10 Eye-Catching Vintage Chanel Sunglasses To Accessorize Your Look

Accessories are just as important as the clothes themselves when it comes to creating the perfect outfit. From handbags to scarves, there is no shortage of accessories out there for you to really complete your look.

10 Eye-Catching Vintage Chanel Sunglasses To Accessorize Your Look

When it comes to working out what the best accessory is, it can be a bit of a challenge, but if we had to choose one, it would probably be sunglasses!

Sunglasses are fantastic because they really make a statement, they look cute, and they are actually practical, especially on a bright day.

While sunglasses have been popular for quite some time, in the last few years it seems that vintage sunglasses are really making a comeback.

Vintage sunglasses look elegant and classy and one of the best brands for vintage sunglasses is, of course, Chanel!

We’re going to be taking a look at some of the most eye-catching vintage Chanel sunglasses that will help you take your overall look to the next level!

10 Eye-Catching Vintage Chanel Sunglasses To Accessorize Your Look

Each of these vintage Chanel sunglasses is absolutely beautiful and the perfect accessory to complete your look.

Each pair is eye-catching and has something different to offer, so regardless of your own personal style, you are sure to find a vintage pair that suits your overall fashion sense!

Let’s take a look at each of the pairs now in a little more detail.

1. Acentate Rectangle Sunglasses (In Black)

The first pair we are going to take a look at is the Acentate Rectangle Sunglasses. This pair comes in a sleek and stylish black that works perfectly, regardless of your own personal style.

These vintage Chanel sunglasses are very thick and glossy and perfect for anyone who really wants to make a statement. The gold details compliment the sunglasses perfectly and make this pair incredibly eye-catching.

The lenses themselves are fitted with a beautiful black gradient that gives you a sense of mystery and class that are sure to make people double-take!

2. Chanel Rare White Vintage 90’s Sunglasses

If you love floral-inspired fashion, then you are going to love these Rare White Vintage 90s Sunglasses. The whole design follows a monochrome theme that gives them a bit of an art deco vibe.

The glasses are round, so they are perfect for anyone who wants something a bit more fun than the classic square/rectangular shape.

The glasses are also framed with a floral/scalloped design that really gives these sunglasses a bit of an edge.

Anyone who sees you wearing these sunglasses won’t be able to stop themselves from taking a closer look and complimenting you on how wonderful they are!

3. Vintage Chanel 5076-H

In order for something to be eye-catching, you might think that it needs to be over-the-top, but with these Vintage Chanel 5076s you’ll see that sometimes the minimalist approach is actually the best way!

These sunglasses are thick and glossy, oversized, and completely black, so they are sure to pair well with practically all your looks! You can wear these sunglasses multiple times and they will still be incredibly eye-catching.

The lenses themselves are completely black, so if you’re looking for a pair of vintage Chanel glasses that will give you an air of mystery and elegance, these are the perfect pair for you.

4. Authentic Y2K Rimless CC Logo Vintage Chanel

Yes, the early 2000s is definitely considered to be a bit more vintage now, so if you want to recreate the feel of the time, this pair of Chanel sunglasses is as Y2K as it gets.

They embody every aspect of the early 2000s. They are rimless and orange tinted and make for the perfect pair of statement sunglasses.

They are small as well, so if oversized vintage sunglasses aren’t your thing, this pair makes for a fantastic alternative.

Lots of people have a beautiful fondness for the early 2000s and the Noughties in general, so if you’re spotted out and about wearing this pair, you’re sure to get people noticing you! Who doesn’t love a good Noughties throwback?

5. Chanel Vintage Camera Lens Black Sunglasses

This pair of vintage Chanel came out in 1993 and they are quite the fashion statement. They are designed to look exactly like a camera lens, so the whole design is round and sleek.

On the rims themselves, you will find “CHANEL PARIS” printed and the famous “CCs” are on the legs.

