15 Fresh Sneakers That Go With Everything That Will Guarantee To Turn Heads

While the trend of sneaker collecting has grown immensely in the last 25 years, sometimes you just don’t need a thousand pairs of sneakers.

15 Fresh Sneakers That Go With Everything That Will Guarantee To Turn Heads

Whether you don’t have the funds or find having an obscene amount of sneakers pointless, it can be difficult to stay on top of the trends.

However, everyone needs a few staple pairs of sneakers that are sure to be comfortable and keep any outfit fresh and casual.

From toddlers to the elderly, a pair of sneakers are an essential for the everyday outfit. That’s why we have put together 15 fresh sneakers that go with everything and are guaranteed to turn heads.

1. Air Jordan 1

One of Nike’s most iconic sneaker creations. The Air Jordan’s were designed in collaboration with basketball legend Michael Jordan in the 1980’s and has since been one of the most popular sneakers on the market.

The high top sneaker is available in a range of colors and is simple to style. From jeans and plain to top to a sleek, well-fitted suit, Air Jordan 1’s are a must for any sneakers enthusiast.

You may want to purchase a good quality shoe cleaning kit to keep them fresh!

2. OG Tech Runner

OG Tech Runners have had their highs and lows in terms of aesthetics and can often be found on the feet of dads seeking comfort over style.

However, the OG Tech Runners do have something more to offer than bad jokes. The sneakers are high quality running shoes making them perfect for logging those miles while still looking put together.

Many rarely use their OG Tech Runners for their intended purpose, instead they are paired with jeans and a hoodie for a comfortable look. Perfect for running errands, waiting in the airport or even going to lunch.

3. Classic Low Rise Sneaker

In need of a shoe you can wear almost anywhere with ease and comfort? You may want to snag yourself a classic low rise sneaker.

The classic low rise sneaker is one of the most popular sneakers on the market today. From Adidas to Nike, you can find a good pair of low rise sneakers available by almost any brand.

Keep your low rise sneakers simple with a white color scheme or go a little more adventurous with a bright color combo or patterns.

4. The Chuck Taylor

Simply put, Chuck Taylor’s cannot be replaced and should be a staple in every person’s collection. You can’t choose between the Chuck 70, a slightly retro twist on the original shape, and the basic low-top version in white and black.

You can wear your Chuck Taylors anywhere you like from lunch to a nightclub to even a wedding! They are the true definition of timeless and are worth every penny.

5. Modern Tech Basketball Sneakers

Many shoe collectors out there are still holding onto Air Jordans from the 80’s. However, if you are still wearing sneakers from 5 years ago, you are probably looking to upgrade. The Modern Tech Basketball sneakers are fitted with new technology every year.

From memory foam cushioning to improved air flow, you will want to be on top of your game when on the court. You want modern tech basketball sneakers that offer comfort and support.

6. Slip On Sneakers

Slip On sneakers are one of the best creations in the sneaker industry for those who simply don’t have time to be tying laces. In the 2010’s, slip on sneakers had the nation in a choke hold and for good reason.

With a minimalist design they are easy to style and even easier to slip on. Now whether you wear socks, invisible socks, or go barefoot is a personal decision. But you can rest easy knowing that if you’re in a rush or wanting a comfortable shoe, your slip on sneakers are there.

7. Skate Sneakers

When it comes to looking stylish while remaining comfortable, skate sneakers are a must. Vans rule the game when it comes to skate sneakers with skaters and punk rock music lovers making sure the brand is on the map.

Now, everyone and their grandma can be seen wearing a pair of the classic, low rise, sneaker. From slip on to laced sneakers, they are the definition of cool.

Over time the sneaker molds to your foot making it perfect for everyday wear. You will instantly feel like blasting Blink-182 on the drive to work.

8. Running Sneakers

Everyone is aware of running sneakers. Similar to the OG Tech Runners, only with a more defining design.

