Fashionable Vintage Tweed To Wear For The Perfect Picnic Day-Out

Vintage Tweed To Wear is a unique new pattern with a look that is both elegant and timeless. It is a contemporary twist on the traditional tweed jacket with a hint of the retro. Tweed has been a favorite fabric for over a century and a half. 

Fashionable Vintage Tweed To Wear For The Perfect Picnic Day-out

It is the classic summer camping companion, and the one piece of clothing that really defines sophistication in your wardrobe. for women, men and kids.

Vintage Tweed To Wear is the leading retailer in the US that sells classic tweed merchandise. The online store offers a full range of clothing, accessories, and home furnishings. 

1. Tweed Jackets/ Blazers

Forever stylish, elegant and immensely versatile, a high quality tweed jacket or blazer will last you a lifetime. Not only are they great to look at but can work with almost any outfit for a range of different occasions. 

For a more casual look you can pair a tweed blazer with a pair of jeans, or work you can pair the same blazer with a matching skirt or trousers. For a nice day out with a picnic a tweed blazer could be paired with a cute spring dress. 

2. Tweed Handbags

A tweed handbag can transform an entire outfit, not  only are they aestically pleasing but super practical too. 

Many different styles and size tweed bags are available to purchase and can be used for all different occasions. 

Larger tweed bags are perfect for day to day life, they allow you to carry all of your daily essentials. There are also stylish clutch bags available to purchase which are perfect for evening events

For the perfect picnic day out we would suggest a larger tweed bag which can fit everything you need for the day. 

There is a tweed bag to suit all occasions. 

3. Tweed Coats & Gilets

A classic coat or gilet can help you achieve a classic elegant country look or a more modern look with the wide range of styles available to suit all of your needs. 

Womens tweed coats are almost as versatile as the tweed jackets.    

Many of the women’s tweed coats and gilets can be found in genuine harris tweed. This ensures that you will not only be looking great but kept warm and toasty. 

4. Tweed Skirts And Dresses

Fashionable Vintage Tweed To Wear For The Perfect Picnic Day-out

As previously mentioned, tweed is a fantastic addition to any wardrobe, for all occasions. Tweed is bound to make a statement , whether that be,  a beautiful tweed dress or a sophisticated tweed co ord for work. 

A tweed skirt is something you will re-wear time and time again. You can pair it with many different items of clothing, for a range of different occasions, having one of these in your wardrobe is an essential! 

With the quality of Harris tweed, you are reassured that as long as you take care of it , your pieces will last you a long time, therefore these are good investment pieces. 

From vintage styling of the original tweed dresses and skirts to modern harris tweed skirts, which include a range of cocktail dresses and pencil skirts there are tweed skirts and dresses for all occasions including a nice picnic day out. 

5. Womens Tweed Gloves

A classic pair of tweed gloves is a perfect way to complete any outfit. Not only do they look great but are sure to keep your hands warm. 

The tweed fabric is made from a heavier wool fabric, which is high quality meaning you can re-wear time and time again as long as you take good care of them. 

Tweed gloves come in various sizes, patterns and colors meaning there are a pair for everyone. This also means they can be worn with many different styles, for example paired with a nice blazer and jeans for a casual day out or with a beautiful tweed dress. 

6. Tweed Shorts 

Tweed shorts have been a classic and essential for decades. The classic shorts are perfect for a picnic. 

These are a staple that are super versatile that can be worn with almost everything. From a formal dinner to a weekend picnic. 

You can pair these timeless shorts with a blazer and tie or with a cozy sweater ,meaning they can be worn all year round. 

Tweed shorts have been crafted with the classic cotton and wool blend that’s as comfortable as it is durable. 

7. Tweed Hats

A classic tweed hat is a timeless staple that belongs in everyone’s wardrobe. Due to the different styles of tweed hats available there is one for all of the seasons and to meet everyone’s different tastes. 

The tweed hat is an iconic accessory which adds tradition and class to your wardrobe. 

Although tweed hats have never gone out of fashion, recently they have become much more popular, this could be due to the hit tv series peaky blinders. 

Final Thoughts

Overall,  tweed has been a popular choice for both men and women for over 100 years. Due to the versatility of tweed there is an outfit to suit everyone’s style, budget and personality.

We hope this guide will assist you in finding and putting together your perfect tweed outfit for your picnic plans. 

This is especially ideal for the Summer and Spring months where you can wear only a few layers but keep yourself warm from any breezes with the tweed material. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Brand Is Most Famous For Tweed?

The most well known brand for producing tweed clothing and accessories is Harris. Harris tweed was first woven in the 18th century in Scotland. Harris tweed has a loose and open weave that is rough to touch. 

Is Tweed An Expensive Material?

Tweed can be expensive compared to other materials, however the reason for this is because it is extremely high quality cloth that is considered a timeless classic. There are now blended materials that offer a cheaper alternative. 

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