How To Create 40s Hair With Hot Sticks – Tutorial!

When you think of the 1940s there are certain things that come to mind.

How To Create 40s Hair with Hot Sticks - Tutorial!

From World War II to the invention of the first Atomic Bomb. The 1940’s was a decade of destruction and tragedy. 

However, the fashion and the hair styles were absolutely iconic.

Shoulder length hair with the classic pin curls or voluminous bob.

The women of the 1940’s were not going to let the tragedy of the outside world impact their looks. 

In this article we will cover how you can achieve the classic 1940’s hair using hot sticks.

Whether you are trying out a new style of dressing up for Halloween, you will be able to create a sleek, gorgeous hair do!

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Popular 1940s Hairstyles 

As the war raged on and the political climate of the world was in shatters, women were made to do with what they had. 

The 1940’s has become iconic for its infamous hairstyles.

All of which were created as women did not have access to as many products as they did prior to the world war.

Women were made to improvise and create hairstyles that they could create at home with very little products. 

Popular 1940’s hairstyles were: 

Pin Curls

The pin curl, one of the most popular hairstyles of the 1940s, served as the inspiration for many more intricate looks that followed.

The pin curling technique is still extremely popular today. 

Regular Rolls

The iconic hairstyle of the 1940s was the roll, which was a preferred technique for ladies to glam up their curls.

They would place rolls on the crown of their head or at the sides, starting with a head of set pin curls.

For practical, professional reasons, it was a feminine method for them to keep their hair out of their faces.

Side Swept Pin Curls

One of the most adaptable top 1940s hairstyles is without a doubt pin curls.

For a variety of occasions, they can be worn in a variety of ways.

Pull all of your pin curls over one shoulder and split your hair deeply to the side.

Evening Curls

Parties and celebrations were not entirely off limits in the name of doing whatever to enhance morale.

There were also numerous possibilities to attend weddings because many couples decided to get married before the groom was called to active duty.

The perfect 1940s hairdo for a wedding guest or possibly the bride herself is this evening-ready pinned curl updo.

Victory Roll Updo

When everyone was ordered to the front lines, chaos resulted.

When the soldiers eventually returned home on leave, everyone took time to celebrate.

Parties, dancing, and festivities continued well into the night.

A triumph roll updo is the perfect hairstyle for the dance floor since it maintains its shape through all the dips and twirls when secured in place with bobby pins and setting spray.

Hot Sticks Explained 

By far, an all-time favorite styling tool is heated hot sticks. completing session styling quickly or when creating vintage hairstyles on a movie production.

allowing the user to quickly and effortlessly recreate all those lovely antique hairstyles from a glitzy era.

creating curls that are very close to the scalp or the base of your wig.

Hot Sticks don’t need to be left in overnight like foam rollers do, and they don’t use clips or pins like conventional hot roller sets do.

How To Create 40s Hair with Hot Sticks - Tutorial!

The Hot Sticks are just as simple to use as traditional curling irons.

They will just take some getting used to when trying them out for the first time. 

How To Create 40s Hair With Hot Sticks

Creating a 1940’s hairstyle has never been easier with Hot Sticks.

Although, figuring out how to use them can be a bit of a challenge. Especially if you aren’t used to using hot tools. 

We have created a simple step by step guide for using Hot Sticks to achieve an iconic, polished hair style. 

What you will need: 

  • Set of Hot Sticks 
  • Volumizing Mousse
  • Hair Brush 
  • Hair Oil 
  • Hairspray

Steps to create 1940s hair: 

  1. Begin by brushing your hair so it is free of any knots and tangles. 
  2. Squeeze a palm sized amount of volumizing mousse onto your palm and begin working it through the hair. Starting at the root. 
  3. Take an inch sized section of hair. 
  4. Pull the hair taught and place one Hot Stick at the of the hair. 
  5. Roll the Hot Stick up with the hair until it reaches the root. 
  6. Cross the end of the Hot Stick to make it stay in place. 
  7. Repeat until all of the hair is curled with a Hot Stick. 
  8. Leave it for 45-60 minutes or until cool to let the hair set. 

Style Your Hair 

Once you have removed all of the Hot Sticks from your hair you may feel like you have been left with super tight, bouncy curls.. All it needs is a little bit of styling and some patience. 

Begin by brushing out the curls. This will cause them to become frizzy and rather untamed.

However, it is important that you continue to brush your hair until the curls begin to define themselves. 

Add a small amount of oil to your hair to smooth down any fly aways, keep brushing. 

Soon your hair will begin to resemble the classic 1940s hairstyle that you desire! 

Complete with a ribbon or headband for a more modern look or leave it as is to fully embrace this classic hair look. 

Final Thoughts 

While you can achieve a classic 1940s look through heated rollers, a curling wand, or even velcro rollers, you may not achieve the same effect. 

A 1940’s hairstyle requires small tight curls that can then be brushed out to a desired style. Hot Sticks make it so much easier. 

All it takes is a little bit of practice but after you secure one or two in your hair you are good to go. 

Get creative and try out a classic 1940’s hairstyle using Hot Sticks!

Willa Price