Dazzling Couples Costumes To Recreate The Roaring 20s

Films such as The Great Gatsby and Chicago have solidified the image of the roaring 20s as a time of glitz, decadence, and excess.

And when it comes to dressing up, these are three themes we all love to channel! 1920s costumes are a must for anyone who loves to look glamorous!

Dazzling Couples Costumes To Recreate The Roaring 20s

But what to wear if you want a roaring 20s couples costume? There are many great options for couples looking to explore the 1920s in costume form, from a gangster and his gun moll, to the stars of the silver screen.

We’ve rounded up some of the best roaring 20s couples costumes, to help you and your partner find the perfect vintage look.

A Mob Boss And His Moll

The roaring 20s continues to capture our imagination thanks to the glitz and glam associated with the decade. But it’s also a decade associated with danger, as organized crime dominated headlines.

Many of the most famous gangster bosses became celebrities in their own rights, such as infamous criminal Al Capone. 

There’s something about 1920s gangsters, and their association with the finer things in life, that creates a debonair costume. For men, this look should be sleek and sophisticated — you’re the boss, after all!

Gun molls were the wives and girlfriends of prominent mob bosses, many of whom gained their own role in pop culture. To create a dazzling couples costume, go as a mob boss and his gun moll girlfriend!

Mob bosses loved a pin stripe, and a stripe suit is the perfect starting place for this look. Add a jacket for a finished outfit, or channel a casual charm with a stripped waistcoat and rolled up sleeves.

For a finishing touch, add a fedora. Colors should be kept simple: black, white, and maybe a splash of red. But if you’re after a showy look to really impress, pair a white suit with a black shirt.

A gun moll look is about glamor, as you show off the expensive gifts bought by your gangster partner (using his ill-gotten gains). Go for decadent jewelry, or create a couple’s look with matching fedoras

If you’re heading to a birthday party or celebration, complete the look with a faux fur evening cape.

An evening cape was the height of sophistication, and it shows you can afford the finer things in life (even if no one should ask where that money came from). Prefer a hint of mystery?

An elegant feathered fan can keep anyone from catching a glimpse of your face, and it will look amazing on the dance floor. 

But who says the woman just has to be arm candy? For a fun twist on the classic costume, look for a women’s gangster boss costume. These use stripes and accessories to create the same mob boss effect, with a feminine silhouette. 

A Flapper Gal And A Gangster Guy

Looking for a classic 1920s look? You can’t get any better than a gangster and a flapper girl. These are always in style, easy to recreate, and fun to play around with. For a Halloween party or a birthday celebration, gangsters and flappers are a fantastic choice.

So, what do you need for a flapper gal look? 

The most important thing is the dress! You need something straight up and down, because flappers were all about that straight body look. But the dress needs to have swing, and movement.

These were dresses for dancing, so look for fringe! You can’t go wrong with sequins, either. Catching the light as you move, you’ll dazzle everyone with your 1920s glam

And don’t forget the accessories! If you aren’t a big fan of dressing up, you can keep the main outfit simple, and add style with accessories.  Even a simple shift dress can work as a base. 

Let’s talk about accessories. Flappers weren’t afraid to accessorize, and you shouldn’t be, either. A headband adds instant elegance, with very little effort. And don’t forget the gloves!

Elbow length gloves are necessary to draw attention to your flapper cigarette holder. For the ultimate accessory, finish the look with a feather boa

Men accompanying a flapper should go for a matching, elegant look. A white shirt and suspenders is the perfect starting place. To dress it up a little more, channel 20s style with a pinstriped suit or waistcoat. 

Men can also experiment with accessories. A fedora is a mobster classic, as are black and white wingtip Oxford shoes.  If you’re heading to a Halloween party, take an oversized money bag. Keeping it classy? Use a money clip and some fake bills.

For a contemporary take on the gangster, the Peaky Blinder look is all over the place at the moment. Less costume-y than the traditional mob boss, keep the wool suits and add a matching newsboy hat

Daisy And Gatsby From The Great Gatsby

The Great Gatsby is an American classic, a neat critique on the futility of the American dream. It’s also the inspiration for several gorgeous screen adaptations, as well as many a costume party.

For couples that want to ooze 1920s elegance and charisma, a Jay Gatsby and Daisy Buchanan look is unforgettable.

