7 Of The Best Golden Goose Dupes

7 Of The Best Golden Goose Dupes

They handcrafted a designer shoe that was stylish and comfortable but also offered a timeless feel.

The distressed and worn-out look of the sneakers set them apart from others and created a unique branding tool. We look at 7 of the best Golden Goose dupes. 

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As the price tag of Golden Goose sneakers are prohibitively high for most people a whole market has grown up around dupes of the famous sneakers.

We look at the best alternatives to the originals and how they compare. 

We will examine Vintage Havana, Goodnight Macaroon, Shop Shu, P448, Dolce Vita, Steve Madden and even Walmart in our guide to less expensive but similar sneakers.

We’ll also take a look at the pros and cons of each of these makers of Golden Goose alternatives. 


Vintage Havana offers some of the best Golden Goose dupes, and they have several lookalikes of the different styles of sneakers.

These include the Hi Star, Super Star Sabot, Stardan, Super Star, Slide High and Dad Star designs.

The brand also sells plain and printed premium laces. There are a lot of similarities between Vintage Havana and Golden Goose sneakers, particularly the Super Star.

They include the signature Golden Goose star, perforated leather, thick glitter and distressed look on many of their sneakers.

They also feature the printed laces, mixed materials and metallics that are synonymous with Golden Goose footwear.

One of the main reasons why Vintage Havana is such a successful dupe is because they also make their sneakers with leather uppers.

They have man made internal lining and a rubber outsole.

This level of quality is why they achieve such a high rate of customer satisfaction for durability, comfort and looks.

The sneakers are said to run small by some customers, so you may want to size up.

The cost of a pair of Vintage Havana sneakers as Golden Goose alternatives is between $125 - $145. However, on occasion they can be found on sale for around $80.


  • Excellent dupe of Golden Goose sneakers
  • High quality materials
  • Offer many designs as alternatives
  • Affordable compared to the originals


  • Sneakers may run small so size up


Shu Shop offers a large variety of Golden Goose dupes and alternatives. They are also known for their mommy and me shoe pairings which offer sneakers for children and toddlers.

So you and your little one can sport the same style of footwear for an ultra cute look.

Among the many dupes you will find alternatives to Golden Goose Super Star, Hi Star, Running Sole, Dad Star, Mid Star and Super Star Sabot in Shu Shop’s collection.

They also have a Sky Star dupe called the Paulina which is inspired by vintage basketball kicks.

The shoes are made from faux leather on the uppers, linings and soles. They all feature the same distressed and lived in look that Golden Goose sneakers are so famous for. The shoes are rated for their comfort and close resemblance to the originals that they emulate.

It is possible to order the sneakers directly from the Shu Shop website, but they are also available at Walmart and Shop Premium Outlets.

Prices vary from $79 up to $158. The alternative to Golden Goose’s Super Star sneakers are just $80 compared to $625 for the originals.


  • Large selection of Golden Goose alternatives
  • Have mommy and me shoe pairings
  • Available at Walmart
  • Affordable alternatives to the originals


  • The shoes run big so choose a half size smaller


With a reputation of always being on trend Steve Madden offers a variety of designer inspired sneaker alternatives.

So it’s not surprising that they have three or four Golden Goose dupes that are spot on.

Featuring the signature star, heavy glitter, mixed materials in various patterns and the all important scuffed outsole these bear a close resemblance to Golden Goose sneakers.

Other examples of Steve Madden sneakers feature mixed materials and animal prints.

The Rezza, Starling, Rezume and Rubie are all styles of Steve Madden sneaker that are dupes of Golden Goose’s Hi Star and Super Star models.

The quality of these shoes is another element that they have in common with Golden Goose footwear.

These sneakers are made with quality leather uppers and textile inner lining. Customers and reviewers rate them for their comfort, looks and above all, quality of materials.

They typically fit true to size and there are wide sizes available.

The cost of a pair of Steve Madden sneakers as alternatives to Golden Goose shoes are on average around $70.

This is a tenth of what a pair of the original sneakers would cost, retailing at around $685.


  • Close resemblance to Golden Goose sneakers
  • Made from high quality materials
  • Rated for comfort and looks by customers and reviewers


  • Will not fool a keen eye 


Based in the US Goodnight Macaroon sells mid-price women’s fashion, shoes, loungewear as well as accessories.

Some of their items are made in the US while others are shipped in from overseas.

Of their small collection of sneakers they have some Golden Goose dupes.

Despite the fact that their designs are slightly more chunky than the originals with their platform sole, they do have an excellent alternative to the Super Star sneaker in their own Vanessa style.

Like Golden Goose footwear, Goodnight Macaroon sneakers are made with leather uppers, but these also have a leather sole.

