9 Best Vintage Chanel Handbags That You Will Love

Buying handbags secondhand is currently all the rage, and in today’s world of fast fashion, it looks like it is here to stay.

Buying secondhand clothing and accessories is never a bad thing. Here at Diary of a Vintage Girl we make a habit of it, after all.

There is something wonderful about imagining where the item has been before.

9 Best Cheap Vintage Chanel Handbags That You Will Love

It is also a great idea to keep clothing and accessories from going to the landfill too. More often than not, a vintage piece has a lot of life still left in it. Why let it go to waste?

Handbags are one of the key focuses when it comes to secondhand vintage finds (for the best vintage handbags to carry around, see our guide here). They are often still in great condition, and you can find a designer item marked down from its original price.

If you are wanting a vintage Chanel handbag, something that makes your outfit pop and unique, then look no further. Here you will find 9 of the best vintage Chanel bags that you will love.

1. 2003 Pink Fluffy Chanel Bag

This cute and rare find was originally a VIP gift, rather than a bag you could buy on its own. This makes it an incredibly rare find and sought after item.

It is also very unique due to its plush material and soft feel. Plus, the pink bubblegum color gives it a Y2K feel.

While you may not have been an avid watcher of  The Simple Life back in the early 2000s, it was seen being used by socialite, Paris Hilton.

It is also relatively inexpensive too, and is in great condition. While it will not go with every outfit, for example it may look out of place at a formal dinner, it will be a fun bag to wear when you do use it.

2. Vintage Chanel 1980s Flap Bag

For those who love Chanel, you will know exactly what we mean when we say ‘flap bag’. It is the iconic Chanel handbag design that has been around since it launched back in 1955.

This 1980s vintage Chanel handbag was created in the same decade that Karl Largerfeld took over the reins during a difficult time for the brand.

He overhauled the iconic handbag (and brand) into what it is today, and people are still collecting them – and loving Chanel. 

The black color makes this bag an easy to use piece. It will complement any outfit, and is a classic bag that will stand the test of time. 

However, while the price still might seem a little high, compared to what these bags retail for today, it is incredibly inexpensive. 

3. Chanel Upcycled Purse

If you are looking for an upcycled vintage Chanel piece, then this is for you. While originally a 1990s wallet, it has been changed into a small handbag.

It looks really cute, and offers you a chance to own a vintage Chanel handbag without the price tag of something new.

But not only that, it is a truly unique piece as well – after all, it was never meant to be a handbag in the first place!

It includes a small CC logo that is both recognizable and yet not too imposing. Not everyone likes branding to be shouted from the rooftops.

It will fit all your everyday essentials, which includes a phone, keys, and any other items you may need to get you through your day.

4. Vintage Chanel 1990s Shopper

Sometimes all you need is a shopper rather than a full-on classic handbag. This Chanel shopper is from the 1990s and includes a textured effect that is a nod to their quilted flap bag design, as well as the double CC logo.

It was created for the Travel Line, and is strong enough to hold groceries, as well as everything you need for a weekend away. 

It could also be a bag used for college too, as it doesn’t stand out too much yet has some glamor to it due to it being Chanel. 

Overall, it isn’t too over the top and it doesn’t scream Chanel, making it a great choice for those who do not like too much obvious branding. 

5. Late 1990s Vintage Chanel Handbag

This beautiful late 1990s Chanel upcycled handbag features the iconic bag strap, as well as the double CC logo. Its leather is a tan color, and it has a natural material texture rather than the flap bag quilting.

Do note that originally it was a wallet, and now it has been turned into a handbag (just like the handbag above). However, this should not distract you from wanting to buy this handbag.

It makes it a unique find, and nobody will ever know that it was once a wallet. It looks just like a proper handbag, and will fit all your essentials inside. 

The great thing about this handbag is that it also comes with the box – which doesn’t look like its original yet it is officially Chanel – which will make this a great gift too. 

6. Vintage Chanel 1980s Camera Bag

This gorgeous red vintage Chanel bag from the 1980s is a dream find. More often than not you will find simple colors like black and tan, but this beautiful red color is a little rarer to find.

It also has the classic quilted detailing, as well as the metal and leather strap that Chanel bags are known for. 

It is made from lambskin, and has minor wear and tear which is reflected in its lower price tag. However, overall it looks fantastic. The outside of the bag is in such great condition.

While still not cheaper than some of the bags featured here, it is a lot more inexpensive compared to what a new Chanel handbag costs.

Buying vintage Chanel is one of the best ways to find a designer bargain. 

7. Black Vintage Chanel Tote Style Bag

While this bag does not have a date on it, it is undeniably vintage. 

It is made of calfskin and has a few worn out areas, yet it is still very much usable. You will notice that all of this is reflected in the very reasonable price.

This preloved Chanel handbag has a shiny appearance compared to the other bags on this list, giving it an overall premium look.

If you do not like the shiny effect, then you may want to move onto the next vintage Chanel handbag.

This handbag also includes a small double CC logo at the top. While it is a tote style of handbag – which is great for putting things in and taking things out quickly – it also has the ability to be closed.

This fastener is placed where the CC logo is. 

8. Large 1980s Vintage Chanel Camera Bag

If you are looking for a bigger version of the vintage Chanel camera bag, then look no further. This tan colored Chanel handbag features the recognizable quilted effect along the lambskin material.

It doesn’t have the double CC logo on its main areas, though it does feature on the zipper pulls in a gold metal. The handbag’s strap has the iconic metal and leather entwined look too. 

It also just looks very sophisticated, and is another Chanel bag that isn’t too in your face when it comes to branding.

If you like this, then this Chanel handbag is perfect for you!

9. Vintage Chanel 1980s Mini Barrel Crossbody Handbag

This vintage Chanel mini barrel bag was released during 1986 to 1988. It features the iconic quilted stitching but in a different way compared to the flap bag.

However, it does have the classic metal and leather bag strap.

It also includes a fun tassel element that has some double CC branding at the top. This also attaches to the zipper compartment, making it very easy for you to access. 

Made from lambskin, it features the double CC logo in the middle of the bag. 

It is a fun and unique vintage Chanel handbag that can be worn with any outfit on different occasions. It has a classic look that will suit most -if not all – outings!

Final Thoughts

Now that you have seen all 9 vintage Chanel handbags, which ones were your favorite? 

If you are struggling to only pick one (it is so difficult after all), then think about what size you would prefer to carry around with you, and which one will be the best style for the occasions you wish to wear it.

The other option is to buy more than one, but unfortunately we don’t all have the luxury of affording everything we would like. 

Even so, vintage Chanel bags are great to look at. There is something classic about the design of a vintage Chanel handbag that makes it great to wear no matter the decade.

If you enjoyed reading this article, check the rest of the website for more exciting vintage finds.

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