14 Best Pocket Watches That You Will Love

14 Best Pocket Watches That You Will Love

So if you are looking to elevate your outfit for your next wedding, anniversary, graduation, or whatever formal event you're attending, pocket watches are an outstanding option. To fill you with inspiration, here are some of the best pocket watches out there!

14 Best Pocket Watches That You Will Love

Skeleton Pocket Watches

Skeleton watches allow you to see into the inner workings of your device. This style has developed a positive reputation, as skeleton watches tend to be intricate and highly detailed. 

Skeleton watches were first designed in the 1760s by a French watchmaker named André Charles Caron, who simply removed the dial. Since then, this style of pocket watch has skyrocketed in popularity.

If you are looking for a luxurious pocket watch, this glorious gold one is sure to impress anyone who sees it.  The watch has an incredibly intricate design. Both the inside and outside of this watch feature ornate designs. 

The golden casing has been polished to perfection. Made from scratch-resistant material, this wonderful watch should stay looking pristine for a long time. 

As a skeleton watch, it partly exposes the inner workings. This creates an amazing aesthetic that will perfectly suit men with a steampunk vibe.

Perfect for fantasy fans, this pocket watch consists of a bold design that features fantasy creatures, namely a dragon and a phoenix.

Few pocket watches have such a dynamic design, so this item is bound to make you stand out.

This special design not only looks awesome but is also meant to represent luck. So if you need more luck in your life, this pocket watch is a fantastic option.

An additional benefit of this pocket watch is that there are multiple colors to choose from, namely bronze, gold, silver gold, and silver blue. 

This range of watches comes in a wide assortment of different styles and colors, meaning that you are guaranteed to find something that you will adore. The black version has a class look, while other watches in this line have a bolder aesthetic.

One of the many reasons to love this pocket watch is that it comes in a slick box that adds to its aesthetic value. Additionally, the exquisite watch design highlights the skeletonized mechanical elements of the pocket watch. 

As you may have noticed, many of the watches on this list are circular. This ShoppeWatch has a unique shape. As an octagon, it looks much sharper and edgier than other pocket watches. 

With a skeleton design, you can see the intricate working of the dial. This creates a cool aesthetic that you’re bound to love. This watch will make a brilliant gift for anyone interested in the mechanical workings of watches.

The retro design of the watch is great for vintage fashion. In particular, it works well for men who wear fashion inspired by the ‘20s.

Our final pick for this category is this SIBOSUN pocket watch, which has opted for a more old-fashioned style. The front of the watch uses an intricate Roman numeral design, while the interior has a skeleton design that highlights the various gears.

Though the watch can be found in multiple colors, the pairing of bronze and black is especially awesome. The contrast between these two colors allows them to pop, making this pocket watch extremely eye-catching.

Vintage Pocket Watches

If you prefer more old-fashioned pocket watches, then a vintage style will be best suited to your tastes. Vintage watches will be at least 20 years old or inspired by styles that were popular decades ago.

Thanks to its more basic design, this pocket watch is wonderfully versatile. It will complement a range of different outfits. 

Available in both silver and black, you can pick the color that will best match your attire. The black model is perhaps more flexible and will help to create a bold look, while the silver version will give you a more luxurious vibe. 

The watch comes with a detachable chain, thus making this item even more versatile.

As one of the biggest brands in the industry, it makes sense to include two products from Gotham in this list.

With a luxurious green dial, this watch is sure to grab people’s attention. The pairing of the green dial with the silver exterior works excellently, as these colors complement one another.

The case is rather plain, but this arguably makes it a more versatile option. This also leaves more space to personalize the pocket watch with an engraved message. This makes it a glorious gift that most men will appreciate. 

The pocket watch comes with a handsome gift box, which will ensure that your watch is safe.

With a more classic design, this watch is extraordinary for people with a more retro style. Both the interior and exterior of this wonderful watch have been decorated with roman numerals, giving it a rather timeless look.

The front and the back of the watch have both been considerably engraved to make it even more aesthetically pleasing. 

While this watch can also be purchased in gold, silver, or bronze, black is arguably the best color for it. It creates a very stark and dramatic look. Not to mention, black will complement a broad spectrum of outfits.

Inspired by the luxurious style of the 1920s, the pairing of rose gold and silver creates a unique and stunning look. The rose gold color in particular is extremely elegant. 

There is a slightly exposed skeleton design. Other than this, the pocket watch has a more classic style. If you are looking for some unique colors, you can’t go wrong with this terrific Tissot pocket watch.

Pocket Watches With Case Designs

Most pocket watches will have some design on the case. However, this category is aimed at pocket watches with ornate designs that allow them to stand out from other products on the market. This is great if you want something a little more personalized to your tastes.

Engraved pocket watches are an amazing gift for men. They are particularly wonderful for big celebrations, such as birthdays, weddings, and graduations. These engraved pocket watches are particularly great, as you can easily write a personalized message. 

Available in gold, black, silver, and rose gold, these wonderful watches have amazing appearances. Paired with a deep green dial, these watches are astonishingly attractive. 

These watches act as keepsakes, which the recipient can appreciate for years to come.

This brilliant bronze pocket watch has a dazzling design that will finish your look. It is paired with a detachable chain, which is super simple to assemble. The removable chain allows you to mix up your look.

The Roman numeral watch face is clear and concise, making it extremely easy to read. As a consequence, this watch is so much more than just a piece of jewelry. If you don’t like the bronze version, this vintage pocket watch is available in other styles.

Ornamented with a charming steam train design, nobody could deny that this watch is handsome. The train has been carefully designed, resulting in a detailed watch cover.

The steam train adds to the vintage vibe of the pocket watch, making it an ideal choice for men with a vintage fashion sense. 

On the inside, the design is a little more basic but nonetheless functional. Thanks to its precision design, this watch will give you accurate readings. As a result, you will never again be late!

Dentily offers vivid men’s pocket watches. This octopus design is no different. This distinctive design mixes the modern with the rustic, resulting in a look that’s excellent for cyberpunk-inspired looks.

The watch’s face is clear and easy to read. It’s much easier to read than other pocket watches, many of which make the numbers too small to read. 

Made from alloy, this pocket watch is great for people shopping on a budget. It will flawlessly fit people who have a nautical vibe.

This brilliant pocket watch makes a perfect gift for men, whether it's their birthday, wedding, or anniversary. 

The cover of the pocket watch features an ornate engraved design that allows you to partially see the inside. Meanwhile, the inside of the watch has a bold blue sky design that will add a sharp touch of color to any outfit. This mesmerizing design is incredibly bewitching.

The exterior of these watches comes in lots of different colors. Each of these watches has a slightly different interior design, but they are all incredibly striking.

Final Thoughts

If you want to find an elegant finishing touch to your formal outfit, you can’t go wrong with a pocket watch. These pieces of jewelry are considered valuable, making them a worthwhile investment. So why not use one of these pocket watches to complete your dapper look?!

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Pocket Watches In Fashion?

Pocket watches were once incredibly fashionable, but wristwatches have since soared in popularity. Yet, pocket watches are arguably starting to come back into fashion. They are particularly phenomenal if you have a vintage style. 

Can You Wear Pocket Watches Casually?

Though pocket watches are particularly effective when paired with formal attire, they can also work wonderfully with more casual outfits. For instance, you can pair them with a shirt and jeans. For more casual outfits, it’s best to opt for a pocket watch with a more simplistic design.

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