How To Lace A Corset

Corsets are back in fashion, and they are more popular than ever. These sexy fashion accessories have so many great benefits.

Corsets can make your waist line look slimmer, and they create a beautifully female shape. But lacing a corset can be confusing for beginners.

How To Lace A Corset

Plus, you will need to lace your corset in the right way to ensure that it fits like a second skin on you.

That’s why, here is a step-by-step tutorial on how to lace a corset like a pro.

How To Lace Your Corset

Lacing your corset is an essential part of preparing your garment for the perfect fit. This being said, there are a range of different corset styles.

Some may come already pre-laced and then you don’t need to worry about lacing. Just make sure that the strings meet at the center of your corset.

However, most corsets require you to put the strings in, so you can adjust the corset to your body shape.

Let’s take a look at the steps of how to lace your corset in the right way.

Decide The Lacing Direction

As a rule of thumb, you should start lacing from the top hole first if you have an even number of holes.

If you have an odd number of corset holes, then you should start lacing from the bottom to the top.

Most corsets come with a type of lace when you buy them. If you don’t have lacing for your corset, then try to avoid any kind of ribbon. 

It’s best to use a lace that allows you to tighten your corset firmly.

Create An X Lace Design

The easiest and fastest way to lace your corset is by creating a little X design with your lace. 

First, overlap both corset sides slightly, so that the holes lay on top of each other. Then pull your lace through the first hole at either the top or the bottom. 

Make sure that you pull the lace through both bottom or top holes. This is your starting point for the lacing.

You can now pull the string through each side, weaving an X design. 

When your lace is coming through the top of the hole, then simply pull it down through the top hole on the other side of the corset.

When your lace is then going down into the hole, just pull it through the bottom of the hole on the other side. Simply repeat these steps on both sides.

Make sure to keep the ends of your laces even when you pull them through the holes.

Lace The Center Of Your Corset

You simply need to repeat the process of creating an alternating X design all along the center of the corset, from top to bottom or vice versa.

How To Put Your Corset On

How To Put Your Corset On

Once you finished lacing your corset, your beautiful accessory is now ready to be worn. Here are a few useful tips on how to put your corset on in the right way.

Use A Mirror

Putting on a corset on your own without help can be challenging. Saying this, it can be easier when you stand in front of a mirror while you put your garment on.

You can even use several mirrors to see what exactly the back of your corset looks like.

Put An Underlayer On

When you want your corset to last for longer, then it’s a good idea to use a corset liner. It absorbs any dirt or moisture from your skin when you wear your corset.

However, if you wear your corset as lingerie, then it may not be necessary to wear anything else underneath.

Check The Right Orientation

A corset is all about the right fit, so make sure to check the correct orientation of your corset. The laces should sit in the back (although this can vary depending on the corset style).

Typically, the busk of the corset sits in the front and it should initially be open.

Finding the right orientation of a corset with an underbust can be a bit more difficult. It’s a good idea to take a closer look at pictures of how your corset should be worn.

Close The Busk Correctly

The busk is the front part of your corset. It is usually fastened by placing small knobs into hols on the other side. 

This may sound easy but it can take a little bit of time, especially when you have a lot of knobs.

It’s a good idea to fasten the second clasp from the top first, and then work your way down. You can then fasten the final top clasp at the very end.

Check for any clasps that may have come undone.

Tighten The Corset Laces For A Good Fit

Once you closed the front part of the corset, you are ready to tighten the laces in the back for an optimal fit.

Bear in mind that you want your corset to be as tight as possible but you should still be able to breathe comfortably standing up and sitting down.

The right adjustment depends on the right fit for you, and it can take a little time to find out what feels comfortable.

Tie The Lace Ends

As a last step of lacing your corset, you should tie the ends of the laces into a knot or a bow. This ensures that they stay tight. Plus, it also looks incredibly sweet.

If you find that you have a lot of extra lace, then you can also tie it around your stomach and then make a small knot or bow in the back.

Final Thoughts

Lacing your corset isn’t very difficult but it can take some time to get familiar with your corset and how to wear it correctly.

Each corset is individual. Some have laces in the back only, while others feature laces on both sides.

Whatever corset style you have, it should fit your body shape. Just ensure that you can breathe comfortable in your beautiful garment.

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