10 Fashionable Vintage Cowgirl Boots You Need In Your Life

Cowboy boots have the ability to make any outfit look instantly cool. Yes, we said it. Cowgirl boots are cool. While everyone goes for the typical ankle boots, you could be wearing something a little more out there. 

10 Fashionable Vintage Cowgirl Boots You Need In Your Life

As the classic cowgirl boot rises in popularity through the use of TikTok and social media, everyone is going crazy for a pair of the Western footwear. This means more and more brands are racing to create their own version.

So, what vintage cowgirl boots are actually good?

We have 10 fashionable vintage cowgirl boots you need in your life for that extra bit of flare to your everyday jeans and t-shirt. 

1. Frye Bruce Pull On

The Frye Company has been an American manufacturer of shoes, boots, and leather accessories since 1863. Supplying cowboys and cowgirls themselves over the decades, the leather apparel company has continued to produce high quality cowgirl boots. 

The Bruce Pull On boots are something to be marveled. Designed in partnership with Grammy Award winning rock band Cage The Elephant, the boots are an homage to its roots in music. 

It fits and looks like a true cowboy boot thanks to the pull-on design. With a pointed toe and a pitched heel, the contrast stitched pull-up leather has the ideal worn-in appearance and feel.

The Frye Bruce Pull Ons are available in a range of colors and can be worn in multiple ways. With a casual jean and t-shirt or even with yoga pants and a hoodie to run errands. Style them your way.  

2. Durango Western Shoe Boot

Sometimes styling the traditional cowgirl boot outside of attending a rodeo or a night of line dancing can be a little difficult for most people. These Durango Western Shoe Boots take away the fear of the mid-calf cowgirl boot. 

These low-rise shoe boots are cowgirl inspired with the low heel and defining attention to detail. They are extremely durable and are perfect for wearing with everything from jeans to tights and skirts. 

The Durango Western Shoe Boot is now being manufactured in both leather and suede allowing for more variety in texture. All of which adds to your look when you wear them.

These boots are a more casual pair of cowgirl boots that are easier to style and more comfortable to wear for long periods of time. 

3. ROPER Womens Riley Western Boot

If you are wanting to make a statement with your cowgirl boots (and who doesn’t) then the ROPER Riley Western Boots are an essential pair of boots. 

ROPER has been a leader in the Western fashion industry since 1948. They began in Britain by supplying footwear for the British military by war hero, Arthur Wellesley, the 1st Duke of Wellington. 

The ROPER Riley Western Boot is truly incredible. With intricate embroidered design on the shaft and shoe of the boot.

It also has a cushioned insole making them easier to wear throughout the day and are made of high quality synthetic leathers, They combine style, fashion, and durability. 

In a variety of styles you can have a pair of ROPER Riley Western Boots to match every outfit!

4. Ganni Leather Western Low Ankle Boots

The Ganni Leather Western Low Ankle Boots have a modern structure meaning that while they add a little spice to your outfit, they aren’t overly outrageous. 

Ganni is a luxury fashion brand based in Copenhagen, although you don’t have to be a millionaire to afford their products. The brand has a focus on being more environmentally friendly by finding plant-based alternatives to virgin leather for their products. 

The Western Low Ankle Boots are simplistic yet effective. With a rounded hem and a pointed toe to establish the cowgirl silhouette  with a low heel. The white contrasting stitching adds a pop of attraction to the boot without being overtly Western. 

These are a great option for those wanting to pay homage to the traditional cowgirl boot without having to go all out. 

5. PS Kaufman No.1001 Freeway Chelsea Boot

Of course, you could purchase these custom pony-hide Western boots from Los Angeles designer PS Kaufman if you want to jump right into the current trend or don’t mind walking a mile in a pair originally worn by Lil Nas X. 

Now, these may cost you a pretty penny so finding a dupe is worth the research. The cow print on a cowgirl boot is sure to make a statement whenever you wear them.

With a slightly higher heel and the chelsea boot design makes these shoes a little more high fashion than your typical cowgirl boot. 

You can easily pair these boots with a simple outfit of black jeans and a t-shirt to let the boots really do the talking. 

6. Charles Albert Women’s Embroidered Western Cowboy Boot

With these embroidered cowboy boots, you can effortlessly channel vintage style. The stitching adds interesting features, and they have a mid-heel for some height. If you want an alternative to real leather, the boots are also produced from vegan leather (see also ‘Is PU Leather Vegan?‘).

The all white boot with a black heel and sole is perfect for wearing with any outfit. They can be worn during the day or into the night when you decide to go for some drinks with friends or a loved one. 

You are sure to get stopped and asked where you got your incredible boots!

7. Heelchic Flower Embroidered Cowboy Boot

Looking for that missing piece to complete your festival outfits this summer? These vintage inspired boots are just what you need. 

A warm tan body with incredible flower embroidery is the ideal statement piece for every festival. The stitched flowers elevate the standard cowboy boot appearance, and the durable sole adds some sturdiness. If you wish to add even more flair, there are many colors available.

Paired with some denim shorts and boho style shawl or whimsical floral dress, these flower embroidered cowboy boots are essential. Not to mention the lower heel means you can walk for hours between stages to see your favorite bands.

Ditch the converse this summer and add some color to your outfits with flower embroidered cowboy boots.  

8. Erocalli Mid-Calf Cowgirl Boots

The Erocalli mid-calf cowgirl boots are extremely similar to traditional cowgirl boots. The classic embroidery mimics a typical Western boot, but the bright red color gives it a modern twist.

They have an anti-slip and wear-resistant sole, so you can use them for a number of different things.

A bright red boot paired with a white dress or even jeans is sure to add more to your outfit. The white stitching along the calf and across the boot is the perfect addition to the boot without diminishing the powerful color. 

Pair with a matching bag or even a matching red lip and you are sure to have one compelling look for the night. You can also keep things more subdued by wearing a pair of wide leg jeans or trousers and covering the calf of the boot.

But who wants to hide such a stunning pair of boots?

9. Dingo Women’s Cowgirl Boot

Not all cowboy/cowboy boots were rigid and structured. Some were produced with a slouchy fit. Including Dingoes. 

With a slushy fit, an eye-catching fashion toe and star concho strap.  They also feature a cushioned insole making them more comfortable than traditional cowgirl boots. 

Produced in black suede these cowgirl boots are super easy to style. With distressed jeans and a rough leather jacket, this edgy pair of boots are for those with a tougher sense of style. 

Although, having these boots paired with  a more feminine dress for a juxtaposition of styles. Nothing creates an outfit more exciting than a mix of fashion tastes, colors, and textures.

How would you style them?

10. AODONG Slip-On Western Leather Boots

These cowboy boots have a bit of a carefree, bohemian look to them. There will be lots of room for movement around your calves because they are especially relaxed and slouchy.

They have a tough appearance because of the fading fabric and buckled straps. For all the laid-back vibes, pair them with a flowing maxi dress.

These boots are versatile and comfortable due to the lower heel. Not to mention they are also waterproof meaning that not only are they great for lasting out in the desert, they will also keep your feet dry when the rain starts to pour. 

Final Thoughts  

Not all cowgirl boots are made to look bulky and intimidating, they come in a range of styles and colors. While your first thought may be that they are hard to style, you can really wear them with anything. 

From simply jeans and tshirt to leather pants, to a boho dress. The options really are endless. Don’t be afraid to really explore your fashion with a creative pair of cowgirl boots. 

We have 10 fashionable vintage cowgirl boots perfect for every occasion this summer. Whether you need the missing piece for that festival outfit or want something other than sneakers for the everyday, take a look at our vintage cowgirl boots!

Willa Price