15 Fresh Vintage Baseball Hats That Will Guarantee To Turn Heads

Since even the 1860s, Baseball caps have been an absolute staple of fashion, and not only a great way to protect the eyes from direct sunlight, but also a great way to express oneself.

Because baseball caps have been around for so many years, there’s no shortage of extremely cool and unique designs available across the world.

15 Fresh Vintage Baseball Hats That Will Guarantee To Turn Heads

In fact, there are also plenty of vintage baseball caps around that are certainly guaranteed to get heads turning.

But of the millions and millions of vintage baseball caps available out there, which ones really stand out as the very best?

Well, if you’ve been looking for vintage baseball cap inspiration, then look no further than this list, because we are going to show you 15 of the freshest vintage baseball caps that are certain to garner attention if worn in public!

Let’s dive right in!

1. Pepsi Cola

We can’t get over the effortless simplicity of this adorable Pepsi hat!

Originally designed and released around the 70s and 80s, this cap features a classic Pepsi logo emblazoned directly across the front, which really helps to give it a vintage look that is sure to gather attention.

This piece would look great with a casual outfit, especially thanks to the corduroy material used across it, which gives it an attractively scruffy look

The subtle dark blue color also gives it a very laidback trucker look that makes it so totally irresistible.

2. 1969 Cap

If you want a truly vintage look, then you couldn’t do better than this hat!

This hat is designed to look heavily aged, which helps to fill it with a tremendous sense of character that not only means it will draw heads, but will also invite conversation.

And of course, it helps that the date of 1969, emblazoned across the front of it suggests a rich history behind the hat!

We also love the look of the frayed material, which creates the sense that the cap has an intense story to tell.

3. Truly Vintage

This is a truly amazing vintage baseball cap that we would have no trouble claiming would turn heads.

Just look at it! The unique shape of the hat is rather adorable, soft, and rounded, which creates a unique profile when worn on the head.

And, of course, we couldn’t possibly go without mentioning the awesome pair of sunglasses that is directly attached to the brim of the cap, allowing the wearer to easily adjust their sight no matter the weather conditions!

This cap is truly vintage, and as such cannot be bought, only seen at the National Baseball Museum and Hall of Fame.

4. Coca Cola

This 90s vintage wonder is one of our absolute favorites on this list.

Its simple color palette is more than enough to make us big fans of everything about it; sporting the original creamy white and dark red colors that have made the brand so iconic across the world.

You’d be sure to draw attention with this hat, thanks to how much history it clearly has, and how recognizable it is!

5. Picnic Cap

How could you not fall right in love with this baseball cap?

It’s got such an adorable design that boasts not only simple and pleasant colors but also a perfectly designed patch across the front that boasts a very simple hipster design that is sure to work with all kinds of average outfits.

This would be a great vintage baseball cap to wear at a party, thanks to how great and interesting it looks!

6. Boston Celtics

Corduroy is totally back in style, and is a great material that you will find used in all kinds of vintage styles of clothing.

This vintage baseball cap is no exception and makes use of a totally unique bright green color scheme that helps it to celebrate the Boston Celtics, and its famous ‘80s player Larry Bird.

If you want to attract the attention of fellow Boston Celtics fans, then this is the perfect hat to opt for!

7. Snap-On Tools

While this hat certainly looks like it might be worn by a ‘Snap-On’ employee or a fan of the company, what makes this vintage cap fantastic is that it could easily be worn as an ironic statement as a funny fashion accessory to draw attention.

We love how simple the design looks, while still actually looking very fashionable. The combination of colors is striking enough to draw attention without being overbearing.

8. Fish Cap

Few things scream “Vintage” more than kitschy baseball caps with adorable designs on them!

This vintage embroidered cap evokes images of old camping trips with family and friends, which immediately gives it this nostalgic feeling befitting of such an awesome vintage hat.

You’d be the talk of any event you wore it to, thanks to how easily it can be integrated into modern outfits while still being suitably vintage looking.

We also loved the deep green color that it boasts, giving it a great color that can be combined with various other colors to create a unique outfit.


It’s difficult not to be impressed by the striking look of this hat! Its classic design boasts a classic version of the FDNY logo, emblazoned brightly and boldly across the deep blue color of the material!

The combination of colors is striking, but also very complementary, which makes it a total pleasure to look at!

10. Hooters

Few logos seem to evoke that sense of ‘vintageness’ quite like Hooters! Hooters is one of the oldest surviving bar chains in the United States and has become a total staple of American culture (Check out What To Wear In Vegas).

As such, what better way to celebrate this than by donning this vintage cap that directly celebrates the Orland Park location?

This cap even features the classic logo, which helps to give it an even greater sense of history.

We also couldn’t help but love the creamy color, which looks great contrasted against the deep blue of the brim!

11. Marlboro

This is a totally awesome vintage baseball cap design.

The Marlboro logo does not often find itself on many products such as this these days, which of course helps to make this a wonderful option for anyone looking for an awesome vintage baseball cap.

The inclusion of the cowboy image embroidered across the logo also gives the whole cap a great sense of character, thus guaranteeing its ability to draw eyes, and invite exciting conversation about its design.

12. San Francisco

Celebrate one of the United States’ best cities by donning this vintage cap that features a simply wonderful design complete with one of the iconic San Francisco trams engraved across the front, bursting through the simple shape design.

This cap has a great sense of depth and thus plenty of character to draw attention.

13. South Park

This particular cap fetches quite a hefty price on the internet, and it’s not exactly surprising to see why.

It features a very vibrant ‘90s design of the iconic ‘kick the baby’ gag from the series South Park, which totally hit its stride in the decade.

This cap totally looks like it belongs in the era it’s from, which makes it a total shoo-in for this list.

The design wraps over the entire front of the cap, which makes it a totally awesome way to draw attention.

14. Pioneer Seed Corn

If you want a totally kitschy hat that is full of vintage charm, then we just know that you would love this Pioneer Seed Corn design.

The stark white color scheme of the cap makes it look incredibly striking, and easily makes it stand out in just about any context, while the fun logo on the front invites conversation!

15. Bush Quayle ‘92

It doesn’t get more 90s than this.

Not only would wearing this hat be a great ironic statement that is sure to draw attention and conversation, but it also looks great when paired with the right outfit, thanks to its incredibly striking blue color.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are The Old Grandpa Hats Called?

These hats are called flat caps, and they originated in the British Isles!

Which Brand Is Famous For Caps?

The brands most commonly recognized for producing caps are those that produce sporting goods, like Nike, Adidas, and Puma.

What Are The Three Types Of Caps?

There are three distinct types of baseball cap, each of which being named after the shape that it has.

The high-profile cap has a high crown, the mid-profile cap has a medium crown, and the low-profile cap has a low crown.

To Wrap Up

There you have it! Those are just a few of the best vintage baseball caps that can be found across the web, but absolutely the very best. No doubt, they’d each have heads turning in no time.

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