6 Best Vintage Tudor Watches To Enhance Your Style

If you are the type of person who takes great care in your collection of timepieces, then you are aware that a watch is much more than just a fashion statement; rather, it is an investment.

If you are a devoted follower of high-end wristwatches, chances are that you are familiar with Tudor watches.

6 Best Vintage Tudor Watches To Enhance Your Style

These watches are often referred to as “budget Rolex” since they are less expensive than their Rolex equivalents but have many of the same high-end features. Additionally, the Tudor brand is owned by Rolex, so the label “budget Rolex” is somewhat ironic.

Any watch collection would benefit from the addition of a Tudor watch, regardless of whether the owner is just beginning their watch collection or has been doing so for years.

If you are searching for more refined additions to your collection, then Tudor watches are unquestionably something you should get. 

The Tudor Brand

Tudor, a watch brand that originated in Geneva, Switzerland, quickly rose to become one of the most profitable watch brands in the world.

Rolex and Tudor, two rival watch brands, were both created by the same watchmaker, Hans Wilsdorf, who had long entertained the idea of producing first-class timepieces at a price point that is more affordable in comparison to Rolex.

It was 1932 when the business introduced its very first watch, which was a straightforward timepiece featuring a rectangular dial and “Tudor” engravings on the face of the dial.

The name “Rolex” is engraved on a few vintage Tudor items; which is done on purpose because it is a good marketing tactic. Rolex devotees are taken aback to find the renowned name featured on a wristwatch with a lower price point.

On the other hand, as a result of Tudor’s relaunch in the modern day, none of its watches will have any indications indicating that they are Rolex. Tudor evolved over the years to become an indispensable brand for many consumers.

In the beginning, the company targeted professional divers, the military, marines, US Navy SEALs, and the French Marine Nationale as its primary demographic for watch sales.

As of today, the market environment shifted for Tudor, and the product is now widely available to the general public.

The Best Vintage Tudor Watches 

There is a wide selection of Tudor watches available, each featuring a unique design, construction, and material. However, not every Tudor watch is built to the same exacting standards.

Some vintage Tudor watches are more difficult to find than others, which increases their value.

You should keep a lookout for these particular vintage Tudor watches because they are some of the most valuable and sought-after watches. 

1950s Watches 

Tudor watches from the 1950s are the height of sophistication! Using features and designs from Rolex, the 1950s watches, especially the Oysterdate range are some of the best of its time!

You can expect a sleek design and a self-winding mechanism that is easy to use and adjust where necessary.

1. Tudor Oysterdate

The Tudor Prince Oysterdate is another well-known and historically significant Tudor watch. The Tudor Oyster Prince series, which was produced from 1952 through 1957, is considered to be one of the very finest models that Tudor ever produced.

In the beginning, this was created so that it could assist Tudor in establishing itself as a brand by adopting features and designs from Rolex, which is Tudor’s sister company.

It’s not a coincidence that Rolex’s “Datejust” brand is strikingly similar to the “Oysterdate” name that Omega uses for their watches.

Tudor had the goal of proving to the world that their timepieces were on par with Rolexes in terms of the quality of their craftsmanship and the standard of the industry.

The Tudor Oysterdate achieved a great deal of commercial success and was crucial in the brand’s establishment in the market. This watch is an understated timepiece that exudes elegance thanks to its perpetual rotor function and self-winding mechanism. 

The antique Tudor Oysterdate is one of the most costly Tudor watches available today. This can be attributed to the watch’s many desirable qualities, including its timelessly elegant design and its illustrious past.

2. Tudor Ranger

The Tudor Ranger is a commemorative watch that was produced to mark the seventieth anniversary of the British North Greenland Expedition.

The British North Greenland Mission was a research project that took place between July 1952 and August 1954. Commander James Simpson was in charge of the expedition.

The purpose of the voyage was to investigate both the environment of the Arctic and the propagation of radio waves.

The Tudor Ranger has a 39 mm slick steel case finish and a matte black dial with Arabic numerals, which gives it the appearance of being more powerful while still maintaining its elegance and functionality.

The movement of the wristwatch is powered by a mechanical movement called the Tudor Caliber MT5402, which winds itself automatically.

The Tudor Ranger was marketed by the firm as a “tool watch” because of its construction, longevity, and usefulness in a variety of situations.

They had the intention of selling this to those who were looking for a watch that they could wear in difficult situations, and it faithfully reimagines the design of the original Tudor Ranger watch, albeit in a slightly bigger size and with modern materials as well as a new in-house mechanism.

