10 Fashionable Vintage Blouses You Need In Your Life

Vintage fashion is becoming increasingly more popular, with many people clamoring to get retro-style bottoms, tops and hats.

However, one of the centerpieces of the female outfit is the blouse. So where can you find a decent vintage blouse?

10 Fashionable Vintage Blouses You Need In Your Life

Well, thankfully, anywhere. These types of blouses come in all different shapes, sizes, designs and patterns.

However, getting the exact right blouse that will match your trousers and hat is an art form and can’t be stepped into without knowing your style and doing a bit of research.

So, what are the best vintage blouses? How much will you be looking to pay for one? Which patterns match with which colors?

Well, we’re going to look at some of the best blouses, rating them in terms of style, design and material.

Why Invest In A Vintage Blouse?

A blouse is a great thing to wear simply because they are so versatile. They are billowy and made from some great materials, including silk, felt and corduroy (check out our post ‘What Is Corduroy?’).

You can also get a wide variety of patterns. In fact, the pattern is the most important thing for conveying the retro style. Glittery, geometric or just plain colors.

You can find something that will evoke a certain era of fashion.

Blouses also go with any type of accessory. You can wear a silk blouse with a felt cap or a corduroy blouse with a silk hat. There is no limit to the number of combinations that you can have with this type of outfit.

One of the most eye-catching types of blouse is the floral design, which will turn a lot of heads when you walk into the nightclub.

So, what are the best vintage blouses that you can find? Well, a good starting point would be to look at some of the 10 best that we’ve picked out, along with some style recommendations for each.

Best Vintage Blouses

1. Burgundy Silk Blouse

This type of blouse is very sophisticated in the most subtle way. Nothing screams the 70s more than burgundy and this shimmering blouse will certainly do more than enough to turn some heads.

This type of material is very breathable, so you’ll be able to party the night away in this one without having to break a sweat.

You can also match it with a range of colorful trousers and hats of various designs and materials.

2. Abstract Purple 70s Style Blouse

If you want something that evokes the psychedelic end of the 60’s beginning of the 70’s look, then why not pick up this swirling silk shirt?

This comes in a very vibrant purple color that will certainly match your loud personality.

This blouse is made from silk, which is great if you want a top that will wick away a lot of sweat. The last thing you’ll want are those dark and flowery sweat patches underneath your arms.

This comes with billowy sleeves, which is great for combining with a tight jeans style.

3. 1980’s Geometric Blouse

This kind of blouse is like something that you might see in Mad Men.

This blouse will convey power and confidence in a way that a lot of those female bosses did during this period. This comes with lots of flowery extra pieces of cloth that contribute to this draping style.

The geometric pattern is what really makes this blouse really stand out.

You can match this with a similar pattern on the bottom or you can pair it with a much plainer light color. You can also match this with a white flat cap.

4. Printed Orange Blouse

This type of blouse comes with an off-the-shoulder style that will expose the arms and show off a lot more of your natural shape. It comes with a circular design that incorporates orange and green colors.

This is a sort of 70s vintage design, which is great if you prefer wearing more muted colors like green, brown and yellow.

This is an ideal blouse to wear in the fall, although you could also combine it with some lighter shades and rock it during the summer.

5. Brocade Floral Print Blouse

This next one is slightly different from the other designs in that it is a lot more figure hugging.

It comes in an almost Japanese style, with a floral pattern that is much darker and therefore a lot more flattering to the figure.

This comes with a high collar, which will give you that added warmth and style. You can pair this one with a pencil skirt and some tights.

This would be described as a very formal blouse, so it would more than fit in at an evening soiree or wine-tasting event.

6. Black Crinkle Blouse

This next type of blouse looks more like an art piece than it does an item of clothing. This is great if you are looking for something that is truly original yet has that 1970’s Andy Warhol style of design.

This has long sleeves, which is great for keeping warm during the colder months.

This type of blouse can eb worn with a whole host of other colors and materials. We think that pairing this with white denim gives it that added wow factor.

7. Houndstooth Check Blouse

This next blouse is one of the most eye-catching that we have on this list. This comes in a crosshatch pattern, which you can pair with white or black denim.

If you like a monochrome style, then this blouse could be an essential part of your black-and-white wardrobe.

This has a wider collar and is made from pure silk, so it will feel great against your skin. It is also a great hit, accentuating the shoulders and smoothing off some of the rounder curves in your figure.

8. Black Sheer Blouse

This next blouse is completely see-through, creating that vintage BDSM-style look.

You can either wear this one with a plain black bra underneath, or you can combine it with a t-shirt from your favorite vintage rock band.

This is a very delicate blouse, so we would recommend that you save it for that special occasion and avoid wearing it regularly.

This is a longer blouse, which means that you can either wear it loose or tuck it into your shirt in that retro style.

9. Novelty Print Blouse

Now we have a blouse that could have straight out of the 80s, with a geometric pattern of bright colors and shapes.

This blouse is very light, allowing for great circulation that will reduce the amount of moisture that might build up during a vigorous walk.

This blouse can be paired with tight denim jeans or formal trousers.

You can tuck this in and tie the whole outfit in with a thick belt. This can also be worn open and can be accessorized with a white shirt.

10. Red Blouse

Finally, we end with something a little more eye-catching: a plain bed blouse that will work with practically any color.

It is light, airy and great to pair with a whole host of different materials. Made from pure silk, it will not cause you any rashes or itching, even if you are working up a sweat.

You can accessorize this while any number of vintage hats, including mushroom hats, flat caps or a pillar box hat.

This blouse comes with tapered sleeves, which really gives off that 80’s new romantic look.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Is A Blouse So Important For A Retro Style?

A blouse is the one thing that will immediately drag people back in time, especially during the 80s when this type of clothing was at its most popular.

A blouse is also a very unique piece of clothing that doesn’t quite resemble anything else.

The great thing about a blouse is that you can pair it with so many other different types of clothing and accessories.

You can wear a blouse with tight denim jeans or baggy kaftans, there is no limit to the number of outfits you could compile featuring a blouse.

How Much Will I Have To Pay For A Vintage Blouse?

You can get these types of blouses for fairly cheap, although you will have to consider what type of material that they’ll be made from.

If you are buying a top that is made from silk, then it will cost you a lot more than something made from cotton.

What Materials Are Blouses Made From?

You can get blouses made from corduroy, silk, cotton or felt.

Usually, they will be very lightweight garments that you should probably keep away from the intense heat on a washing machine.


We hope that our list of vintage blouses will help you to decide which one will be the best to add to your wardrobe.

You’ll have to make sure that you are getting the right material, but luckily for you, there are so many different options out there for you to choose from.

Willa Price