10 Fashionable Vintage Jeans You Need In Your Life

What item of clothing does everyone need in their wardrobe? Jeans! Baggy, skinny, mom fit, everyone needs a staple pair of jeans that make them feel wonderful.

10 Fashionable Vintage Jeans You Need In Your Life

Jeans are a constant within our fashion trends. No matter how the style and shape changes, everyone always has one or a few pairs of jeans that they can revert back to when they have nothing else to wear.

Although, there comes a time when those reliable jeans are in need of an upgrade. Mix up your style with some new jeans!

We have 10 fashionable vintage jeans that you need in your life and are sure to make you feel just as good.

1. Wrangler Jeans

Vintage Wrangler jeans are a delight for those of us trying to add curves where none naturally exist thanks to their rugged, cowboy fit.

These vintage-style jeans have a straight up-and-down form that will draw attention to your hips, and the traditional “W” stitching on the rear pockets is really attractive.

Wrangler first made changes to the clothing industry in the 1930’s and has since created the classic cowboy fit. Since Wrangler has become a household name in the industry of denim jeans that are of high quality and a stunning fit.

When it comes to getting your hands on a pair of wrangler jeans you need to try them on in person. They can be incredibly difficult to find online and finding a pair that fits you perfectly can be a little tricky.

2. Lee’s Jeans

Much like Wrangler, Lee has a rooted history in the jean industry. They also began by producing jeans for cowboys. Although they have a more relaxed fit with a longer leg.

Making them perfect for those with more curves and struggling to find the perfect jeans due to the model length legs.

The more relaxed fit allows for more comfortability although it may have the impact of hiding your shape. A pair of Lee jeans are often best paired with an oversized tee and hoodie for a casual look.

3. Cuffed Boxy Jeans

The cuffed boxy jeans became popular in the mid-50’s. This style was mostly worn by men as women were more inclined to a tighter fit.

They resemble straight leg jeans only a lot wider and relaxed throughout the leg. Men would either cuff or roll up the bottom of the legs in order to appear more casual.

This was a time when James Dean was showcasing that jeans were not just for cowboys and miners (see also ‘What To Wear In Nashville‘). However, they were still rather stiff and took some time styling. This is where the classic boxy jeans and a leather jacket was born.

Cuffed boxy jeans are still a popular style today and with jeans being a unisex item of clothing they are rocked by everyone. Often paired with a cool band t-shirt or a more fitted crop top.

4. Relaxed Flared Jeans

In the early 1960’s the iconic flared jeans were born. And they came in hot. While not the complete style that we know as flares today, the flared jean became slightly more relaxed throughout the leg and with a small flare.

They were often embellished. Whether they were purchased with fun embellishments or it was done at home, it was definitely a fun pop to an otherwise regular pair of jeans.

These were more popular among women of the 1960’s as the trend of wearing tight clothing became mainstream.

Today, we rarely see such a relaxed fit of flared jeans, or any incredible embellishments. Why not cop a pair and try your hand and make your own unique design?You can easily make your own jeans and they are sure to turn heads wherever you go.

5. Fitted Flared Jeans

In just a few short years the flared jeans had gone from being more relaxed to being tight at the waist and the thigh to being super flared at the knee downwards. Worn by the likes of Cher, Twiggy, and Mick Jagger, anyone who wanted to be cool needed a pair of flared jeans.

This style of flare is more reminiscent of the flares we know today. In the mid-60’s flares were often worn with a casual top or sweater and sneakers. For a more put together look they would be worn with a stylish boot and a blouse.

Men often paired their flared jeans with a relaxed fitting button up shirt. Paired with longer hair and boots, it was an iconic outfit.

Today you can opt for a more casual look by pairing flares with a top and sneakers or dress them up with a corset top and heels. Men can also enjoy the fit of flares with a relaxed button up shirt and nice sneakers or smart shoes.

6. Bootcut Jeans

In the 1960s, flares may have been a turning point for denim, but they weren’t the only style that people embraced.

During this time, boot-cut jeans were also quite popular, particularly after Brigitte Bardot was spotted wearing them in 1966.

The bootcut jeans provided a more conservative fit of jeans than the previous tight fitting flares. The bootcut of the 60’s was more low rise than previous jean styles and was only slightly more relaxed throughout the leg before loosening at the jean.

They were worn with almost every outfit from a flannel tucked into a loose fitting blouse. Often worn with sneakers or a low-heeled boot to ensure the bottom didn’t touch the ground when walking.

Bootcut jeans have fallen in and out fashion over the years and are a great addition to any wardrobe for a more polished look.

7. Bell Bottom Jeans

As bell bottom jeans came into fashion, the flare seemed tame and the bootcut was long forgotten. They were more fitted at the waist and became drastically wider as they fell down the leg.

As the 70’s were a time of exploration and spiritual freedom, the clothes often mirrored the movement of the time. Bell Bottoms were fun and could be embellished in wonderful ways.

From fun rainbow stripes down the side to crazy colors and patterns, the bell bottoms are a fun cut of jeans.

Whether worn with a simple sweater or going full hippie with a fringe jacket, the bell bottoms were an essential part to any look.

However, they had to be worn with a boot or else you risk the bottoms becoming wet, dirty and heavy. Not something you want touching the back of your leg throughout the day.

8. High Waisted Mom Jeans

In the early 80’s the high waisted jean that we all know and love became popular. The Mom jeans are a staple for most people’s wardrobes today (see also ‘10 Fashionable Vintage Mom Jeans You Need In Your Life‘). However, in the 80’s it was all anyone wore.

Styled with a sweater, a relaxed t-shirt, or even a crop top, the mom jeans were one of the biggest fashion moments of the decade. The perfect fit for the majority of body shapes, the high waisted mom jeans were purchased in abundance.

Today, mom jeans can be worn as a casual errand running outfit or paired with a more upscale top and heels for a night on the town. They truly are one of the best things to come out of the 80s.

9. BaggyJeans

Unlike the rest of the fashion trends of the 1990’s, jeans were more subdued. With simple baggy jeans. These over-relaxed looks were loved by people who preferred the murky music of Nirvana and punk-rock bands.

The baggy jeans are popular today with their super relaxed fit from the waist right down to the ankle. In the 90’s the baggy jeans were popularized by the musician himself, Kurt Cobain along with the scruffy longer hair.

Much like today the baggy jeans were paired with a pair of chunky black boots such as Doc Martins and an oversized t-shirt. Preferably a Nirvana t-shirt.

10. Low-Rise Jeans

The two words some of us never want to hear again, low-rise.

The low-rise jeans shot to popularity in the late-90’s following into the 2000’s. With celebrities such as Paris Hilton, Britney Spears and Beyonce all rocking the low-rise jeans it was a no-brainer that the world would become obsessed.

Often paired with a crop top and a chunky belt to really bring attention to the mid-drift, they were a statement piece in themselves. As the decade of the 2000’s progressed the low-rise jeans seemed to become even lower and lower.

Final Thoughts

You don’t have to go purchase a whole new wardrobe to add some flare, all you need are a few pairs of vintage jeans! From the extreme flared to the classic mom-jean, there is a pair of vintage jeans to fit every body shape perfectly.

When purchasing vintage jeans it is recommended to try them on in person rather than order online.

But with these 10 styles of vintage jeans you are sure to find a pair you absolutely love and soon, won’t be able to live without (see also ‘How To Style Vintage 501 Levi Jeans‘).So have a look and start spicing up your closet!

Willa Price