Get The 80s Grunge Look For Women

Grunge might be a term that you are familiar with if you have been following fashion trends for the past few decades.

Get The 80s Grunge Look For Women…

However, each time grunge comes back into fashion, it is in a slightly different incarnation.

If you want to achieve a vintage grunge look that is true to the original 80s look, the suggestions in this article could help you create the perfect look.

We have compiled a list of some signature pieces you should add to your closet to get the 80s grunge look. 

What Is Grunge?

Grunge was originally a rock style characterized by raucous guitar sounds and a lazy vocal delivery style.

The term grunge for fashion refers to the type of clothing that would often be worn by grunge bands and people who were fans of grunge bands.

Over time, it became an iconic look that has been recreated many times since as its own style of fashion separate from the music genre.  

How To Get The 80s Grunge Look For Women

In the 80s, the grunge style was very much attached to the genre of music.

It would be uncommon for someone to wear grunge clothing without being a fan of the music.

Nowadays, grunge style can be completely independent of the music and can be adopted by anybody.

Below are some of the main things that you should add to your closet if you want to create an authentic, 80s grunge style.  

Lace-Up Boots And Dr. Martens

One of the most iconic staples of a grunge closet is a pair of lace-up boots, preferably in black.

The boots should be combat style to be truly grunge. If you want to be as authentic as possible, a pair of Dr. Martens is a must.

The black leather and the trademark yellow stitching are the pinnacles of grunge chic that can be added to any outfit to make it look grunge.  

Plain Tees And Sleeveless Tees

Having a collection of dark, plain tees is a classic staple of a grunge closet.

The best thing about them is that they can go with any other item from your closet.

Having a couple of sleeveless tees is also a great option, but there is a surefire way to make them look instantly more grungy. 

Instead of purchasing tees that have been purposefully made without sleeves, you can buy a regular tee and rip the sleeves off to make it sleeveless.

The resulting fraying will add to the grunge vibes.  

Having a plain white tee in your arsenal can also be a useful addition to other grunge outfits.

Similarly, having tees with grunge bands on them can also be a good look.  

Baggy Pants

Skinny jeans and leggings are a definite no-no when it comes to grunge style.

Instead, the baggier your pants the better. The best thing about pants for a grunge style is that they can be pretty much any color and pattern that you can think of.

Some common options that were seen a lot during the 80s were plaid pants in colors such as green and red, and black pants.  

Baggy Jeans

In a similar vein to baggy pants, baggy and ripped jeans are a very popular staple of 80s grunge style.

When looking for jeans in this style today, a pair of ripped mom jeans can be a really good choice.

Getting your grunge jeans from a thrift shop is the best choice as the more worn they are the more grunge they look.

If you can get some that have natural rips in them rather than manufactured ones, they will look much more authentically grunge.  

Ripped Denim Shorts

Another great option for a grunge look is ripped denim shorts.

The more ripped and frayed the shorts are, the more grunge they will look.

These are perfect for pairing with some form of stockings or pantyhose and your lace-up boots.

Great for a summer grunge look that will keep you cool and looking cool. 

Fishnet Stockings

One of the easiest ways to make an outfit look grunge is to add some fishnet stockings.

Whether you are wearing ripped denim shorts, ripped jeans, or a slip dress, fishnet stockings can be the perfect finishing touch to make your outfit look grunge chic from the 80s.  

Slip Dress

A slip dress might not sound like the most grunge item of clothing in the world, but actually, grunge can be quite feminine.

Get The 80s Grunge Look For Women…

A slip dress by itself is almost the opposite of grunge, but with the right accessories and other items of clothing, it can be the ultimate summer grunge outfit.

All you need to do is pair the dress with either a plain white tee underneath the dress or a plaid shirt over the dress.

This will instantly make it look more grunge. If you add some fishnet stockings and your Dr. Martens to the look, you will have the ultimate, female grunge outfit.  

Plaid Shirts

As mentioned above, plaid shirts are a staple of grunge closets that can instantly add some grunge chic to a look.

The best thing about plaid shirts is that they are more than just style, they also add substance.

Instead of wearing a heavy jacket in the fall or on summer nights, you can simply throw on a plaid shirt over your outfit and you can stay warm and keep your grunge cool.

As with the jeans, the more worn the shirt is the better it will look.

If you have a shirt with some frayed hems on the sleeves and a couple of threadbare patches it would be perfect for this look. 

Alternatively, just find an old shirt from a thrift store and rough it up a little bit.  

Black Leather

Another great option to create a grunge look is to add some black leather pieces to your closet.

One of the most versatile pieces of black leather you can add to your closet is a leather jacket.

Again, it is best to go with a jacket that is slightly oversized to keep with the laid back vibe of grunge style.

You should also try to avoid any leather jackets that have a lot of structure or additions such as studs and tassels as these will take away from the grunge vibe.  

You can also add leather skirts to your grunge closet.

Pairing this with fishnets, boots, and a plaid shirt can be a fun, feminine, and comfortable grunge outfit that you can wear for any occasion.  

Fingerless Gloves

Fingerless gloves are a well-established stalwart of grunge style and can be perfect for keeping you warmer on nights out with your friends.

There are plenty of places where you can get fingerless gloves but if you want to be able to keep with the frayed look that is iconic to grunge outfits, you can buy regular gloves and cut the fingers off to get authentic fraying.  

Tips For The Perfect 80s Grunge Look

There is one main tip that is important to remember when you are trying to create the perfect 80s grunge look.

Avoid purchasing new clothes that have been manufactured to look like grunge clothing.  

This means that you should try to steer clear of jeans and shorts that are already ripped at the point of manufacturing.

This is because the rips will look too uniform rather than natural and carefree.

This also means that you should try not to buy plaid shirts that have manufactured rips and frays.  

While it might seem like a smart idea to try and buy clothes that already look grunge-like, it can actually be counterproductive.

The point of the fraying and the rips in grunge clothing is that it has been worn a lot and natural, unique rips and wear and tear happen to it.

When the clothing has been manufactured to feature these things, you can end up wearing jeans that are identical to other people in your group right down to the rips which aren’t very cool.

Final Thoughts

There are a few ways in which you can create an authentic 80s grunge look and adding a few simple items to your closet can give you a range of grunge outfit options that are authentic and original. 

Willa Price