How To Accessorize A Black Floral Dress

Black dresses have always been popular and it’s no real surprise as to why. Regardless of what type of black dress it is, they are incredibly versatile and seem to pair with practically anything. 

Black floral dresses are no exception to this rule, but because there’s a bit more of a pattern going on, you might be a bit overwhelmed in your choices.

How To Accessorize A Black Floral Dress

Whether you want to look classy or cute, there are plenty of different ways you can accessorize your black floral dress and be admired by anyone who lays their eyes on you! 

We’ll be going over some of the best ways you can accessorize your black floral dress here, so you can make sure you’re going out into the world in style! So let’s get started. 

How To Accessorize A Black Floral Dress

There are quite a few ways you can accessorize a black floral dress that will really transform your overall look. From the addition of a cardigan to wearing the right shoes, there are plenty of different accessories you can choose from. 

We’ve put together some of the best ways you can accessorize your black floral dress, so next time you want to take your look to the next level, you will be more than prepared! 

Black Cardigan

Sometimes, simple is the best way to go when it comes to accessorizing your look, and it doesn’t get more simple than a nice black cardigan! 

Layers always add more depth to any style of outfit, and a black cardigan is a natural item of clothing that works with practically any item of clothing.

The pattern of the black floral dress will really pop when it’s paired with the black cardigan, and if you add some black tights into the mix as well, this will give the whole outfit a whole new depth it was originally missing. 

Add A Pop Of Color

If your black floral dress is quite muted, then it won’t hurt for you to add a little bit of color to your outfit. Even the smallest pops of color can make all the difference when it comes to a black floral dress.

You can wear a colorful pair of tights, add some colorful bracelets to your dress, or even add a cardigan that is bright and colorful. 

If you do opt to add a pop of color to your black floral dress, just make sure you’re pairing it with colors that match.

If the floral pattern of your dress isn’t muted and it already has color in the floral pattern, make sure the accessories you choose don’t clash! 

Work On Your Shoes

One of the simplest ways you can transform your black floral dress is by wearing the appropriate shoes. While you can just throw on any old shoes, it can make a massive difference when you were the right shoes instead. 

Different shoes work best for different occasions. Let’s take a look at some examples here: 

Work On Your Shoes
  • When the weather is cooler, boots are going to be the best shoes for you to wear with your dress. If your dress is on the shorter side, pair it with long boots, and when it’s a long dress, pair it with shorter boots (for more information on pairing shoes with long dresses, read here). 
  • If you’re wearing a black floral dress in a work or office setting, a pair of simple and classic black pumps work the best. 
  • Do not wear floral shoes with a floral dress. While it would be quite the fashion statement, the extra floral pattern will be a bit too much overall and quite harsh on the eyes. 
  • Casual occasions will call for any shoes like ballet flats, white running shoes, or strappy sandals. When you’re wearing your black floral dress in a casual setting, you want the rest of your outfit to reflect a comfy, yet stylish vibe. 
  • In a party or formal setting, black floral dresses work especially well with high-heeled pumps and strappy sandals. These styles of shoes will make the whole outfit look more elegant. 

The style of shoe you choose to pair with your black floral dress really does make all the difference in what sort of fashion statement you are trying to make. 

Handbags, Sunglasses, And Belts

Of course, you also need to focus on what sort of handbags, sunglasses, and belts you are using with your dress.

Floral dresses pair beautifully with most classic-style handbags, but you can mix it up a bit depending on what type of style you are trying to achieve.

You mainly need to make sure that whatever color and style your handbag is matching or complements the dress itself. 

Almost any sunglasses will go with a black floral dress as well, so you can really experiment with this.

Of course, black sunglasses are always a safe choice, but if you want to add more color, get a pair of sunglasses that matches the floral pattern itself. 

As for belts, floral dresses don’t really need one, but if you do feel like adding one into the mix, the best kinds for this style of dress are usually tan woven belts or thick black belts. 


And of course, let’s take a brief look at what sort of jewelry you should be using. Because black floral dresses are quite busy already, you should really aim to keep your jewelry minimal and classic.

This will give your whole outfit a complete look without being over the top. 

If you’re wearing your black floral dress for formal (Also check out Amazing Vintage Formal Dresses To Enhance Your Wardrobe) or evening events, you can up the ante a bit and go a bit more extravagant.

As with everything else, just make sure that your jewelry matches! You can pair it with your chosen shoes over the dress or you can match your jewelry with the floral pattern itself.


Accessorizing a black floral dress can be a fun process, especially when you know what you are doing! 

Take the tips and tricks we have discussed here and apply them to your outfit next time you’re planning on wearing a black floral dress! 

Willa Price