9 Best Vintage Omega Watches To Enhance Your Style

When it comes to vintage-styled watches, Omega is easily one of the most popular brands. 

The company has been around since the mid-1800s, first established in Switzerland, and is today known for its luxurious watches for both men and women.

9 Best Vintage Omega Watches To Enhance Your Style

With such a rich history in the fashion industry, Omega is now one of the best watchmakers in the world and is renowned for creating watches that are amazing in quality and in style. 

If you are looking for a beautiful vintage-style Omega watch to enhance your style, then this is the list for you. We have picked out some of our favorite Omega watches for women, so take a look at the list below and find the perfect vintage watch for you! 

1. Omega Vintage 1930s Watch For Ladies

First up, we have this cute little edition from the 1930s. 

This is the 15 Jewel Omega R11.5 (which was later renamed the 210) and is a manual wind-up watch made with stainless steel and charcoal leather. The cord is braided for additional strength and fitted with a stainless steel clasp.

The face of the watch may be pretty small but its tiny design also makes it very light and easy to wear every single day.

Overall, the design of this little vintage watch combines sportiness and elegance, making it a practical yet stylish vintage watch.

It’s great to wear for everyday use, especially for smart casual gatherings that require a delicate balance between something sophisticated and something a little more informal. 

2. Omega Vintage 10K Gold Cocktail Watch (The 1950s)

Next, we have this little cocktail watch made by Omega during the 1950s.

This watch boasts an intricate, detailed design that makes it a stand-out addition to any watch collection or stylish vintage outfit.

It’s made from gold and diamonds with etched patterns around the oval face and studded ribbon-like shapes that attach the face to the strap.  

It’s a cocktail watch that is made elegant by its beautiful stylistic features, and the oval shape of the face further conveys how authentic and vintage this watch is.

As a result, this watch is a great all-rounder that can be worn daily or saved for formal and special occasions – the choice is yours. 

3. Omega Golden Cocktail Watch (1960s Vintage)

Golden watches are a great accessory to wear for cocktail parties and this vintage design from Omega’s 1960s 10K Gold Fill Star range is a perfect choice. 

Not only is it very comfortable to wear, but features such a dazzling and luxurious design that it’s perfect for high-end events.

The square shape of the watch’s face is a classic retro design that perfectly captures its mid-century roots, and the golden design makes it ideal for flashy, glitzy events.

So, if you are looking for a vintage Omega watch for formal events, this golden watch is a perfect choice. 

4. Omega 14K White Gold And Diamond Ladies Watch

If it’s luxury you are after with your vintage watch, then this entry from Omega from the 1960s is a perfect choice for you. 

This women’s watch is a small but intricately designed luxury watch, made from a mixture of metals including white gold and stainless steel. The end result is a sparkling, shining vintage watch that is ideal for extremely classy occasions and gatherings.

The designs include patterns studded with diamonds and a small watch face that is delicate and beautiful to behold. As a result, this vintage watch is an ideal choice for any woman wanting a vintage yet eye-catching watch.

5. Mid-Century Omega Women’s Wrist Watch

Not all watches need to be all about glitz and glamor, and this mid-century entry from Omega features a very sophisticated design that makes it ideal not only for everyday use but for smart occasions too. 

This Omega watch may look a lot more ‘plain’ than some other entries at first glance, but upon closer inspection, there are many fine details that elevate its design to something more sophisticated.

The gold watch case and the pale silver watch face are patterned with a modern etched design, and the sharp edges give this vintage watch a sharp yet smart 1960s vibe. 

Combined with the leather strap, this watch is clearly a practical yet elegant vintage accessory for any lady. 

6. Vintage 1970s Omega ‘De Ville’ Women’s Watch

The Omega De Ville collection was first released in 1969, and its then-modern design made it a favorite with women looking for a high-quality watch to wear for everyday use. 

The face is made from gold and the strap is made from solid brown leather, making it sturdy and practical.

This combination between luxurious gold and strong leather makes this vintage jewelry a great choice for women who want a watch that is practical and great for all kinds of occasions.

The gold saves the watch from being too ‘simple’ while the leather brings the design back down to earth and grounds it with practicality and style. 

7. Vintage 1970s De Ville Watch From Omega

This watch is another great practical Omega vintage ladies’ watch that is ideal for everyday use.

It was first released in the 1970s and boasts all the great stylistic features of the time – a large, flat watch face, no numerals, a sleek design, and a high-quality leather strap for comfort.

This watch may be very simple in its design but it’s far from boring or dull. The snake-like pattern in the leather gives it plenty of chic character, and the silver watch face adds plenty of wealth and value to the watch itself. 

It’s a great design for those who prefer their vintage watches to be practical and simplistic, choosing a sense of authenticity over high elegance and glamor.

So, if this is just the kind of style you are looking for, why not pick up this 1970s vintage Omega watch to enhance your everyday outfits?  

8. Omega De Ville Gold Ladies Watch

This watch is another entry in Omega’s De Ville range but is clearly designed to be more luxurious and elegant for formal and high-end events. 

Every inch of this golden watch is delicately detailed and lovingly made. From the body of the case to the strap and the crown, there is a rich woven pattern that elevates this design to something so spectacular. 

This vintage watch is a statement piece in its own right and although there is a distinctive lack of jewels, the shape of the gold as it is bent into such an intricate design is enough to catch the light and make the watch glint and shine. 

Overall, this is a vintage Omega watch that is ideal for very formal occasions where you want to shine. 

9. Omega Constellation Ladies Watch (1990s Vintage)

The Constellation range of watches from Omega was first released in the 1990s and though it’s one of the most recent entries on this list, there’s no denying that this is one of the most dazzling and gorgeous watches from Omega.

The watch’s body is made from stainless steel but around the face is a ring of gold encrusted with diamonds and the face itself is Mother of Pearl, which completely lifts this design out of something ordinary and into something more luxurious and elegant.

It’s perfect for weddings and extremely formal events. It’s a classic Omega watch, and one of their most beautiful to date – and today, it’s further beloved for its vintage 90s design. 

Final Thoughts

So, those were the 9 best vintage Omega watches for women. 

As you can see, there are tons of different models available for you to enhance your style. From the truly luxurious to the sophisticated, the practical to the dazzling.

You can choose between a golden, sparkling vintage Omega watch that is perfect for elegant and formal events, or something more down-to-earth and practical without losing that sense of value and wealth. 

So, take a browse through the vintage watches above and find the right one that best meets your style and needs. Good luck, and enjoy your new vintage Omega watch! 

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Vintage Omega Watches Hold Value? 

Watches are well known for how well they hold their initial value. Not only do Omega watches hold their value, but many other brands of premium watches are in the same boat.

This is why watches are a great way to invest and save your money – because they very rarely lose their value over time. So, yes – vintage Omega watches definitely hold their value. 

How Much Should I Pay For Vintage Omega? 

Compared to other brands of vintage luxury watches, Omega’s watches are one of the most affordable. On average, a vintage Omega watch will range between the high hundreds of dollars to up to $3k. 

Of course, this all depends on the model of the watch, how old it is, and what kind of condition it is in. 

How Can I Tell How Old My Omega Watch Is? 

Check the serial number – most Omega watches have their year of production etched into them. 

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