They feature the same distressed look on the sole and on the upper as well as the signature star detail.

The sneakers are available in white with red, gold, gray and black, or pink detailing. The black option features a silver star and embellishment.

Other versions have a leopard print star, a silver glitter star and an all-over silver glitter style with a white star.

The cost of Goodnight Macaroon sneakers are around $94, although you may occasionally find them on sale for less. Customers have rated them highly for comfort and looks.


  • Close approximation to Golden Goose Super Star sneakers
  • Lots of color options
  • Leather sole and upper
  • Chunkier sole than Golden Goose


  • These dupes run a size big so order down a size


Despite not having the signature star of Golden Goose sneakers these shoes by Dolce Vita have a similar feel.

Their Zina sneakers bear a likeness to Super Stars from Golden Goose and the Zoel hi tops are a great Mid Star alternative.

What makes Dolce Vita sneakers good alternatives to Golden Goose are the same mix and match materials, metallics, and colors.

They have some fantastic patterns and designs for their sneakers, although they are not distressed like Golden Goose shoes.

Their Zina Patch sneakers in rose gold and multi glitter definitely have the Golden Goose vibe and could be scuffled to make them look a bit more like a dupe.

The upper is a glitter covered suede while the outsole is made of rubber. They have a textile lining.

Dolce Vita sneakers are not cheap and the aforementioned Zina Patch shoes retail on their website for $125.

But in comparison to a pair of Golden Goose Mid Star sneakers which sell for $685 this is not a bad price.


  • Heavy glitter model has a similar look to Golden Goose Mid Star
  • Lots of other designs available
  • Cheaper than Golden Goose


  • Sizes run small
  • No star detailing 


As a dupe of Golden Goose sneakers, P448 are probably not the closest, but they do bear some similarities to the famous footwear.

They are also very good quality so what they lack in resemblance they make up for in the top notch materials such as genuine leather.

P448 sneakers do have their own aesthetic but nevertheless they have a variety of shoes that are close in style to Golden Goose sneakers.

Another feature that they share is the Italian craftsmanship that goes into the shoes.

The P448 Skate W in Panter is an excellent dupe of the Golden Goose Super Star or Mid Star.

These sneakers have a mixed material of heavy glitter in vibrant green and brown suede with a rubber sole.

The lining and footbed of the shoes are synthetic silver. There is a side zipper for convenience, although the sneakers do have a lace up design.

High quality materials and excellent craftsmanship make these sneakers a superior alternative to some other dupes.

These are perhaps the most expensive of Golden Goose dupes as they cost around $250-$300. However, this is still half the price of a pair of the originals.


  • High quality materials 
  • Excellent Italian craftsmanship
  • Resemblance to some Golden Goose designs


  • Not the closest alternative to Golden Goose sneakers
  • Expensive


For the ultimate in affordable Golden Goose dupes Walmart offers several options.

They have many of the brands that we mentioned here in our guide including Shop Shu, Dolce Vita, Steve Madden and Vintage Havana.

As well as those that we have included here there are other brands that make Golden Goose dupes including Scoop, Time and Tru and Gypsy Jazz.

Depending on the brand you can pay between $30 and $155, so there is plenty of choice in terms of style and price

Gypsy Jazz offers a pair of Golden Goose alternatives for just $37 at Walmart.com.

They are white with a pink glitter star, animal print toes and silver glitter around the collar at the rear of the shoe. Time and Tru’s alternatives are even cheaper at $18.50.

Vintage Havana are the most expensive Golden Goose dupes available at Walmart. This is hardly surprising as they are a good alternative and use high quality materials in their footwear.

Shu Shop a are the mid ranged dupes according to price available through Walmart, retailing for around $70. Depending on the individual styles Dolce Vita costs between $80 and $200.


  • Offer very affordable Golden Goose alternatives
  • Lots of styles and brands available
  • Easy to order online 


  • Not very close dupes of Golden Goose sneakers

Final Thoughts

We hope that you have enjoyed this guide to seven of the best Golden Goose dupe sneakers on the market today and that it has been helpful and informative for you. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are The Most Realistic Golden Goose Dupes?

The leading brand for producing Golden Goose dupes is Vintage Havana.

This maker has several styles of sneaker that bear a strong resemblance to the originals and use high quality materials to produce them. 

Is Vintage Havana Like Golden Goose?

Vintage Havana tries to emulate Golden Goose as closely as possible with their design and distressed look.

They use leather for the uppers and match that with rubber for the sneaker’s outsole. In this sense they are very like Golden Goose. 

Why Are Golden Goose Sneakers So Trendy?

The distressed look of Golden Goose sneakers set them apart from others in the market however the look is not the only reason they are trendy.

The comfort of the shoes is also important to the maker and rates highly among customers too. 

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