8 Best Vintage Bulova Watches That You Will Love

Bulova is an American luxury watch manufacturing company first founded way back in 1875 and over the years, they have released some amazing pieces that vary in style and material. The result is that the market is flooded with vintage.

Bulova watches, some of which are over a hundred years old, and each reflects the best styles and technology of each time period. 

8 Best Vintage Bulova Watches That You Will Love

If you are looking for a vintage watch to enhance your style, then Bulova is a great brand to go with. They are known for their quality and luxury, and thanks to their many years of business, there are plenty of different styles from different eras waiting out there. 

So, without further ado, here are our top picks for the best vintage Bulova watches for women. Check them out below, and find the best vintage watch for you! 

1. Bulova Golden Cocktail Watch

Let’s start with this small yet beautiful Bulova cocktail watch made during the 1960s.  It features a classic mid-century design with a gold-plated bezel and a golden comfortable strap. 

Overall, this watch is dainty and cute, and perfect for both everyday use and formal occasions. This means that this little cocktail watch can help add a touch of elegance to your everyday outfits as you step outside your home for shopping trips or late brunches.

However, it also pairs well with a pair of heels and a cocktail dress for some late-evening gatherings. So, it’s a versatile little thing that treads the thin line between informal and formal watches. 

2. Vintage Art Deco Bulova Watch

If it’s glitz and glam you are after, then look no further than this 1940s art-deco Bulova watch. 

This watch may be small and dainty but it’s expertly designed and incredibly rich and elegant thanks to its materials. The whole patch is made using platinum materials and accented with real diamonds, making it the perfect little watch for brides. 

The art-deco design around the strap and case also gives this vintage watch plenty of character and style. If you have a particular love for 1940s fashion and art deco, then this is an ideal Bulova watch to go for.

3. Vintage Bulova White Gold 1950s Ladies Wristwatch

This vintage Bulova watch was first released in the 1950s, and it features a wonderfully clean and sleek design that is perfect for all kinds of events and occasions. 

Made from white gold, this watch is classy and elegant without the need for sparkly diamonds or intricate patterns.

This makes it a great vintage watch to wear for your everyday wear but the shining white gold and sleek design also make it sophisticated enough for more formal events. 

As a result, this watch is versatile and a great choice for anyone wanting to add a neutral vintage watch to their collection. 

4. Bulova Two-Tone Vintage Watch

Two-tone watches are pretty rare but one of Bulova’s vintage designs features this amazing watch with steel and gold and diamond accents. 

The two-tone effect helps highlight the amazing design of the watch’s strap and around the casing. It elevates the design and gives it a more elegant, glamorous appearance. This makes it ideal for formal occasions and for turning any look into something more sophisticated. 

Another really impressive feature is the fan-like ripples that adorn the watch’s face. It creates a soft visual effect when light hits it, further enhancing the elegance of this watch.

So, this vintage watch from Bulova definitely deserves its place on this list due to its appealing design and details. 

5. Bulova Gold And Diamond Ladies Watch

This vintage watch from Bulova works as a great cocktail watch, although its high-quality materials also make it ideal for even more formal occasions and events, like weddings. 

While dainty and cute, the elegance of this watch shines through in the pattern that makes up the strap. It’s vintage and extremely elegant as the golden chain links interlock in a wave-like design.

The real cherry on top is the single diamond that is studded in place for the number 12 on the watch’s face – a tasteful touch of sparkle that perfectly captures the character of this watch. 

If it’s a cute but vintage watch you are after, then this model from Bulova is the perfect one for you. 

6. 1980s Bulova Caravelle Ladies Wrist Watch

If you want a vintage watch but nothing too vintage, then this Bulova watch from the 1980s is an option you should definitely consider. 

It features the more modern golden strap made from lots of interlocking links and the straight, square design of the watch’s case and face. However, there’s still plenty of wealth and elegance to be found in this design.

From the Mother of Pearl watch face to the shining golden stainless steel of the strap, this ladies’ watch catches the eye and the admiration of many. 

So, overall, this Bulova watch captures the main features of 1980s vintage watches but delivers the style and excellence that is seen in all of Bulova’s watches. 

7. 1950s Vintage Cocktail Watch From Bulova

This Bulova cocktail watch was first manufactured during the 1950s and features all the elegance and sophistication that a vintage cocktail watch needs. 

The case is small and simple but adorned by two fascinating white gold links studded with diamonds and shaped into a decorative design. From there, the strap turns into a simple band made of soft cotton which gives this watch a more informal design. 

It’s a vintage cocktail watch that combines both casual and sophisticated design features, making it great for all kinds of occasions and use.

Overall, the design is rather simplistic apart from the two decorative links which join the cotton strap to the metal watch case. This touch of decorative design adds a little elegance to the watch, making it very versatile. 

8. 1940s Lady Bulova Cocktail Watch

The final vintage watch from Bulova on our list is this 1938 model ‘Lady Bulova’ cocktail watch. 

Here, the chain has been replaced with a simple nylon band that is comfortable to wear and helps bring an informal look to this otherwise stunning, vintage watch face and casing.

The yellow and white gold-plated metal are combined together in an art deco style that would dominate the 1940s – straight lines, square shapes, and an overall sleek, smooth design.

The whole design is brought together by two diamonds to give the watch a final, elegant look. 

Although this watch does come with the original metal ‘rope’ bracelet strap, the simple nylon band does make this vintage watch easier to wear for everyday use and informal occasions.

It also serves as a cute, vintage accessory for cocktail parties, but the original strap can be installed for more formal occasions. 

Final Thoughts

So, those were our top 8 vintage Bulova watches for ladies. 

As you can see from the list above, Bulova has a ton of different vintage watches out there and each one is uniquely designed to suit your style and needs. They range from authentic and informal, to sophisticated and elegant.

There are styles from the 1980s, the art deco style of the 1940s, and the mid-century look of the 1950s and 60s. 

So, you have a lot of Bulova vintage watches to choose from and you are bound to find one that best suits your tastes and styles.

Check out the options above, browse through the numerous options available to you online, and find the right vintage Bulova watch for you! Good luck! 

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Tell What Year My Bulova Watch Is? 

If you want to work out just how vintage your Bulova watch is, then you will find it imprinted on the watch. 

This is the date code and will show you what year your Bulova watch was manufactured. If you cannot find a date but instead a symbol, then it’s likely your Bulova watch was made between 1924 and 1949, and instead of a date code, was marked with a date symbol instead.

There are lots of great guides available online to help you translate these symbols and find the right corresponding date for your Bulova watch. 

Why Are Bulova Watches So Special? 

Bulova is a high-end manufacturer of premium watches, but they also focus on bringing new technology to watches for improved performance and more accurate results.

So, not only are Bulova watches very highly desired due to their amazing designs, but they also boast some of the best technology in watchmaking. 

Bulova is also one of the oldest luxury watchmakers in the world as they have been in business for over a century. As a result, there are lots of them out there and collectors are desperate to get as many models as possible. 

Are Bulova Watches Made Of Real Gold? 

Bulova watches are made using high-quality materials and some models also include real diamonds and gold in their designs. However, you need to carefully choose the right model that features this material as not all Bulova watches use real gold. 

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