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What Is Tulle?

Tulle is a fabric that stirs up images of flowing garments with lots of movement. The material brings to mind floaty ball gowns, ballet costumes, and luxury netting.  Tulle has a sheer, delicate appearance with an even, soft texture. You can find tulle garments available in lots of different colors, as well as ones that …

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Sustainable Women’s Clothing Brands – 15 Of The Best Workwear Brands

It wasn’t that long ago that women’s workwear used to be extremely limited. The only real options we had were smart heels, pencil skirts, and sensible slacks. However, as more and more workplaces ease up on their definition of appropriate work attire, our options have grown massively. Women’s workwear now encompasses a huge range of …

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What Is Flocking?

Flock adhesion is the use of small fibers to bond materials together. Flocks are used in many industries including construction, automotive, electronics, aerospace, textiles, and medical devices. In this instance, flocking is used on fabrics for garments. Essentially, flocking creates texture on fabrics, which is often used in the fashion industry to extend creative methods …

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Are Uggs Vegan?

Back in the Juicy Couture days, Uggs were the go-to shoes, and it now seems like they are making a comeback once again!  What makes these shoes so attractive is their slipper-like comfort, iconic look, and incredible warmth – especially during the winter seasons!  However, the expensive price tag isn’t the only problem you have …

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