11 Best Vintage Disney Watches To Complete Your Look

No matter your age, Disney is always a good look.

While you probably aren’t going to be wearing a Star Wars all-in-one, or wearing a princess dress to work that resembles Elsa from Frozen, there are other ways to add Disney into your everyday style.

One of those ways is by wearing a watch. We’re not talking about just any old watch either – we are talking about a vintage Disney watch that is sure to complete your look.

11 Best Vintage Disney Watches To Complete Your Look

There are so many different Disney watches that were created a decade or so ago. The best thing about these watches is that they look incredibly retro which has some coolness about it.

So, if you are interested in checking out what vintage Disney watches are available to buy, then look no further.

Here at Diary of a Vintage Girl, we have 11 of the best vintage Disney watches to suit both men and women. 

1. Vintage Disney Winnie The Pooh 1980s Watch

There is something adorable about looking at a confused Winnie the Pooh from the 1980s. He features over the entire watchface, and has a frowning face as he thinks deeply about something. 

Well, it could be the question of: what time is it?

Even so, this Disney Winnie the Pooh watch has a leather watch strap that is in fairly good condition. It has a deep reddish-brown color and would suit the smaller wrists of a female.

On the back of the watch there is the Winnie the Pooh logo etched into the metal, as well as a note to say that it is made from genuine leather. 

2. Limited Edition Disney Vintage Bambi Watch

While this watch may remind you of that traumatic scene you watched as a child, it might finally be time to embrace Bambi again.

This beautiful 1990s limited edition vintage Disney Bambi watch is a must-have collectible. Not only is it wonderful to look at, but it looks great on the wrist too. 

The artwork itself was created by two men who worked as Disney artists on some of the classics. This numbered limited edition watch was released as a celebration of their 60 plus years at Disney. 

It has that vintage Disney feel about it too, and will no doubt bring you feelings of nostalgia. What could be better than that?

3. Disney Mickey Mouse 1990s Watch

This 1990s vintage Disney Mickey Mouse watch is so much fun. It includes his hands rotating around to point at the different numbers. It can appear extra funny when his arms look all twisted.

This particular watch is in such good condition and includes a box. This makes it an ideal gift for somebody, or even yourself. 

The watch strap is its original and is in great condition. The whole design of the watch, including its colors, makes this ideal for both men and women.

Plus the simplicity of it means that it will suit any outfit or occasion too. 

4. 1990s Vintage Disney The Jungle Book Watch

If you are a huge fan of The Jungle Book, then you will love this watch.

It has Baloo the bear in a similar fashion to the Mickey Mouse watch above. His hands rotate around to point at the different numbers. 

It is also a 1990s collectible due to it being a limited edition watch. There were only 7,500 made and this is number 2,412.

The batter was changed only a couple of years ago and still runs fine.

This means that the watch is in full working order. It also doesn’t have any scratches or marks, making this appear like it is brand new.

5. Vintage Disney Fantasia Digital Watch

This 1990s Disney Fantasia digital watch is such a fun find (find more vintage digital watches here). It has a hologram on the front which is a picture of Mickey Mouse from the film Fantasia. 

While this watch is not in the best condition – it also needs a battery – it is an utter bargain and will bring some joy to the wearer. Give it a clean and you will be wearing a rare item on your wrist.

Obviously, this was originally a child’s watch, so you might find that if you have a large wrist then this may not fit. However, there is a chance you could change the watch straps. 

6. Vintage 1960s Cinderella Watch

If you are wanting something that is very unique and oh-so vintage, then you are looking at it.

This 1960s Cinderella watch is rather magical. With its thick blue strap to its watch face, nothing gets more vintage than this.

Originally a souvenir from Disney World, this collectible is a real conversation starter. Another thing to note is that it includes Mickey Mouse on the watch straps which adds an element of fun to it.

Originally it was a childrens watch, so it should fit thinner wrists only. So keep that in mind. 

7. Vintage Disney 1990s Minnie Mouse Watch

This fabulous and elegant looking watch strap houses a beautiful vintage Minnie Mouse watch face. She is dressed as Nurse Minnie with her pencil and clipboard.

The watch itself is in fairly good condition, with a few light minor scratches due to general wear and tear. However, the strap is like-new, despite it being as old as the watch face.

It is fully working too, because the watch was last changed in 2022.

It would also make a great gift for somebody who is a nurse, but it is also just a great addition to a vintage loving person’s collection. 

8. Vintage Disney 1990S Beauty And The Beast Watch

This unique 1990s vintage watch is for fans of Beauty and the Beast. It features Belle with a rose in her hand on the watch face, and includes a pretty looking goldstrap.

In fact, it looks more like a bracelet due to the strap giving the watch a fancier and elegant touch. 

The strap itself is long because you need to wrap it around the wrist a couple of times. It also has roses and characters from Beauty and the Beast upon it.

This is certainly for those who want a vintage Disney watch that has a princess feel about it, and do not mind wearing something totally different and unique. 

9. Vintage Disney Y2K Lizzie McGuire Watch

Now, who doesn’t remember Lizzy McGuire? This fun Disney television show will have people feeling very nostalgic, and maybe a little old too – but we’re here with you on that one!

This cute pink watch is also a bit of a wildcard, because it has been personalized with somebody else’s name. If you give the watch a quick glance, you would probably assume it says ‘Lizzie’.

Well, it doesn’t. It actually says ‘Lindsey’. You could wear this anyway seeing as it is a second hand vintage piece. Or, you could buy it for Lindsey who used to love this TV show.

10. Vintage Disney 1990s Who Framed Roger Rabbit Watch

The Disney film Who Framed Roger Rabbit is such a classic. This 1990s watch is limited edition and features Roger Rabbit himself. 

It is from the Disney Watch Collectors Club Series IV, making this a rare find indeed. And while the original box is no longer available, it does still work and sticks to the correct time.

Whether you already have Disney watches or want to start collecting, this is a great one to add to your collection. 

11. Vintage Disney 1950s Donald Duck Watch

Lastly, we have this 1950s Donald Duck collectible. While it isn’t in the best condition, with the right care and expertise, it can be cleaned up to look (nearly) as good as new. 

It also isn’t a working watch, but you could potentially take this to somebody to fix and get it working again.

The blue color of the watch strap is striking, and Donal Duck’s arms move around in time with the day. While it isn’t the best one on the list in terms of condition, it is a bargain!

Final Thoughts

As you can see, there are many different types of vintage Disney watches available to buy today. From Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck, to Winnie The Pooh and Lizzie McGuire.

Another thing you probably noticed while looking through the above list is that they don’t have to look childish to be Disney. 

Even though there is nothing wrong with that – it makes the watch fun to wear – you can also add Disney to your everyday outfit in a subtle way.

For example, the cute Mickey Mouse watch that uses his arms and hands to point to the numbers.

The rest of the watch is simple and classic, making it an easy piece to wear with most outfits. 

Hopefully you have found a favorite or two among the Disney watches above. If you enjoyed this article, check out the rest of the website for more vintage finds.

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