This is a fantastic vintage pair for anyone who is a big fan of Chanel and really wants to flaunt the brand while also making an eye-catching statement.

The frame is all black and the rims have a deep purple gradient tint that will really elevate your whole look to the next level.

6. Acetate Pantos Sunglasses (Transparent Pink)

If you liked the Acentate Rectangle Sunglasses, then you are going to love these Acetate Pantos Sunglasses just as much! This pair is great for anyone who wants vintage with a healthy dash of color.

They are transparent pink and they really ooze with sleek and modern energy.

They are quite minimalist in design, so if you want a pair that isn’t too over-the-top and doesn’t take away from the rest of your look too much, this pair might be just what you are looking for.

Even if you don’t like them in pink, the Acetate Pantos Sunglasses come in 9 different colorways, so you will definitely find one that suits your style.

This pair also has a bit of a Y2K feel about them without being too obvious, so if you liked the concept of the Authentic Y2K Rimless sunglasses but they were a bit too much, this pair definitely works wonderfully as an alternative.

7. Burgundy Frames

If sleek and stylish are really what you want to focus on, then it doesn’t get much more sleek and stylish than these Chanel burgundy frames.

They are completely black/burgandy with tinted rims, but the real stand-out feature of this pair is that they are very small and rectangular, and will reveal a bit of the eye when you wear them.

They are a bit more unique than some of the other pairs on this list and are perfect for anyone who wants to make a statement.

Lots of celebrities are quite fond of these vintage Burgandy sunglasses, which is one of many reasons why they give their wearer such a classy vibe. Some noticeable celebrities who enjoy this vintage style include Bella Hadid and even Rihanna.

8. Angular Framed Chanel Sunglasses

Another fantastic shape, these Angular Framed Chanel Sunglasses are incredibly angular and graphic. The sharp edges give these sunglasses a bit of extra flare that really stands out and compliments your face.

They are black and plain on the front, but that in no way makes them boring! The bold black color works perfectly with the sharp edges to create a powerful presence for anyone who wears them.

The legs are also black with a diamond cross and of course, the classic “CC” which is oversized and gold.

This pair is perfect for anyone who wants to flaunt their Chanel love and make a bold fashion statement that is incredibly eye-catching, vintage, and fierce!

9. 1992 Chain-Link Wraparound-Frame Sunglasses

If you’re into the concept of making an even bolder statement, then you should definitely consider these 1992 Chain-Link Wraparound-Frame Sunglasses.

They are incredibly unique in design, with a literal gold chain link that wraps around the top of the front frames, all the way to the legs.

They are bold and black and the gold chain stands out tremendously. These are considered a collectors item and they definitely qualify as a true pair of vintage Chanel sunglasses.

The lenses themselves are gray-tinted and add even more detail to these already intense sunglasses.

If you are more confident and out there with your fashion sense, then the 1992 Chain-Link Wraparound-Frame Sunglasses is the perfect pair for you. They scream high fashion, but they also have the vintage charm that you are looking for.

10. Chanel Pearl Frames

And finally we have these quirky Chanel Pearl Frame sunglasses. While they might not be to everyone’s taste, there is no question that they are incredibly vintage and eye-catching.

First released in 1994, this pair of sunglasses has faux pearls that wrap around the front of the round rims, and the lenses themselves are tinted a fabulous deep blue color.

If you want a pair of sunglasses that make a fashion statement while still staying vintage, these Chanel Pearl Frames will be just what you are looking for.

You are sure to turn heads when you walk outside in your best outfit with these Chanel Pearl Frames!


From Y2K-inspired glasses all the way to the iconic Chain-Link Wraparound glasses, there are so many eye-catching vintage Chanel sunglasses for you to choose from (also check out ‘24 Beautiful Vintage Gucci Sunglasses To Accessorize Your Look‘).

While there are lots of other designs out there, we really feel like the ten we have looked at here are the best. If you want to complete your look, these are the Chanel vintage sunglasses you want!

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