mod look began in London, before spreading to the rest of the world. 

For the perfect Mod look, keep the color palette restrained. Pair your party dress with a classic beret (Check out How To Wear A Beret) and oversized sunglasses, and practice looking effortless and unbothered.

The Supremes (And Other Sparkles)

Looking for a group costume to dazzle? The 60s saw sequins become part of the average wardrobe, motivated by stylish supergroups such as the Supremes.

For a sexy 60s group costume, grab some friends, tease your best beehive, and wear matching sparkly dresses (If you’re looking for more costume ideas, check out our guide to the perfect Bonnie and Clyde costumes). 

After the restraint of the 1950s, people were excited to celebrate the return of color and sparkle.

Feathers and sequins once again became a wardrobe staple, as people looked to celebrate. For girl groups like the Supremes, outfits were fun, feminine, and empowering.

Long Tailcoat Vintage Jacket

It wasn’t just women’s clothing that underwent a revolution in the 1960s — menswear was in for some changes as well (Check out What Was Menswear Like In The 20s?)!

At the start of the 1960s, menswear was still very straight laced.

However, as the decade progressed, things started to loosen up. By the time the Beatles released Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band in 1967, menswear had become fun!

The blue tailcoat might not exactly be everyday wear, but it is great for a party!

Classic Pencil Dress

Loose dresses and lots of fringe might have been popular among the rebellious youth, but there was still room for classic sophistication in the 1960s.

Think of film stars such as Elizabeth Taylor, who embraced the pencil dress to gorgeous effect.

To bring an extra touch of 60s decadence, combine a classic pencil dress with a fur turban and a lot of large jewelry. 

Le Smoking Tuxedo

The 60s represented a time of great liberation for women, but it was still a shock to the establishment when Yves Saint Laurent debuted Le Smoking in 1966.

This was a tuxedo designed specifically for women, and the sexy silhouette was considered shocking at the time. 

Socialite Nan Kempner was once famously denied entrance to a New York restaurant because she was wearing Le Smoking, as women weren’t allowed to wear pants inside! (In response, she took her trousers off.

Which is a slightly more risqué 60s costume idea).

What Do I Wear To A 60s Themed Party?

The sixties saw the rise of the hippie, and a boho look channels the free love movement. Go for plenty of fringe, denim, and flower patterns. Accessories include the headband, and real flowers.

Or try a go-go look instead: short skirts, bright colors, and knee high white boots.

What Did Ladies Wear In The 60s?

Womenswear in the 1960s moved away from the sculptured definition of the 50s. Shift and babydoll dresses used a new, loose silhouette, and hemlines shortened until we had the mini skirt.

Paisley, flower, and leopard print were all popular patterns.

What Colors Did People Wear In The 60s?

In the 1960s, colors were taken up a level. Preciously muted hues became bold and bright, and green, orange, yellow, and gold were some of the most popular options around. Print also became a big deal.

Whether it was the simple brights of pop art, or psychedelic paisleys of the hippies. 

Final Thoughts

If you’re heading to a 60s themed party, you have plenty of places to look for inspiration! Hippies opted for fringe and flowers, while short skirts and go-go boots dominated the club scene (see also ‘10 Stylish Club Outfits For Women To Add To Your Closet‘).

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