15 Fresh Vintage Ankle Boots That Will Guarantee To Turn Heads

If there’s one thing that really takes a look to the next level, it’s shoes! From sneakers to platforms, to ballet flats, there are so many different shoes out there for you to choose from.

If you are more of a boot person than a sneakers person, then you’ve probably found your way to this article because you’re on the prowl for some ankle boots.

15 Fresh Vintage Ankle Boots That Will Guarantee To Turn Heads

Ankle boots are great because they can be worn practically all year round and they aren’t as much of a commitment as long boots.

We’ll be going over 15 vintage ankle boot options that are guaranteed to turn heads and complete your looks in all the right ways! So let’s get started!

15 Fresh Vintage Ankle Boots That Will Guarantee To Turn Heads

Finding the right vintage ankle boots is no easy challenge, but this list is sure to help you!

Each of the options we have included is absolutely gorgeous, goes with almost any look, and is sure to have people complimenting you left, right, and center!

Read on to find out a little bit more about 15 of the freshest vintage ankle boots that are guaranteed to turn heads.

1. Teelong Women’s Vintage Ankle Boots

Kicking off the list we have the Women’s Vintage Ankle Boots, brought to you by Teelong.

These ankle boots absolutely scream vintage and they come in a few different varieties of colors and patterns so you can cater to your personal aesthetic.

The outer material is made from suede, while the sole is made from rubber, so your feet will be comfortable all day.

The suede finish gives these ankle boots a bit of extra depth that is sure to stop people in their tracks when they see them!

2. GUCCI Leather Ankle Boots

Could we really make a list of vintage ankle boots without including an entry from GUCCI? This particular pair is all black and made of course from leather, which gives the whole boot a bit of an edge.

They are very sleek and minimal in design, but sometimes less is more!

They come with a small zip on the sid, making them easy to slip on and off. If you want to feel glamorous while wearing vintage boots, these GUCCI leather ankle boots are perfect for you!

3. Vivienne Westwood Patent Leather Lace Up Boots

If you want a pair of vintage ankle boots that have a bit more of a classical feeling to them, then look no further than these Patent Leather Lace Up Boots, brought to you by Vivienne Westwood.

Described as being “steampunk/gothic” these vintage ankle boots are perfect for anyone who is a bit more alternative in their fashion sense.

They are bold in their design, but subtle enough that they will work with practically any outfit. You’ll really turn heads in this stunning vintage pair of ankle boots.

4. Dior Leather Ankle Boots

If you are ready to be bold and daring in your boots of choice, then you should definitely give these leather ankle boots a try. Brought to you by Dior, these boots are a stunning glossy red leather color.

This pair is truly a showstopper and no one will be able to take their eyes off of you or your boots! They are truly a symbol of high fashion while also maintaining a beautiful vintage look.

This particular pair also dons the Dior logo on the side of both boots, so you can really show off your expensive taste.

5. Jean Paul Gaultier Cloth Ankle Boots

Brought to you by Jean Paul Gaultier, this pair of ankle boots is incredibly stunning. They are all black and made of cloth material with high platform and denim heels.

This pair of ankle boots has its own edge because of the material it’s made out of, as well as the lace-up feature with the leather strap.

These cloth ankle boots are incredibly fashionable and have a beautiful vintage energy about them. You are sure to turn heads whenever you step outside in these ankle boots!

6. Prada Leather Ankle Boots

This pair of leather ankle boots is brought to you by Prada and they are great for anyone who wants a vintage-esque pair of boots with a bit of color!

Instead of the classic black, these Prada leather ankle boots are tan. They will leave a fantastic impression on anyone who is fortunate enough to see you in them!

Sleek and classic, these leather boots pair well with almost any look, so you will be able to get plenty of use out of them.

7. Jimmy Choo Leather Ankle Boots

Another big designer with a lovely pair of vintage ankle boots, this pair is unique in both its color and its shape.

The whole shoe is pale blue in color and they are really low in cut, which is perfect for showing off your ankles.

This is a great pair of vintage leather ankle boots for anyone who enjoys wearing pastel-colored outfits. If you love pastels, these ankle boots will pair perfectly with practically all of them!

8. Chanel Leather Ankle Boots

This pair of ankle boots is brought to you by Channel.

If you don’t want a pair of vintage boots that have color, but black is a bit too much for you, then this pair is perfect because they are dark brown in color.

The leather itself is very soft, making the whole shoe incredibly comfortable to wear. Because they are dark brown, they still go really well with any outfits you’d wear if you were putting on black boots instead.

9. Tod’s Patent Leather Biker Boots

Though these are technically biker boots, they still very much fall into the ankle boot category.

This particular pair is brought to you by Tod’s and they are a great pair of vintage ankle boots for anyone who wants a more alternative look.

They are completely black leather with a silver and zip popper, which really adds an extra bit of depth to the overall look of the shoe.

The heel is quite chunky and reaches a height of 6.5 cm, so you’ll definitely get a bit of extra height when you wear them.

10. Alexander McQueen Leather Lace-Up Boots

Lace-up boots are always extremely classy, and that can definitely be said with these ankle boots by Alexander McQueen.

They are incredibly vintage in their design, being completely lace up with a unique synthetic lace flower on the ends of each shoe.

This is a great pair of ankle boots for anyone who wants something a little different while still conforming to the vintage vibe.

The heels are nice and thin as well, so if you’re looking for a boot that is closer to a stiletto than wedges, this pair will work perfectly for you.

11. Gucci Ankle Boots

Another entry from Gucci, this pair is Camel in color and made from suede material. This is a great pair for anyone who wants something a bit more neutral that still goes with most of their outfits.

The mixture of Camel and suede really gives this pair its vintage feel and it’s a fine pair of shoes to add to your collection.

12. Burberry Leather Buckle Boots

These leather buckle boots are brought to you by Burberry and they are completely black in color, with the Burberry branding on the buckle.

The heel is stiletto in style and 13 cm in height, but they are a lot easier to walk in thanks to the platform that is included in the design.

You’ll feel like a million dollars when you wear these ankle boots!

13. Chanel Patent Leather Ankle Boots

Another entry from Chanel, these patent leather boots are quite steampunk in design and perfect for anyone who wants a vintage look that is also quite an alternative.

The heel itself is 10cm and made of patent leather. This is quite a rare Chanel pair that you will absolutely adore!

14. Russell & Bromley Patent Leather Biker Boots

These ankle boots are all black in color and sport a crocodile print style design. They ooze with vintage energy and are sure to turn heads whenever you step into a room!

The heels are 12 cm with a 2 cm platform.

15. Dolce & Gabbana Ankle Boots

And finally, we have this lovely pair of ankle boots brought to you by Dolce & Gabbana. They are made of a black suede material and they look incredibly sleek and vintage.

This is a very unique style of shoe because the stiletto heel is covered to make the whole shoe seem like a big wedge. You’re sure to turn heads if you go outside in this pair of boots!


There are plenty of vintage-style ankle boots out there, but we’re sure that the ones we have included in this list are the best showstoppers out there!

Give some of these pairs a try and see which ones work best for you and your style today!

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