8 Best Vintage Peugeot Watches To Enhance Your Style

8 Best Vintage Peugeot Watches To Enhance Your Style

However, as gold prices increased, the company chose to redefine itself and concentrated on producing high-quality timepieces at reasonable prices. The decision of Peugeot to rebrand itself turned out to be a wise one over the following few years. 

Its reinvention increased its visibility and widened its consumer base while expanding its reach into new markets. It has become more widely available because of its firm belief in fusing elegance with affordability. 

Its timepieces quickly spread to boutiques and department stores across the country. Peugeot's reputation endures today, and its timepieces have come to represent inexpensive fashion. 

The 8 Best Vintage Peugeot Watches

For decades, Peugeot watches have had the main goal of redefining fashion offering high-end trendy design and reliable construction at a reasonable cost. 

Every watch is supported by the best "Lifetime Limited Warranty" in the business, which comes with free battery replacement for as long as you own it. 

This shows how confident they are in their product. Here are our top antique Peugeot timepieces available for purchase:

Keep up with the times with this Peugeot classic. Roman numerals are displayed on a silver-plated square dial with traditional blue hands. 

This watch's 26mm case makes it the ideal wrist size. Genuine blue leather strap with crocodile embossing. backed by the best limited lifetime guarantee in the business from Peugeot. An excellent watch case with 14K gold plating that won't tarnish. 

Combined with an oversized scalloped crown for a luxurious appearance and ease of time setting. Black Roman numeral indicators that are simple to read stand out against a traditional, uncluttered background. 

This watch's focus point are the metallic blue vintage-inspired hands, which make it suitable for both a casual jeans appearance and a professional weekday tank dress style.

Genuine leather strap with black croco embossing and the perfect quantity of gloss side stitching. While a comfortable fit on the wrist is guaranteed by soft interior lining.

An excellent watch case with 14K gold plating that won't tarnish. A vintage-inspired design with a rounded casing and prominent case lugs. Black hands and markers contrast sharply with the white face. 

Sun and star imagery rotates every 24 hours, corresponding with the sun and moon, in an arch lunar window at midday. A multipurpose everyday working professional dress watch with an external minute track and internal military time markers is a surefire discussion starter.

Rich brown real leather croco embossed with the perfect amount of sheen side stitched for extra intricacy While a comfortable fit on the wrist is guaranteed by soft interior lining.

The 40 mm narrow case of this vintage-style wristwatch is the perfect size for the vast majority of men's wrists. Domed lens amplifies the dial, making it simple to quickly read the time. 

The 14K rose gold coating of the watch expresses an antique sense. It is durable and won't quickly lose its colour. 

The motorised sweep second hand, which is often only available in pricey Swiss luxury brands, is this trendy watch's distinguishing feature. Perfect wristwatch for professionals like doctors that need to measure seconds accurately. 

Complimented by a 20mm wide, 20mm wide authentic calf skin coated black leather strap that comfortably shapes the wrist. Most wrist sizes (6 inches to 8.5 inches) can be accommodated by the adjustable buckle.

The Authentic Peugeot Lunar Vintage Series served as the model for this Sun-Moon cycle lunar watch, which has a 26mm casing that is the perfect fit for most women's wrists.

Includes a lunar window that rotates every 24 hours to correspond with the phases of the sun and moon during the day. A genuine talking point in addition to being a timekeeper. Roman numerals that are simple to read and old-fashioned hands make it easy to quickly determine the time. 

Combined with a classy genuine black leather wristband that can be adjusted to match wrist sizes ranging from 5.5 inches - 7.25 inches.

The ideal moon phase wristwatch for daily wear is simple and elegant. Despite its diminutive size, the Peugeot watch boasts several features. Ideal for ladies' wrists that are smaller in size, the case measures 20 mm thick and 26 mm in length. 

Case and bracelet made of 14K gold plating won't tarnish over time. It is simple to discern the hour at a glance thanks to the clear dial's bold numerical markings. Additionally, it has a calendar window above the hour mark. 

The Sun-Moon phase is displayed through a top aperture. This moon phase is only ornamental and not actually practical in any way. It's a terrific topic of conversation.

This Peugeot watch has a 40mm casing made of durable 14k plating that won't tarnish with time. A lunar window showing revolving images of the sun, moon, and stars that corresponds to the phases of the sun and moon.

Roman numerals and retro-style hands on an easy reader watch making it simple to quickly determine the time. A stylish genuine leather strap with lizard embossing fits wrist sizes ranging from 6.5 inches to 8 inches with this moon phase watch. 

Smaller wrists can have additional holes installed. All Peugeot watches use precise quartz movements built by Seiko, and they are covered by a lifetime warranty that includes free battery replacement. Watch features a gift-worthy display box.

This Peugeot watch has a case that is 24 mm broad by 38 mm long, with a stainless steel curved case back that fits your wrist perfectly. 

The luxurious authentic alligator embossed leather is adjustable to fit wrist sizes between 6 and 8.25 inches. The case has a 14K gold plating that will keep its colour for many years. Watch is water, moisture, and rain resistant. It is not advised to immerse in water.

Peugeot's classic brown doctor's watch features a classic pairing of a brown leather strap that is easily adjustable and a gold-tone case. This vintage timepiece has a white display, sweep second hand, and a 22mm rectangular casing with contours. 

This traditional wristwatch is simple to read thanks to its black hands with Arabic numbers. Simple vintage-style case with a 17mm wide band of leather strap in a complementary colour that is easily adjustable. 

High-quality, 14k gold-plated watch casing that won't tarnish. This doctors watch is finished off by the crown's unusual positioning in the upper third. 

A clear, white dial with several specific characteristics is easy to see. Easy read hands and hour markers with a vintage feel for a unique aesthetic. The watch's sweep second sub-dial at the bottom adds functionality to its elegantly dapper appearance.

Genuine leather band with brown croco embossing and the perfect proportion of gloss side stitching. While a comfortable fit on the wrist is guaranteed by soft interior lining.

Ideal for tiny wrists, this trendy antique finish little oval case is 20mm by 16mm. It is simple to discern the time thanks to the silver dial and classic rose gold Arabic numerals. Both ends of the spring are hinged, making it simple to slip on and take off. 

Extends to accommodate wrists up to 7.25 inches in size and measures 6.25 inches.

Ideal for an amazing gift for Mother's Day, a birthday, Valentine's Day, an engagement anniversary, or any other event and presented in a beautiful presentation box.

Final Thoughts

With the most up-to-date Swiss luxury designs, Peugeot's stylish watches have been revolutionising fashion for more than 40 years. 

The high quality components used by Peugeot watches include Austrian crystal, Mother of Pearl, Japanese quartz movements, and long-lasting 14k silver and gold plating for shine. 

The Seiko Accurate Quartz Movement used in all Peugeot watches is protected by a lifetime guarantee that comes with free battery replacement. It includes a presentation box that is ideal for presenting as a gift.

We hope that this collection of exquisite vintage Peugeot watches has given you some great gift ideas, unless you are looking to treat yourself to a classy new watch. These watches all exude style and sophistication, and will definitely be noticed at your next social event.

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