15 Best Vintage Fossil Watches To Complete Your Look

15 Best Vintage Fossil Watches To Complete Your Look

They have a broad offering for a range of different looks, including several vintage looks, which is the focus of this article. I’m going to share with you a shortlist of my top 15 vintage fossil watches.

The list is mainly made up of Fossil watches, but I’ve also thrown in a few Relic by Fossil watches for good measure.

And without further ado, let’s get straight to it. (The following watches aren’t listed in any particular order.)

15 Best Vintage Fossil Watches

I’ve divided the list into sections…

Carlie Range


Talk about vintage - this is quite possibly THE most vintage watch in Fossil’s line-up. Technically, it’s a 90s model, but it could easily pass for a 70s model as well.

It has a casual design, thanks to the brown, genuine leather strap, but with a hint of timeless elegance in the form of the glossy blue dial, complete with its off-gold bezel, markers and hands that compliment the brown leather.

It’s water-resistant, so it won’t get damaged when washing your hands, and it's also scratch resistant.


This vintage watch looks like it’s come straight from the 70s or 80s, with its wide, braid-look, mesh gold tone band and oversized, 28 mm clock face with its matching bezel, crown and lugs.

The dial is of white mother-of-pearl, for a truly feminine look.

Meanwhile, the hour markers, presented in Roman numerals and accents match the clock hands in color, in the same shade as the rest of the watch, for a really put together look.

Jacqueline Range


This striking Jacqueline watch is an unarguable statement fashion timepiece.

It has a relatively narrowband, made of genuine leather, in a navy blue that would look just as good with jeans as it would with a suit.

The clock face really stands out due to its very large dial, which comes in at a diameter of 36 mm.

The dial is white in color, featuring Roman numerals for 12, 3, 6, and 9 o’clock, while the remaining hour markers are clearly defined in rose gold.


This is, most certainly, one of the most understated watches in the Fossil collection. It has a stainless steel band, with matching bezel, lugs, and clock hands.

The generously sized, white dial features Roman numerals for 12, 3, 6, and 9 o’clock, while the remaining hour markers are very clearly marked.

It would work well with both dressy and casual attire. The band is interchangeable with all other Fossil bands of the same size, if you ever fancy a change.


If subtlety and muted, pastel shades are your thing, then this beautiful Jacqueline watch could be just what you’re looking for.

It features a wide, gray, eco-leather band, with a matching dial, which coordinates perfectly with the rose gold tone bezel, lugs, hour markers and accents.

The watch is very easy to read, due in part to the 38 mm dial size, and the brand name is clearly visible on the watch face. It’s a perfect fit for both casual or dressy attire.

Relic By Fossil Watches


This beautiful watch couldn’t be more of a timeless classic. It’s a one-color timepiece in an understated silver tone.

The band is narrow and the bezel rectangular. It’s sleek and elegant, and although it’s described as a casual watch, I’m of the opinion that it would befit all kinds of occasions.

Despite the one-color aesthetic, the watch is surprisingly easy to read, thanks to the clearly defined hour markers. 


If it’s a casual look you want to go for, then you needn’t look any further. This simple, yet effective timepiece is all you need.

It features a brown, leather band, and the watch face couldn’t be easier to read, thanks to the large white dial, framed in a gold bezel, and silver lugs.

The hour markers are large in size, and with their gold color, they really stand out against the white background. It also features a handy date window at 3 o’clock.


This piece couldn’t look any more vintage! It has a very vintage gold band, and to complete the look, it features a rectangular, matching gold dial, bezel, lugs, and hour markers.

Its one color design is a boon to its versatility, making it an accessory that would work with many different outfits from different decades and eras.

It’s a perfect finishing touch to create a timeless look. Despite the one-color aesthetic, the watch face is remarkably easy to read.

Best Of The Rest!


This is the perfect Fossil watch for making it look like you haven’t really tried with your outfit, yet you’ve still managed to look undeniably classy.

This is thanks to the brown, narrow, genuine leather band, and the large, 32 mm clock face that really stands out against it.

The dial is white, and the bezel and lugs are silver, while the hour markers match, featuring the same silver, and the minute markers are clearly visible also, as is the second hand.


How about this for feminine and dainty?! Watches don’t get much more lady-like and pretty than this.

This is thanks to the numerous crystals that decorate the whole of the watch.

The watch has a distinct silver appearance, with rows of crystals decorating the band, crystals lining the circular bezel, and even little rows of crystals used as hour markers.

And as a finishing touch, why not customize the watch with an engraving? It would make an excellent gift for someone.


If you’re looking for a timepiece that’s also a talking piece, then this could be the one for you.

It’s not just a watch, but also a chronograph. In addition to the main dial, there are also subdials, which allow it to be used as a timer. And it even features the date, too.

It has a somewhat nautical look, attributed to the navy blue leather band, and the large, 38 mm, white dial, with its rose gold bezel, lugs, hands, and hour markers.


This is such a unique design - the bezel is attached to an equestrian-inspired D-link that’s attached to a brown eco-leather band.

It has a white sun ray dial, and in a switch from the more traditional depiction, the rectangle runs horizontally rather than vertically.

What’s more, in keeping with the look, the stitching on the leather band is easily visible.

All the hour markers are depicted by regular gold numerals on a champagne colored dial, making it very easy to read at all times.


This amazing timepiece looks so good, it becomes a talking piece!

The central feature of the piece is what is known as a skeleton watch, where the watch mechanism is visible to the beholder. And this is set within a large, easy to read, clock face.

It has a truly vintage-look wine leather band, complete with a matching circle within the watch face, set in a rose-gold bezel, with rose gold hour markers, indicated by regular numerals.

You don’t have to worry about the mechanisms getting damaged, because they’re all encased in a durable mineral crystal. 


This streamlined timepiece couldn’t look any more retro. It has an understated stainless steel band, while the bezel is a vertical rectangular dial and bezel.

The dial is white in color, and the hour markers are marked as Roman numerals.

If you wish, you can swap out the band for an interchangeable Fossil one, whenever you want to dress more casual and have a leather band in place instead.


And now to go out with a bang - this watch may not be old, but it certainly has a very vintage look, with its brown eco-leather band, compiled with a rose gold bezel, lugs, hour markers.

The bezel is encrusted with crystals, the Fossil logo is very easily visible, and in addition to displaying the time, it can also give you the date, the month, and the day of the week.

It would suit both casual and dressy attire.

Wrap Up

You’ve got to admit, that’s a really good line up right there! I kinda wish I could have them all. I may be able to pick my top 15 favorites, but I can’t pick just one. I hope you’ve spotted one you like!

Willa Price

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