Running sneakers are worn by everyone from marathon runners to healthcare workers making them extremely comfortable and wearable.

Pair with a simple pair of jeans and a shirt for a sleek, casual outfit or with your favorite workout apparel to remain trendy at the gym.

Your running sneakers should be comfortable enough to complete your morning jog and stylish enough to head straight to lunch without feeling like you are stuck in the 80’s.

9. Chunky Sneakers

Chunky sneakers combine the best of both worlds from Running sneakers and OG Tech Runners. With their odd shape they truly are a rather odd shape while proving an homage to the 90’s.

While they have the shape of a running sneaker, they may not be the most comfortable when striking the concrete.

However, they are guaranteed to get you looks and even some compliments.

We love a pair of chunky sneakers with a pair of wide leg jeans or trousers for the perfect mix of smart casual.

10. Air Force 1

AF1s are the definition of tried-and-true, having been popularized by hip-hop legends like Nelly and adored by cool kids and Insta-girls worldwide. Plus, the foam cushioning, cushioned collar, and perforated toe make these white Nike sneakers incredibly comfortable.

Whether you are hitting the clubs or out for a day of shopping, Air Force 1’s should always be an option.

If you opt for the classic all white Air Force 1’s you will definitely want to invest in a cleaning kit. No one wants to walk around with a dirty pair of sneakers.

11. Nike Dunk Sneakers

The Nike Dunks have dominated the sneaker market for years. Similar to the Air Jordans, the dunks are a comfortable sneaker made for the basketball court.

With a redesign in 2019 Nike Dunks have become more popular than ever. With both high top and low rise versions, there is a pair to suit everyone’s style.

Perfect if you miss the colors of the 80’s or are wanting something a little more chunky and exciting than Air Force 1’s.

12. New Balance 990

Thanks to their legendary 99x series from 1982, which started with the New Balance 990, Boston-based footwear brand New Balance rose to prominence in the fashion industry.

The collection is renowned for its retro-inspired design, high-end pigskin suede and mesh panels, and the ENCAP and ABZORB midsole technology that are found underneath.

A pair of these timeless classics should be in every shoe collection because NB have been the emerging stars in the sneaker world.

13. Converse Chuck 70 Sneakers

Everyone loves and owns a pair of the classic Chuck Taylors mentioned in this article. But some outfits call for a low-rise design.

The Chuck 70’s offer the same look and feel of the classic high-top Chuck Taylor while looking like a completely different shoe.

Breaking barriers between genres and fashion trends, the Converse Chuck 70 Sneakers will be worn and loved time and time again.

14. Nike Blazer Sneakers

From weight lifting enthusiasts to sneaker collectors, the Nike Blazer is an essential shoe to add to the collection.

Introduced in 1973, the Blazer has been loved by thousands. Typically made of suede or leather and a textured vulcanized rubber sole, the Blazer was named after NBA Portland Trail Blazers.

Pair with jeans and a blazer or with your favorite gym outfit, the Nike Blazer sneakers are comfortable and versatile.

15. Adidas Superstars

While Nike is one of the top players in the sneakers industry, Adidas has always been close behind.

Their Superstar sneakers are a perfect mix between tennis shoes and cool sneakers. They are a classic sneaker with the iconic Adidas stripes and herringbone-pattern outsole. From Dads to newborns, everyone can rock a pair of Adidas Superstars.

These sneakers have been loved by many since the 80’s and are sure to continue their popularity throughout time.

Final Thoughts

Finding a fresh pair of sneakers has never been easier! With so many options on the market it can seem like a minefield to find the right pair.With 15 fresh sneakers you can create cool, stylish outfits that are sure to grab everyone’s attention.

You just have to decide between high-top or low rise? Slip on or lace up? Chunky or slim?Have fun with colors or keep it simply with white and black to create thousands of looks to wear to any occasion.And what’s better? You don’t need a different shoe for every event!

Willa Price