21 Festive White Christmas Nails Perfect for the Holiday Season

There is nothing that will get you right into the Christmas spirit quite like a fresh set of nails. There is something truly special about going to the salon and having your autumn nail art replaced with a Christmas pattern, and it is guaranteed to get you feeling festive. 

21 Festive White Christmas Nails Perfect for the Holiday Season

One of the best base colors for a set of Christmas nails is white. White represents so many different things, from the purity of the Virgin Mary to the crisp fall of the first snow in winter. On top of that, it really just is a brilliant color.

So, if you are looking for the perfect inspiration for your festive white Christmas nails, you are in the right place. Keep on reading for 20+ festive white Christmas nail designs that are perfect for the holiday season! 

1. White And Nude

The first design that we would recommend is this classy white and nude design. There is something about a nude and white nail combination that makes it look really fancy, and this design is even more special because of the Christmas inspiration behind it. 

If you want a set of nails that will see you through the holiday season into winter, then this set is perfect. It has a Christmas design without being too Christmassy, and that is why we love this nail design so much!

2. White And Silver

Another wonderful color combination for Christmas nails is white and silver. This color combination is perfect for the winter months, and a great option if you have lots of parties and functions over the festive period. 

We love this nail design because it doesn’t scream Christmas when you first see it. These nails could easily be Christmas nails, but you could really have them at any other time of the year too.

So, they are a perfect choice if you want Christmas nails, but don’t want to have your nails re-done immediately after the holiday season.

3. White With Snowflakes

In contrast, if you want a set of nails that scream Christmas, we would recommend opting for white nails with snowflake detailing. This design is so simple and sweet, but you can really see the hard work and artistry that goes into creating the design.

If you want your nails to scream Christmas, without having to include any color in the design, these are the nails we would recommend showing your nail tech. We’re certain you won’t be disappointed with the end result! 

4. White And Gold

Gold is a brilliant color to include in your festive nails as it has connections to the nativity in the Bible. Gold is a truly stunning color, and it perfectly contrasts the simplicity of the white base color on your nails. 

We love this design because it has a Christmassy vibe in a very discreet way. When you’re all dressed up for the festive season, these nails will really be given a chance to shine without taking away from your overall look. We love this design, and we’re certain you will too!

5. Classic French Polish

If you would prefer to keep things simple, why not opt for a classic French polish? A classic French polish will incorporate the color white in the design, and give your nails a classy, timeless look for the holiday season. 

If you have a lot of events booked over the festive period and don’t want your nails to clash with your outfit, then a French polish is a brilliant choice.

There isn’t an outfit out there that doesn’t go with a classic French polish, which is why we would always recommend it for the holiday season! 

6. White And Red

There are very few colors out there quite as festive as the color red, so we had to include a red and white Christmas nail design in this guide. This design is truly beautiful and perfect for anyone who wants festive nails without losing that classic almond shape. 

This nail design is so beautiful because each nail is a little different from the next. There is no denying that a lot of time and effort has gone into creating this design, and it is truly stunning. So, if you are looking for festive nails, check out this design!

7. White With Snowmen

A design that really does scream Christmas in every sense is this all-white nail design that comes with snowmen detailing. There is something truly special about festive nails that come with snowmen on them, and this design manages to do that while also remaining classy. 

This all-white design is just about as classy as you can get, and the snowman design on the ring finger just adds a little bit of fun to the design. It is perfect for anyone who wants festive nails without going too wild.

8. White And Pale Blue

There is no denying that white works incredibly well with pale colors and this pale blue is a testament to that. There is something about the combination of pastel blue with white that screams winter, and that is what makes this design so festive. 

If you want a Christmas nail design without having to go for a cheesy look, then this white and pale blue design is pretty much made for you. It is truly beautiful and perfect for the festive season. 

9. White And Pale Pink

Another brilliant pastel color to pair with white for your festive nail design is pale pink. As you can see, this color combination works incredibly well and it gives a real festive vibe. 

Pale pink isn’t necessarily the first color that you will think of when it comes to the holiday season, but there’s no denying that it really works in this Christmas design. So be sure to consider this color combination next time you go to the nail salon! 

10. All White

If you want to keep your Christmas nails as simple as possible, why not consider an all-white design?

