10 Fashionable Vintage Mom Jeans You Need In Your Life

Although they were once seen as something of an abomination to fashion, mom jeans are now all the rage, and are just as popular as the boyfriend and bootcut when it comes to jeans, which means that you should definitely consider adding a pair or two to your wardrobe soon.

Fashionable Vintage Mom Jeans You Need In Your Life

Finding mom jeans that are close to what they used to be like is much more difficult now thanks to the endless renditions of these jeans that have been produced, but whilst mom jeans tend to have a more sculpted cut than they used to, the general blueprint has not changed at all: Loose leg, high-waisted, and in a light wash.

So, if you want to discover 10 of the most fashionable pairs of vintage mom jeans that you need in your life, then read on below!

Most Fashionable Mom Jeans You Need!

Best Overall – Agolde Riley High-Rise Straight Crop Jeans

When it came to picking a winner of the best mom jeans overall, the Rileys from Agolde were simply a cut above all of the rest for a number of reasons.

Their rise is slightly higher than most average mom jeans are, which helps to make your legs look longer, and then they also have a slightly more slimmed-down silhouette too.

The denim on these jeans is excellent too, and because it’s a high-quality, thick, and stiffer denim than you find on other mom jeans, it means it’s much better at keeping its shape throughout the day, no matter what tasks you find yourself doing.

Make sure you pick a size that allows you to tuck in a basic tee and sit comfortably, and you will never think about purchasing another pair of mom jeans ever again, trust us!

Best Mid-Range Option – Levi’s Wedgie Straight Jeans

If you’re looking for a good mom jeans option that is going to be better than the average pair, but still isn’t going to break the bank, then look no further than the Levi’s Wedgie Straight Jeans.

Although they might be half the price of the Agolde Rileys, we have a feeling that these jeans might be slightly more popular for numerous reasons.

The first of which is the wide range of sizing that’s available, with plus sizes available, as well as three different lengths of inseams too, which means they’re suitable for both petite and tall women too.

One of the main differences between these mom jeans and many of the originals is in the booty area, with the jeans being much more flattering in this area than the original mom jeans ever were, which certainly isn’t a complaint!

So, if you’re looking for a solid pair of mom jeans that are going to serve you every season without fail, then you should definitely opt for these.

Best High-Rise Option – Free People CRVY Georgine Mom Jeans

Mom jeans are known for the high-rise cut, but with a 13 inch rise on these jeans, it means that they’re higher than most other pairs of mom jeans out there, and are made with the purpose of having a bigger hip to waist ratio, which makes them much more comfortable for those with curves.

Unlike some of the other plus size mom jean options on the market, these jeans don’t feature any elastane, and are instead a true denim jean, and unlike other jeans which claim to be a “loose” fit, these jeans truly are loose fitting.

So, if you’re looking for a pair of mom jeans with a decent high-rise fit, these Free People jeans are probably going to be the best option!

Best Plus Size Option – American Eagle Stretch Ripped Curvy Mom Jeans

Whilst you might have thought they were a thing of the past, American Eagle are currently undergoing a massive revival, and if you’ve been searching for a pair of mom jeans that is nice to your bank account, and is plus size friendly, then these stretch ripped curvy mom jeans are going to be the perfect choice for you.

With plenty of different lengths available, and a perfect hip-to-waist ratio, these jeans are certainly one of the better choices on the market for those with curves.

Despite their low price, these jeans are surprisingly good quality too, so they should last you season after season too, so they’re definitely worth investing in if you’ve been looking for a good pair of mom jeans.

Best Mom Jeans For Tall People – Madewell The Perfect Vintage Jean

As Madewell describes, these jeans are “Mom jeans… if you mom was a ‘90s supermodel”.

As a result of this, these jeans are a slightly slimmer cut than the traditional cut found on most mom jeans, which helps to ensure that they don’t look too dumpy, which is a common issue many taller women complain about when trying on mom jeans for the first time.

There’s also a small amount of stretch found in these jeans too which is extremely beneficial, as it helps to prevent them from being too constrictive, whilst also ensuring that they keep their shape well too.

Best Mom Jeans For Small People – Abercrombie ‘90s Ultra-High-Rise Straight Jeans

With mom jeans having such a unique cut, it can often be extremely difficult for the petite women among us to find a pair that isn’t going to come across as overly baggy.

However, this isn’t even the biggest issue, as most mom jeans are simply too long for the petite women out there.

Thankfully, if you’re on the shorter side, these straight jeans with high-rise waist from Abercrombie are one of the best options out there.

Much like American Eagle, many people would simply assume that Abercrombie was an artefact by now, but they’re making their way back into the mainstream again now, with updated styles too.

Best Rigid Mom Jeans – Reformation Cynthia High Rise Straight Jeans

If you like your denim rigid, then these Cynthia jeans from Reformation are the ultimate choice, especially if you’re familiar with the quality of Reformation’s denim, which is known for being especially rigid.

However, whilst being rigid, there is just a slight amount of stretch in these jeans, which helps to keep them comfortable.

So if you like your denim on the more rigid side, then you should definitely check out these jeans from Reformation!

Best Budget Mom Jeans – Wild Fable Super-High Rise Mom Taper Jeans

Comfortable mom jeans on a budget might sound like a lie, but we promise you that these super comfortable jeans, available from Target, are the real deal.

The combination of cotton and spandex might not lead to the highest quality pair of mom jeans out there, but for under $25, they certainly look the part and will provide you with plenty of comfort too.

So, proving that style doesn’t have to be expensive, these are a great way to test if the mom jeans style is suitable for you without breaking the bank!

Best Stretch Mom Jeans – Mott & Bow Hubert Mom Jeans

Although mom jeans are meant to have a slightly looser fit, that’s not to say you can’t choose a pair which sits a little bit closer to the body, and if that’s the sort of look you want, then these jeans from Mott & Bow are excellent, providing you with plenty of stretch thanks to the cotton, polyester, and elastane blend.

There’s also a great range of sizes available too, so you should have no problem finding these jeans in your size either!

Best Black Mom Jeans – Mango High Waist Tapered Mom Jeans

Whilst most of the mom jeans on this list, and in general, will tend to be a lighter wash, sometimes it’s nice to have options in terms of the color in your wardrobe, and since black goes with so much, finding a good quality pair of mom jeans in black is definitely not a bad idea if you’re looking for a super functional pair of jeans you can wear on a regular basis.

These mom jeans from Mango have the quintessential cut of the traditional mom jeans, but instead are in a sleek black color, so if you’re looking for a more versatile option for your outfits, then these black mom jeans might just be the solution!

Final Words

There you have it, 10 of some of the most fashionable vintage mom jeans that you need in your life.

Hopefully from this list, you’re able to pick a pair of mom jeans that suits you best, whether you’re tall, small, curvy, or looking to spend $150, or $25, as we’ve made sure that there’s something for everyone.

So, if you weren’t familiar with mom jeans before you read through our list, hopefully now you’re more acquainted with the style, and will be looking to get a pair for yourself in the near future!

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