15 Fresh Kentucky Derby Party Outfits That Will Guarantee To Turn Heads

The Kentucky Derby is the first leg of the American Triple Crown of horse races. It was first held in 1875 and has been held every year since on the first Saturday in May, making it the longest-running sports event in the United States.

It’s seen as the most prestigious event in the horse racing calendar so if you’re lucky enough to go to a Kentucky Derby party, you will need to choose the right outfit.

In fact, fashion is almost as synonymous with the event as horse racing is! There’s no need to be conservative in your color and style with the Kentucky Derby as the party fashion is all about being seen and being glamorous. 

Whether you’re going to a party at the racetrack or attending a fun party at home, you will need an outfit suitable for this prestigious occasion.

That’s why we’ve created this article with 15 fresh Kentucky Derby party outfits that will guarantee to turn heads.

Let’s get started!

15 Fresh Kentucky Derby Party Outfits That Will Guarantee To Turn Heads

15 Fresh Kentucky Derby Party Outfits That Will Guarantee To Turn Heads


For women, dresses are one of the most common items of clothing worn and are the item that the rest of the outfit is arranged around.

Floral dresses are one of the most popular styles so look for bold and beautiful designs that draw the eye. 

Several different cuts work well with floral prints and by choosing a bold print for your dress, you can accessorize it with plainer hats and shoes.

Try to choose hats and shoes that match the main color of your dress.


Dresses with bold floral patterns are great and eye-catching, but they can often divert attention away from other aspects of your outfit.

If you have a stunning hat that you want to be the star of the show, then you’re better off avoiding bold dress patterns in favor of something more understated.

This is where solid colors can come in handy. These have been increasingly popular in recent years at the Derby and are no less glamorous.


These 1950s-style dresses are perfect for the Kentucky Derby. They’re fitted up top and give you a beautiful waistline before flaring out into a wide and layered skirt.

A variety of different styles work with these dresses, but we especially like dresses in pastel colors and those with big floral prints.

Rockabilly dresses are flattering for all body types as long as they’re well-fitted.

Try to match your hat and shoes to the main color of the dress and don’t forget the 1950s-inspired hairstyle for that finishing touch!


If you don’t want to completely commit to the 1950s style but do like the cut of the dresses, then you can opt for a fit and flare dress.

These are dresses that are fitted at the waist and have skirts that flare, but they don’t have the layers that rockabilly skirts do.

They also offer more variety in the cut of the top as you can get sleeveless options and a wider variety of necklines.

We like these dresses in solid colors and find them to be some of the most comfortable dresses for a long day at the races. 


This is a less common sight at the Kentucky Derby but that doesn’t make it a bad choice!

Off-the-shoulder dresses are a sexy and playful style of dress and it’s less likely that you’ll find someone wearing the same dress as you if you opt for one!

We recommend choosing off-the-shoulder dresses in solid but demure shades, such as whites and pastels.

The style of the dress makes its own statement so you don’t need to make one with your print or color.


We love dresses with ruffles! Too many ruffles are never a good option, but one or two that run down the skirt of a dress from the waistline to the hem can add some class and style.

Even the plainest dress can become something special thanks to a well-placed ruffle!

It’s best to choose solid colors with ruffles, but you don’t have to choose demure colors.

Go as bold as you want with bright blues, greens, and reds. Add a hat and some shoes in the same color and you have the perfect Derby outfit.


There aren’t many occasions where you can wear a dress that is entirely made from lace, but the Kentucky Derby is one of those occasions.

When many people think of lace they probably think of white, but we would advise choosing any color you wish.

We especially love darker colors in lace, such as emerald green, navy, and blood red.

Match your nails, hat, and shoes and you can even pair them with some dark tights if you wish.


Our final dress option is a maxi dress. These dresses flow with the lines of your body and can definitely make a statement. 

There are many different colors and necklines you can choose from as well, so there is sure to be a maxi dress for you. We like bold colors and prints!


Although dresses are very popular and one of the easiest ways to ensure your clothes are coordinated, you don’t have to opt for a dress.

Separate tops and bottoms can look just as glamorous and classy and give you the option to mix up the styles.

Separates are also a great way to ensure you get more wear out of your outfit.

It may be difficult to find another event that your Kentucky Derby dress is suitable for, but a pretty blouse is easier to match with other outfits. We like pairing floral or lace skirts with plainer tops.


Another version of separates that always looks hot at the Kentucky Derby is a pantsuit.

These aren’t a modern choice either as they became very popular with women at the Derby during the 1960s when the feminism movement was really gaining steam. 

There are many different options when it comes to pantsuits. Make sure they’re well-cut and flatter your figure and wear them with a nice blouse.

Pantsuits and heels are an amazing combination so don’t be afraid to wear your highest heels!


Of course, we can’t talk about Kentucky Derby outfits without speaking about hats!

No Derby outfit is complete without one and the most traditional and common type of hat that is worn is a wide-brimmed hat that is oversized and makes a statement.

Wide-brimmed hats come in all colors so make sure to match them to your outfit and your shoes.

You can also opt for decorations on your hat such as flowers, ribbons, and bows.


Another great type of hat to wear for the Derby is a fascinator. These are small headpieces that often don’t cover the entire head and they have become very popular in recent years.

They’re commonly worn by the British Royal Family and by guests at Royal Ascot, the premiere British horse racing event.

With a pedigree like this, it’s no surprise they’ve made their way to Kentucky.

These hats might be small but they still make a large statement.

They ensure that your face and hairstyle are in full view and can often be taller than they are wide, thanks to elaborate decorations on top.


Some say that diamonds are a girl’s best friend but we disagree and think it is a pair of gorgeous high heels! 

Match the color of your heels to your dress if you can, but if your budget doesn’t stretch far enough for a new pair of heels, then you can never go wrong with black! 


Heels aren’t for everyone, especially at long events where you may need to stand around so we have a few more options as well. 

Open-toed sandals can keep your feet comfortable throughout the entire day.

They also give you the chance to show off your pedicure so make sure you match your nail polish if you do go for sandals.


If you want to add some extra height but high heels aren’t going to be comfortable enough for the entire day, then wedge sandals are the best choice.

They will keep your feet supported throughout the entire day and many of them have cushioned insoles.

If you can’t find the perfect color for your outfit, then light-colored sandals in shades of white, cream, and light pink are a good substitute. 

Final Thoughts

In this article, we listed 15 fresh Kentucky Derby party outfits that will guarantee to turn heads.

No matter what your style is, there is sure to be an outfit here for you. We choose outfits full of glamor, color, and style and they’re all perfect for a Kentucky Derby party.

We hope that this article was informative and that you found the perfect outfit for you!

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