8 Best Vintage Tignanello Handbags To Carry Around

8 Best Vintage Tignanello Handbags To Carry Around

There are so many bags that you can choose from, but below, we will look at some of the best vintage and preloved Tignanello handbags that are perfect for carrying around every day.  

History Of Tignanello

Tignanello is a quality brand that was established in 1989 with the goal to manufacture stylish and timeless handbags that have been inspired by legendary Italian craftsmanship.

The brand offers a wide range of styles to suit all occasions.  Some of the most popular pieces from Tignanello include cross-body bags, spacious shoppers, relaxed hobo bags, and stylish tote bags

Tignanello prides itself on offering customers an impressive product range from which a personal collection can be built to ensure a bag for every occasion.

The brand takes care to source the softest leathers, durable custom hardware, a wide range of colors, and affordable prices.  

All these signature features that help to define the Tignanello brand ensure that the products are popular with women of all ages.

Tignanello bags are made with great care and attention to every detail and are designed to be enjoyed for years to come.

Despite the short history of this quality brand, there is an impressive portfolio of stylish and vintage-inspired handbags. 

The main thing that links all of the Tignanello bags together, old and new, is an understated yet fun aesthetic that doesn’t take itself too seriously and allows the personality of the user to come shining through. 

Best Vintage Tignanello Handbags

Because Tignanello is a relatively new brand as far as fashion houses are concerned, there are very few truly vintage handbags out there.  

However, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t some original classics and bags that are inspired by the original Tignanello designs.  

Below, we have compiled a list of some of the best vintage and classic handbags from Tignanello. 

Vintage Tignanello Tote Handbags


The perfect pockets medium tote bag in rouge and black from Tignanello is a super retro bag that exudes classic style for urban living.

One of the most interesting things about the design of this bag is the beautiful contrast stitching on both the black and rouge parts of the bag.

The structured arch handles provide a beautiful shape to the bag when you set it down or when it is displayed in your closet at home.

The interior of the bag is incredibly spacious which makes this a great option for an everyday bag. There is also a handy pocket on the outside of the bag to hold easy-access items. 


This is a beautiful strawberry shopper-style tote bag. Despite the fact that Tignanello was only founded in 1989, this bag feels like it could be straight out of the 1950s.

If you want a stunning vintage bag that can hold all of the things that you need to carry around on a daily basis, this is the Tignanello for you.

This bag is made from high-quality, soft leather in strawberry and cream tones.

The hardware on the bag has a stunning polished gold finish that makes the shopper bag feel luxurious and super high-quality.

There are multiple pockets on the inside of the bag to help you keep your belongings organized throughout the day. The front of the bag features a metal plaque with the Tignanello logo on it. 

Vintage Tignanello Crossbody Handbags


This is one of the most interesting vintage bags from Tignanello. The shape and color both hark back to the early styles of the brand that were much simpler than modern designs.

The brown leather of the bag and straps gives the handbag a neutral look that makes it easy to pair with any outfit.

The front of the bag is adorned with stunning charms and etchings of moon shapes, stars, and bow and arrows.

The whimsical design makes this a really fun bag to use on an everyday basis.

The base is structured with a solid flat base which helps it to keep its shape and allows you to put all of your belongings in safely. 


This VOyager Convertible cross-body bag from Tignanello is the perfect combination of vintage design and contemporary finishes.

The cross-body bag has an overall satchel-like design with structured pockets on the front. However, the blush pink color of the leather gives the bag a fresh feel.

The pockets on the front of the bag feature a magnetic snap closure to keep the opening flap firmly in place. The main compartment features a zip closure on the top of the bag.

The strap on the bag is made from the same material as the main body of the bag which gives it a stylish uniformity across the whole product. 


This final bag from Tignanello is a super versatile bag that oozes vintage style. This is another cross-body bag that is perfect for everyday use.

Much like the Voyager bag, this one features three separate compartments that make the bag perfect for keeping your belongings organized and safe throughout the day.

The bag is made from super soft black leather that gives the bag a relaxed feel despite its high quality. This is a super understated bag that is modestly luxurious.

The two front pockets are positioned above one another which gives the bag a unique look compared to more satchel-like handbags.

The strap on the bag is adjustable and features the same supple leather as the main part of the bag. There is also a subtle metal plaque featuring the Tignanello logo to prove the authenticity of the bag. 

Vintage Tignanello Saddle Bag Handbags


This boho, classic, vintage leather saddle bag from Tignanello is one of the most beautiful bags that the brand has ever made.

Not only is this bag's teal/turquoise color super unique and a stunning addition to your collection of handbags, but it is also adorned with incredibly intricate details.

Along the edge of the flap on the purse, there are double-braid details made from supple, chocolate brown leather. This creates a stunning contrast with the blue of the leather handbag.

The strap is made from the same chocolate brown leather to bring the whole bag together. The hardware on the bag features a stunning rustic brass finish. 


Another saddle bag style from Tignanello is the Lillie saddle cross-body bag. This is an incredibly understated but sophisticated bag that is perfect for everyday use.

The design of this stunning saddle bag is intricate yet simple and makes it the ideal addition to any outfit.

This handbag is made from 100% black leather. On the front of the bag, the leather has been embossed with a waved pattern which gives a bit of depth to the edge of the bag and breaks up the smooth leather.

The flap of the saddle bag features a magnetic snap closure that keeps it securely in place all day.

There is also a hidden zippered pocket on the back which is perfect for keeping your valuables safe. The hardware is a stunning polished gold to contrast with the black leather. 


Yet another saddle bag-style handbag from Tignanello is this stunning cross-body bag in a rust/brown color scheme.

This is a super simple design that oozes class and traditional saddle bag design.

The rusty brown color of the leather is a great homage to the colors that are commonly associated with genuine saddle bags. This gives the handbag an authentic feel.

The leather of the handbag has an extremely smooth finish which makes it feel like a true vintage piece.

The strap and the front of the saddle bag flap feature beautiful stud detailing that the studs along the dark leather strap give the whole bag a stylish cowboy feel that wouldn’t look out of place on horseback. 

Final Thoughts

Although Tignanello is a fairly new brand, there are plenty of vintage and vintage-inspired handbags that can make the perfect addition to your collection.  

Because of the whimsical designs that don’t take themselves too seriously, these high-quality yet affordable handbags make the ideal everyday handbag that is subtly exuding class and style.  

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