There is something truly classic about a set of white nails, and this look is perfect for the festive season. It might not scream Christmas in the same way that some of these other designs have, but it is still perfect for the holiday period!

11. White And Bronze

Alternatively, if you loved the design of the white and gold nails we showed you earlier, we’re certain you’ll love this white and bronze design.

There is something about combining white with a metallic color that instantly makes the design look festive, and this white and bronze design is another example of that.

So, if you are looking for a festive design that will suit your nails throughout the entire winter season, we would recommend this design!

12. White And Mint Green

Another color that really makes you think of Christmas is green, and this white and mint green design is perfect for anybody searching for a festive nail design. 

We love the fact that just one nail in this design is left completely white as it really allows the color to pop.

This combined with the white snowflake sketched on top of the mint green middle nail is perfect. This truly is a stunning festive nail design that we think you’ll love! 

13. White, Red, And Green

In contrast, if you are searching for a nail design that is a little bolder, we would recommend this white, red, and green nail design. 

If there are 2 colors that make you think of Christmas, they have to be red and green. The combination of red and green alongside white in this design is perfect for anyone looking for a festive design that is full of fun too. We love this design, and we’re sure you will as well! 

14. White And Black

Black likely isn’t the first color that you think of when you think of Christmas, but this white and black design still manages to look festive!

If you want a timeless design, then this white and black look is one that we would definitely recommend. It is simple yet beautiful, and perfect for anyone who is unsure about what nail design to have this festive season. 

15. White With Gingerbread

If you want to go fully festive, we really would suggest this white nail design that comes with gingerbread detailing. The best thing about this gingerbread nail design is that it remains festive while also being pretty different from what you might expect in festive nails.

When it comes to festive nails, most people will opt for a design including Christmas trees, Santa Claus, or reindeer, but this gingerbread design is something a little different. That is why we like it so much! 

16. White With Christmas Decals

Another wonderful design that we would recommend if you want your nails to be as Christmassy as possible is this white nail design with Christmas decals. 

This design is perfect for anybody who wants to go the whole hog when it comes to Christmas nails and cover their nails with Christmas designs.

We love these nails simply because they are so perfect for anyone obsessed with Christmas. So, if you like Christmas as much as we do, check out this design! 

17. White With Gold Brushes

For something a little more subtle, we would recommend this white nail design with gold brushes. White and gold are a truly festive color combination, and this design is really classy. 

If you have a busy festive period with lots of high-class events, we would recommend checking out this nail design. We’re certain you’ll love it as much as we do!

18. White Sparkles

Another brilliant design for anybody who likes to sparkle at Christmas is this white sparkle design. 

Nothing will make you more like a festive Princess than a set of white, sparkly nails, and that is why you really should check out this design! If you want to sparkle from Christmas through to NYE, this is the festive nail design we would recommend. 

19. White With Diamanté

If you loved the last design, but aren’t quite ready to go full sparkles, we would recommend opting for this white nail design with diamanté. This nail design allows your nails to sparkle without being quite as bold as the last design we looked at. 

There is something truly special about having diamanté cover your nails, and that is exactly how you should feel over the festive period.

If you can’t be bold at Christmas, when can you? So be sure to check out this white with diamanté nail design if you are looking for a festive design!

20. Dark Blue And White

Dark blue or navy likely isn’t the first color that you think of when you picture festive nails, but when you see this design we’re certain you’ll change your mind! 

There is something about the classy color combination of dark blue and white in this design that really makes it clear these nails are designed for Christmas.

That’s without even mentioning the beautiful white snowflake delicately crafted onto the ring finger. The combination of dark blue, sparkles, and white in this nail design is truly special, and something we would definitely recommend for Christmas!

21. White With Mistletoe

Finally, if you are looking for a way to kiss your significant other under the mistletoe whenever you please, this white nail design with mistletoe detailing is perfect for you.

With this design, you won’t have to search for mistletoe to kiss your partner under, instead, you can simply hold your hand above their head for mistletoe on demand.

The novelty of this design aside, it is a truly beautiful look that couldn’t be more special for the holiday season. So, if you are searching for Christmas nails, we really would recommend this look! 


In short, there are lots of beautiful different nail designs that you can use as inspiration for your next set of festive Christmas nails. From an all-white design to a design that incorporates white with a variety of different colors, there are lots to choose from. 

Thank you for reading!

Willa Price

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