10 Fashionable Vintage Skirts You Need In Your Life

Whether you are enjoying the warm sun of summer or the layering of fall into winter, a skirt is always a must to create a range of outfits. Vintage skirts often come in and out of fashion over a period of time meaning that you never really miss the trend.

10 Fashionable Vintage Skirts You Need In Your Life

However, what vintage skirts do you need in your life to complete your outfits?

Below are 10 fashionable vintage skirts you need in your life. From the versatile midi-skirt to the iconic 90’s mini skirt, you can have a range of skirts that will take your outfit from lunch with the inlaws to a night out with the girls.

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1. 1920’s Rectangle Wrap-Over Skirt

Rising to popularity in 1924, the rectangle wrap over skirt fell to the ankle. Women often hemmed the skirt to a more comfortable height for walking.

While women mainly wore dresses, a skirt was often worn in the home or when running more casual errands. They had little shape and were more comfortable than the typical dresses worn at the time.

Wrap dresses and skirts are extremely popular today for their figure hugging shape and simple styling. All you need are some simple heels or wedges and a statement bag.

The Wrap-Over skirt is now worn as a casual or event clothing item making it a must for any vintage dresser.

2. 1930’s Tea Length Skirt

At the beginning of the 1930’s, a full length skirt was more popular. However, as the decade progressed, women could be seen wearing the tea length skirt. Rising to the middle of the shin with a slight flare at the hem.

A tea length skirt hugs the waist and thighs in all the right places before falling to a more relaxed fit at the calf. Paired with an eye catching blouse and kitten heels and you have a complete vintage look.

Or you can make it more modern with a more fitted blouse and a slightly higher heel. Never be afraid to show some skin with a cute crop top.

The 1930’s tea length skirt is now a popular style of evening gown or wedding dress.

3. 1940’s Peasant Skirt

The peasant skirt of the peasant dirndl skirt was a popular skirt in the summers of the 1940’s. Due to the world war, fashion was often restricted. Families were left with little to nothing meaning that fashion took a backseat.

However, the materials for a peasant skirt was important from Mexico and often used bright colors and fin patterns. The cheaper material allowed women to experiment with their fashion.

The frills and trim that were absent from rationed skirts were added to the knee-length, A-line skirts. They also had lace trimming and embroidery in a variety of vibrant, cheery hues.

Style your peasant skirt with a milkmaid top and a dainty pair of pumps for a classic 1940’s look.

4. 1940’s Pencil Skirt

Looking to add some flare to your office look? Then the pin up pencil skirt of the 1940’s is a must.

Worn by women looking to add a little seduction to their look, the pencil skirt moved from being a symbol of sensuality to casual office wear.

However, the pin up pencil skirt shows off your womanly curves with a range of hemlines making them perfect for every woman. Paire with a striped top and black pumps to go full pin up or with a loose blouse and sneakers for something a little more casual.

The pencil skirt is the perfect way to tip the hat to trends of the past while still being trendy today.

5. 1950’s Full Length Circle Skirt

A maxi skirt that every woman ought to have. These floor-length skirts are not only extremely flexible, but they also look wonderful.

Maxi skirts fall in and out fashion as often as the sun rises, so having one in your wardrobe is always a good idea. The 1950’s full length circle skirt takes the maxi skirt up a level.

With an under layer to give the skirt some volume while the high waist provides you with an hourglass illusion.

Wear the circle skirt with a classic long sleeve black blouse for a true 1950’s look or style it up with a trail blazing red blouse. Available in a range of colors and patterns you can really spice up your outfits or keep things more subdued.

Either way you are sure to attract all the attention when wearing a 1950s circle skirt.

6. 1960’s Swing Skirt

The swing skirt was originally created in the 1930’s, however, was considered a little too daring for the time. Booming to popularity in the 1960’s, almost every woman could be seen adorning the swing skirt.

Popular amongst the Rockabilly trend, they were perfect for wearing when attending a night of dancing. The swinging motion provided an added flare for the moves of the time.

Now, you don’t need to be going out to paint the town red to wear a swing skirt. Today the swing skirt is perfect for adding a little something extra to your typical skirt. Style with a comfortable low heel pump or even sneakers for a more laid back look.

The swing skirt will give you an extra oomph to get the day, or night, started.

7. 1970’s Tennis Skirt

The tennis skirt is a staple for any summer outfit. It can be seen falling in and out of trends across the decades, rising in popularity during the mid-60s before spiking in the 1970s.

The 70’s was a time where women were becoming showing more skin than ever, on and off the court. It was the era of disco and the clothing definitely showed.

A tennis skirt is an athletic skirt designed to maximize a tennis player’s comfort and flexibility on the tennis court. It is composed of breathable, light fabrics. Tennis skirts typically measure twelve to fourteen inches in length and have pleats to aid in agility (see also ‘How To Style A Pleated Skirt‘).

Today, however, you can really style a tennis skirt any way you like. With an oversized graphic sweater or with a fitted polo shirt for a preppy, sporty feel.

8. 1980’s Ra-Ra Skirt

The 80’s. Iconic for the creation of the wild style and flurry of color, there wasn’t really anything you couldn’t wear.

From luminous mesh clothing and hot pants to a ruffled, brightly colored ra ra skirt. It was a time for creativity and extremely big hair.

Originated by teenagers, the ra ra skirt is a short bouncy layered skirt. Many may see the ra ra skirt as a fashion mistake, but if you really want to make a statement, this skirt is sure to do most of the work.

They were often worn with a black singlet top and leg warmers, however, today you can style them with anything. From a graphic t-shirt to a solid crop top, show your flamboyance with a statement ra ra skirt.

9. 1990’s Mini Skirt

While the mini skirt was popular in the 60’s and 70’s, it earned its name in the 90’s. With stars such as Julia Roberts wearing a rather controversial mini skirt and thigh high boot in Pretty Women.

Young women everywhere ran to stores to buy a much needed mini skirt. Paired with a raunchy crop top to show off their stomach and thigh high boots, it was a no brainer that this was the perfect way to give parents everywhere a heart attack.

As the decade progressed and moved into a new century, the mini skirt had its highs and lows. Becoming shorter and morphing into the ‘’belt skirt’.

However, the true mini skirt style can be worn by anyone wanting to show off their legs and create a little shock factor with their outfit.

Do you dare?

10. 2000’s Asymmetrical Skirt

While the mini skirt continued to be popular into the 2000’s, the asymmetrical skirt was ready to take over.

This skirt often resembled a midi-skirt with one side being shorter than the other. It rose to popularity as stars such as Paris Hilton wore them on the red carpet.

Today, asymmetrical skirts are hard to come by. However, styled right they can become more of a fashion statement than a fashion disaster.

Pair with a long sleeve top for a sleek look or a shoulder padded tank for something with a little more dimension.

Final Thoughts

From the daring mini skirt to the classic swing skirt, you don’t have to be making grand speeches to make a statement.Select from 10 vintage skirts to really up your fashion game while keeping it classy and simple.

Whether you prefer to wear sneakers or a slight heel, skirts of the past are perfect for adding a little something to any outfit.We recommend you have all 10 skirt styles in your life to make things simple yet eye catching.

Go from lunch in your tea length skirt to the nightclub in your ra ra skirt. Or remain sensual and mysterious in your pinup pencil skirt.Make your outfit pop with a fashionable vintage skirt!

Willa Price