10 Cool Vintage Oakley Sunglasses To Accessorize Your Look

Sometimes completing an outfit is one of the most challenging things to accomplish. You might be wondering what you need to add in order to give it that finishing touch. Well, the answer might often be: sunglasses.

10 Cool Vintage Oakley Sunglasses To Accessorize Your Look

And you can’t do much worse than Oakley vintage sunglasses. These types of sunglasses have a very unique design, coming in an extreme sports style that wraps around the face. These are what you might call ‘high-performance sunglasses’.

So where can you get these stylish and highly functional sunglasses? What designs do they have in the vintage range?

Well, we’ll help you to narrow down your fashion search with our list of the 10 best vintage Oakley sunglasses that you can find on the market.

So, What Are Oakley Sunglasses?

As we have mentioned above, Oakley sunglasses are manufactured for those that might be moving in those high-performance extreme sports circles.

They come with a wrap-around style that you might associate with skiing or snowboarding.

But that does not mean that you are limited to the slopes with these sunglasses. You can wear them practically anywhere, whether it is to the beach, at a fancy dinner party or out on the busy dancefloor.

The cool thing about these vintage sunglasses is the fact that they do have a retro style. So if you are a fan of clothing cuts from the 60s, 70s and 80s, then you can easily find a pair of Oakleys that will complement your look nicely.

It all comes down to finding the right shape for your face and the right color for your outfit.

You might be slightly limited when it comes to design, as a lot of these are simply wrap-around, but when it comes to color, there are as many as you can find on the spectrum.

So why listen to our descriptions? We’ll give you a breakdown of 10 of the best Oakley sunglasses that we have found on the internet, along with what outfits you could potentially pair them with and where you could wear them.

10 Best Vintage Oakley Sunglasses

1. Vintage Oakley Juliet Sunglasses

Utilizing the amazing Oakley G-30 iridium lenses, these glasses come in a cool brown style that would be perfect for a similarly tan outfit. These lenses are amazing for screening out sunlight and are known for combining style with performance.

This comes with a strong metal frame made from an alloy that you can be sure will be very durable and extend the lifespan of your sunglasses.

These come with rubber inserts, meaning they will not dig into your face, making them great extreme sports sunglasses.

2. Vintage Oakley OO Jordan E Wire Sunglasses

These next pair of glasses will make you look like a rock n’ roll star in the style of John Lennon. These are round lenses with a thin frame made from platinum with gold iridium lenses that will certainly turn some heads.

These have gold mirror lenses that will certainly add that element of class to your outfit. If you are ever going to watch horse racing or hitting the sports track, these are a great pair of shades to hide behind.

This comes with the classic Oakley insignia on the rims.

3. Oakley OO Jordan E Wire Violet Iridium Sunglasses

Next up, we have an incredibly sophisticated pair of sunglasses that come with violet iridium lenses that you can be sure will blend in with a smart outfit at a cocktail party.

This comes with a brushed finish on each of the ear stems that will mark them out from any other sunglasses.

These sunglasses are very lightweight, so they will not wear heavy on your face when you are wearing them. The design features of these glasses are very subtle, which will make anyone who gets up close to you appreciate them all the more.

4. Oakley Frogskins Crystal Black Positive Red Iridium Sunglasses

Now, if you really want to stand out when you’re on the ski slopes, then you can’t go wrong with these sunglasses. These lenses have a color spectrum in the lenses which gives off that intensely cool quality.

This has a raised Oakley insignia on both sides of the ear stems, so you’ll know that they have the Oakley seal of quality. This comes with an iridium coating that will reduce the amount of lens glare that you’ll get from the intense sunlight.

5. Vintage Oakley A Wire Sunglasses

These sunglasses are premium performance lenses in that they will give you complete protection on the sides as well as the front of your eyes. This is great if you are going to be surfing or skiing and can expect debris.

This comes with rubber coatings over the ears, which are great if you are looking for comfort rather than style. These are also extremely lightweight, which is great if you want that increased freedom of movement when wearing shades.

6. Oakley Fives Black Wrap Mirrored Sunglasses

If you are looking for some sunglasses that will not betray what you are looking at, thinking or feeling, then you’ll want a pair of mirrored sunglasses. Coming in a black style, these are the ideal sunglasses to wear with a suit.

The fact that this has a wrap design gives the wearer that greater field of view. This is ideal if you want to keep the glare out of your eyes when skiing or hiking but you also want to be able to see all that’s around you.

7. Oakley Juliet X Metal Plasma Fire Iridium Sunglasses

Now we have some sunglasses that will really bring out your inner fire. These have lenses that reflect the light with some brilliant red, orange and yellow tinting.

This contrasts with a steel frame that is one of the most durable materials we’ve seen for sunglasses.

This is a very flexible pair of sunglasses, giving you everything that you need for a comfortable fit. It has padding in the nose and a bendy bridge that will reduce punching and rubbing.

8. Oakley Frogskins Crystal Black Blue Iridium Sunglasses

These sunglasses are extremely rare, but if you can find them then you surely won’t want to part with them. This comes with a crystal black frame that will change color when light has passed through it.

This comes with the classic Oakley logo on the stems, which will mark it out as something of quality design. These can be blue or purple iridium lenses, depending on how you angle them to the light.

9. Oakley E Wire Titanium Sunglasses

If you are looking for a pair of sunglasses that are as durable as they are stylish, then why not try a pair of these? These come with titanium frames that make them virtually indestructible.

With a beautiful silver finish, you can be sure that you’ll have everything that you need to look good on the ski slopes. These can be worn in sports or at casual functions.

They come with full eye protection, so you won’t have to worry about flying debris.

10. Vintage Oakley E Wire Gold Iridium Sunglasses

Finally, we have a pair of sunglasses that are very classy, giving you that golden look that will lift you and your whole outfit. This comes with an almost antique look, as if these were sunglasses designed in the Baroque era.

These also come with rubber ear pads, which will allow you to wear your sunglasses over the long term. These are also one of the most comfortable glasses that you can wear on your face.

They would pair very nicely with a white or cream shirt or blouse.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Should I Wear Oakley Sunglasses?

These types of sunglasses are aimed at people who enjoy extreme sports like skiing, snowboarding or hiking. Most of them have tinted lenses to reduce snow blindness and intense glare from the sun.

They also come with a wraparound design that will protect your eyes from debris, which also makes them very useful for shielding your eyes when engaging in extreme sports.

How Expensive Are Oakley Vintage Sunglasses?

You can get these sunglasses for a few hundred dollars, although this will depends on what brand you are looking for. If you are wanting to get sunglasses made from titanium or platinum, then you’ll be looking to pay a lot more.

Are All Oakley Vintage Sunglasses A Wrap-Around Design?

Yes, most of the vintage range of sunglasses follow a sports style, in that they are completely wrap-around. This might limit you when it comes to casual occasions, but you’ll be able to find a color that will either complement or contrast with your style.


We hope that our guide to cool vintage Oakley sunglasses has helped you to understand the method behind designing these classes and whether you can find a pair that will suit your outfit.

You should bear in mind that you do not have to have these glasses for sporting events. You can also wear them casually.

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