1960s Watches 

Tudo manufactured some fine watches in the 1960s. Here, they perfected their style, creating 20 beautiful watches as part of their Submariner line. These watches were not only beautiful, but practical too, making them hugely popular across the country. 

3. Tudor Submariner 76100

One of the most popular and profitable models that the Tudor brand has ever made is the Submariner. The Tudor Submariner is a watch that lives up to its name by being able to endure the highest levels of water pressure.

The business designed this watch with the specific intention of selling it to swimmers, divers, and other water enthusiasts.

Between 1969 and 1999, the firm consistently manufactured Tudor Submariner versions. As the manufacturing process for this product series came to an end, the company produced 20 iconic references, one of which was the Tudor Submariner 76100.

The Tudor Submariner 76100 is one of the most well-known references to the Tudor brand that falls under this model. Fans fell in love with this model because of its understated beauty and the practicality of its design.

This model is situated between the Tudor 94110 and the Tudor 79090, and it bears a visual resemblance to the latter of the two.

The “lollipop” hand is the model’s defining characteristic; it can easily be distinguished from the more conventional Mercedes-style hand due to its unique appearance.

Even in murky seas, divers can easily see the time because of the lollipop hand, which is a white hour hand with a disc at the end. However, it is not rare to find this discontinued kind of handset absent on surviving instances of the watch.

1970s Watches 

During the 1970s, Tudor watches became bigger and better than before! They updated their designs from the previous Oysterdate and incorporated new technology to make them more accurate than before.

The watches produced in the 1970s featured large faces and comfortable straps, while still remaining practical and elegant. They are a mark of Tudor’s craftsmanship.

4. Tudor Big Block

The Tudor Big Block joins the ranks of the most recognizable product lines that the company has ever manufactured. The first Tudor Oysterdate Big Block was made in 1976, and the watch continued to be produced up until 1991.

The Tudor Big Block is so-called due to the substantial size of its cases.

When it was first introduced, the Tudor Big Block was one of the largest timepieces that the brand had ever produced. Tudor was motivated to reproduce the perpetual self-winding feature of the model by the popularity of the Tudor Prince Oysterdate.

However, the company chose to add a thicker casing to fit and improve the self-winding mechanisms of the watch.

The Tudor Big Block collection is one of the most recognizable and well-liked models produced by Tudor. Collectors and aficionados adore it due to the thoughtful construction, wonderful features, and high-quality mechanics that went into it.

Modern Tudor Watches 

Seeing how popular their vintage watches still are, Tudor have recently brought out lines of watches that pay homage to that. You can find these watches readily available on their website.

The watches offer a traditional and vintage style, while incorporating modern technology, such as greater resistance to deep water. 

5. Tudor Heritage

Although it’s technically a modern watch with old style and not an actual vintage model, the Tudor Heritage Chrono has become one of the most popular Tudor watches in recent years. 

Tudor wristwatches from the 1970s served as inspiration for the design of the Tudor Heritage Chrono, which was introduced in 2010 and immediately established itself as a best-seller in the industry.

The famous “Monte Carlo” chronograph design that Tudor introduced in the 1970s has been given a contemporary update in the form of the Tudor Heritage Chrono.

The updated model comes with a bezel that is marked with a 12-hour scale, a bracelet in the manner of an oyster, and a self-winding movement. 

The Tudor Heritage Chrono is a timepiece that many collectors find appealing because it successfully blends elements of historic and contemporary design.

6. Tudor Black Bay

In the same vein as the Tudor Heritage Chrono, the Tudor Black Bay watch is not an authentic vintage timepiece but rather a modern timepiece with a vintage aesthetic.

Because it demonstrates the business’s technical skill in the creation of long-lasting diving watches, the model is marketed by the company as an important wristwatch for swimmers and divers.

The Tudor Black Bay has a water resistance rating that allows it to remain functional at depths of up to 660 feet.

It contains a luminescence-coated dial that makes it easier to read underwater, and a unidirectional bezel that helps divers keep track of the amount of time they spend underwater. 

This self-winding mechanical diving watch is driven by the Tudor caliber MT5602-1U, which is a movement that has been certified by the COSC and has a power reserve of around 70 hours.


These have been the very best vintage Tudor watches that we think you should try and get your hands on. Each one is perfect for elevating an already smart outfit to an even more elegant level. 

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