For men, avoid the pinstripes of the gangster costume and go for a streamlined style. A classic black tux is hard to beat, paired with a black bow tie and a crisp white shirt.

But if you prefer to stand out from the crowd (just like Gatsby), go for a white or cream suit instead. A cream three-piece suit would have been an impressive look at any of Gatsby’s parties, and it still appeals today.

Don’t forget to slick back your hair, and add a cocktail for toasting a good night (try a Sidecar, or a Gin Rickey).

Daisy Buchanan is the epitome of flapper style, and a Daisy costume needs to sparkle and dazzle. In film adaptations, Daisy tends to be dressed in lighter colors, such as champagne.

This will help you stand out at the party, especially in a glitzy dress that catches the light. 

Daisy is an iconic flapper girl, so have fun with all the flapper accessories. A headband is a must, particularly if you’ve opted for the 1920s bob haircut.

Pearls were very popular in the 20s, and a member of high society such as Daisy would definitely wear a string or two. And if you’re heading out at Halloween, a faux fur shawl will weep you from feeling the chill, while maintaining the Gatsby vibe.

Dazzling Couples Costumes To Recreate The Roaring 20s

Stars Of The Silver Screen

By the 1920s, cinema had become big business. Many of our most beloved vintage stars came to fame in the roaring 20s, including icons such as Greta Garbo, Clara Bow, Douglas Fairbanks, and Joan Crawford. 

What better way to dress for a 1920s themed party than as one of the stars of the silver screen? Fun fact: the term “silver screen” was actually invented in the 1920s, and referred to the silver paint that was used on the movie screens!

For women, this is an outfit for breaking out the sparkles. Look for flapper dresses that are covered in sequins and fringe, to give a look of total glam.

If you’ve always dreamed of going to a Hollywood premier, then now’s the time to experiment with a full length gown. The very first Oscar was awarded in the roaring 20s, so consider accessorizing with your own Academy Award.

Can’t resist getting up and dancing at parties? 1920s shoes were practically made for dancing, featuring a low heel and plenty of straps and buckles. 

What about the men? Silver screen stars in the 1920s were known for their charisma and  sophistication, so if you aren’t a fan of dressing up, opt for a three piece suit. 

Alternatively, channel the lighthearted charm of a Good Time Charlie with a striped jacket and a boater hat. This costume has plenty of room for dancing, and it’s a refreshing take on  the standard movie star style.

Or for something really different, play into the black and white aspect of the silver screen by opting for a monochrome look! Wear gray clothing (or silver for a touch of sparkle), and use gray makeup to recreate the old movie look.

Try a full face gray for a Halloween party, or stick to a smokey eye and dark lipstick for a fancier celebration.

Charlie Chaplin And A Beachside Babe

Are you the kind of couple that likes making everyone laugh? The 1920s was when the silent film era delivered some of its greatest comedy stars, including icons such as Charlie Chaplin.

If you want a 1920s couple’s costume that leans towards comedy, rather than elegance, consider a Charlie Chaplin costume. 

We probably don’t have to tell you how to achieve the Charlie Chaplin look, because he has such an iconic image.

Transform yourself into the Tramp with the shirt, vest, and front-button jacket combo, for an instantly recognizable costume. Don’t forget the hat! No Chaplin costume is complete without one! A walking cane is another good accessory.

As for the mustache, you can either draw one, or go for a stick on option. If you’re really dedicated to costuming, you can even try growing your own!

For the women, well, you can always try your own take on Charlie Chaplin! It’s a surprisingly adaptable costume, and although you might not be able to manage your own mustache, a bit of eyeliner will do the trick.

Otherwise, go for something that shows your sense of humor. We recommend a bathing suit costume! Bathing suits in the roaring 20s were very different from what we find today, and the striped costume is sure to get everyone laughing.

The socks and bloomers really make the look, and it’s a great outfit for having fun in. 

Final Thoughts

Couples who want to channel the 1920s are spoiled for choice. The flapper look is eternally elegant, and men will love the chance to show off their debonair styling as a classic 1920s mobster.

Prefer a bit of a laugh? Some of cinema’s finest comedians came to prominence in the 1920s. 

Just remember, this time was all about the glitz and the glam! So, don’t be shy when it comes to accessorizing!

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