10 Fashionable Vintage Jackets You Need In Your Life

Jackets are a totally versatile part of the modern wardrobe, not only do they help to keep you warm, but they also importantly keep you looking totally awesome.

They can come in many unique sizes, shapes, and colors, and can easily be personalized and emblazoned with countless designs to create infinite potential looks.

10 Fashionable Vintage Jackets You Need In Your Life

Because jackets have been worn by humans for so many years as both a manner of self-expression and a way to fight off the elements, there are naturally millions of awesome vintage jackets to look at on the internet.

But instead of scrolling mindlessly through Google, why not let us do the hard part for you?

Read on down below to discover 10 of the very best and most fashionable vintage jackets on the internet that you totally need in your life right now!

There’s some amazing stuff down below, so let’s dive right in!

1. Patchwork

Let’s kick off this list with an option that is so totally fashionable, and will look amazing when implemented into the right outfit.

To start, we adore the color palette of this jacket, with the grayish-green color that makes up most of it easily contrasting with the pastel pink color of the collar.

This color combination gives the jacket an instant sense of shape which would make it look totally incredible on just about anyone!

Also alongside those colors is the plaid pattern that reaches down across the sleeves, and up to the collars to create a very mature and classical look that exaggerates the shape of this jacket.

We simply cannot get over how well the subtle colors and patterns of this jacket combine together to create a cohesive whole. Absolutely anyone would look amazing in this perfect jacket.

2. Spongebob

Y2K is totally in at the moment, and few items on this list embody the nature of Y2K quite like this jacket. We cannot get over how adorable the Spongebob-inspired design on the front is.

It has just the right sense of nostalgia to it, thanks to the classic logo for the show, and old artwork from the show that easily evokes the Y2K look.

Despite being a Spongebob jacket, this jacket is totally fashionable and sure to work with a wider Y2K outfit.

The color palette is also very striking, thanks to its combination of black, blue, and yellow colors that make the jacket look very modern, but also give it a sense of character!

We could talk about this jacket for hours, and we’re sure you can’t blame us when you look at it yourself!

3. BLACKAIR Motorsports

This vintage-styled jacket is one of our absolute favorites on this list.

The brown-color palate that it boasts is totally sure to not only draw attention but also allow the jacket to easily be worn alongside other matching or complementary colors.

The dark brown and light beige color combinations give the jacket a look of Autumnal warmth, and also a great sense of subtlety.

This subtlety is only brilliantly broken by the various logos and elements embroidered on the surface of the jacket.

These elements create the look of a traditional motorsports jacket, which in turn truly makes this work. This is one of our favorite vintage jackets on this list, and one that you definitely need to add to an existing collection!

4. ‘80s Style

The moment that we saw this jacket, we knew that it would be totally impossible to pass up the opportunity to include it on this list. Its vintage design simply screams ‘80s fashion’, which makes it a natural fit for this list.

This jacket shines in numerous ways. First, the dominant white color of the jacket gives it a very clean and shiny look that makes it stand out even in the winter.

The inclusion of purple and yellow is totally awesome, as the colors complement each other, and the way that they are intermingled with one another via a striking zig-zag pattern really brings it all together.

And it goes without mentioning that the rainbow zip across the center of the jacket adds that final bit of awesome flair to make the whole thing work so well!

5. 90s Bomber Jacket

Grey, green, and yellow combine together in this effortlessly awesome vintage bomber jacket that we think easily belongs on this list.

When zipped up all the way, the slightly baggy look of the jacket gives it an incredibly modern profile that makes it look totally awesome pretty much no matter who is wearing it!

The white color of the zip, which extends across the entire middle of the jacket helps to create the final sense of contrast that divides the parallel pattern into two distinct halves.

It also creates a slimming shape that contrasts against the wide fit of the jacket, creating a totally stunning look that few jackets even on this list can compete with!

The cuffed sleeves also make it easy to adjust how the jacket is worn at a moment’s notice, which adds to its comfort factor.

6. Military Style

The intense dark green of this jacket gives it an awesome military-style design that will make you feel just like you’ve stepped onto the set of a new Top Gun movie.

The extra elements patched across the jacket, including the American flag, and “Flying Tigers” creates the sense of a lived-in jacket that has a rich history.

Once again, you’ll feel like an ace pilot as soon as you even put this jacket on!

The inner lining of the jacket has a rich and bright orange color that helps to make it look very modern and striking.

And it goes without mentioning that this jacket also has a great sense of weight to it, you can definitely tell that it will keep you warm even during the coldest of months!

7. Gatorade

This branded vintage jacket features the bold colors associated with the Gatorade brand, and this helps it to really stand out from the crowd and gives it a great retro look.

Orange and green work together incredibly well with this jacket, and you’ll be sure to turn heads thanks to how bold every element of this jacket is!

In fact. This jacket is so good that we barely even need to describe it for you, you’ve likely already caught yourself staring at it!

8. Star Sleeves

We are enamored by this jacket. It’s so totally awesome, and this is thanks to its subtle but still yet striking design.

The sleeves of the jacket boast an awesome star shape that comes together every time the arms are lowered, and these are easily the highlights of the coat.

This means that whatever angle you stand at in this jacket, you’ll look totally awesome.

Outside of the sleeves, the design is very subtle, thanks to the deep green color that spreads across the entire jacket.

This retro-styled jacket manages to somehow look immediately modern, which makes it one of our favorite items on this list. It’s so fun and so full of personality.

9. New York Yankees

This authentic New York Yankees jacket is totally incredible if you want something that looks like it comes right from the 1940s.

Admittedly, it does have an incredibly hefty price tag, but that stands as a celebration of just how awesome it looks.

The brown leather sleeves help to give the jacket a sophisticated and classical edge that makes it look totally awesome no matter who wears it.

The blue central body of the jacket provides a perfect contrast to the brown sleeves, creating a perfect Autumnal look.

10. Y2K To The Extreme

We figured what better way to close off this list than with a totally perfect Y2K jacket that looks about exactly as you’d expect.

This motorsport jacket is donned with countless logos, giving it that perfect Y2K look that would easily make you the center of attention.

We love how well everything on this jacket comes together, despite seemingly being such disparate elements. If you wanted the ultimate Y2K jacket, this would be the one, right?

To Wrap Up

There you have it! Though we’ve only taken a look at 10 of the internet’s best fashionable jackets, we definitely know that these are the best of the best.

Each one offers a different look, but all of them take advantage of their vintage designs to become effortlessly fashionable!

Frequently Asked Questions

What Makes A Jacket Vintage?

A jacket can be considered vintage if it is considerably old, but it can also be vintage even if it is new, provided it has a style based on a specific era of fashion.

What Era Is Vintage?

There is no fixed era that is considered to be vintage. A thing is generally considered to be ‘Vintage’ once it is 40 years old!

Is 1950 Antique Or Vintage?

Generally, ‘Antique’ refers to anything that is more than 100 years old. Thus, currently, 1950 is still considered to be ‘Vintage’.

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