How To Style Floral Red Dresses

The floral red dress, it’s a statement piece, there’s no denying that but how many of us would even know where to start when it came to putting an ensemble together to include it? 

Most of us would be afraid to take it off the hanger not knowing which jacket or shoe would work the best.

How To Style Floral Red Dresses

Luckily we’ve put together a guide on how best to work and style these beautiful dresses for chic, timeless looks perfect for any occasion. 

Cut And Length

Let’s start by taking a look at the cut and length of the various styles of red floral dresses that you may find in the shops as this will affect your choice of accessories.  

Many red floral dresses tend to be either a wrap front style with a mid-length finish, a shorter style with a rounded neckline, or a maxi length with varying shapes of neckline.

The midi length style of dresses is the more feminine of all the styles and tends to be the easiest to accessorize.  

You will also find that you may come across shorter red floral dresses with higher necklines, for these dresses depending on the neckline you would want to stay with a lower fuller shoe.  

In comparison with a maxi-length red floral dress then a more open shoe would be desirable.  

So now we have the various lengths and cuts let’s look further into how to style and accessorize them.  


Depending on the season will depend on the weight and length of the outwear you should style with your red floral dress.

During the spring and summer months, a lighter denim jacket can be paired with the lighter floral red prints that will be available.

This jacket can be paired with any length of dress. It is great for layering with a maxi-length red dress with sandals during cooler evenings.  

Throughout the autumn and winter months, a black leather biker jacket is an excellent alternative to add to your floral red dress outfit, teamed with black biker or Chelsea boots for an edger look.

Again any length of dress would work with these accessories. 

Another outerwear option for a midi dress is the trench style of coat in either midi or full length, depending on the color of the floral print this can be worn in a variety of tones to match with your dress.

Black, brown, or even a burgundy color can work well to be styled with these dresses during the colder months.  



Depending on the length of your floral red dress you may want to change your style of shoe.  

Maxi dresses tend to be better suited to flatter shoes, in summer brown or gold sandals are an excellent addition to your outfit or depending on the floral print even a white low-rise trainer.

In winter, a tan brown knee-high-length boot will also be a great alternative to your winter ensemble.  

Midi-length dresses again depending on the season will look perfect in the summer teamed with brown or gold sandals and in the winter again the addition of a tan-brown or black knee-high boot could add an essence of style to a simple floral red dress.  

In addition, shorter above-the-knee dresses in the summer will look perfect teamed with a pair of white low-rise trainers and a jacket. A very easy outfit, perfect for shopping or drinks out. 

During the colder months, match shorter red floral dresses with a pair of black tights and some ankle boots, and you are set for a perfect day-to-night look.  

The red floral print can also be the perfect alternative to red or green velvet at your Christmas events (Also check out Stylish Christmas Party Outfits), styled with darker tights or boots and some darker glimmering jewelry, you could be party season ready.  


The amazing thing about a floral red dress is that depending on its print, you can pick out the colors displayed to match your accessories from navy blues, muted greens, and browns.

While black will always be your friend, adding that subtle hint of color with your accessories will give your outfit that put-together look.  

When it comes to bags, a small clutch-style statement piece is always a winning look whether that’s teamed with boots or open-toed shoes.

Heavier-looking larger bags will not complement these dresses as you’ve already got the bolder look with the floral print. 

Keeping bags on the smaller, more delicate side will complement your look more.  

When it comes to styling your jewelry with your floral red dress try to keep your jeweled accessories to a minimum.

Having heavier-looking, bolder pieces will only detract from your statement dress and clash with any elegance you are trying to achieve.  


During summer and winter, hats can be paired with red floral print dresses although bear in mind that if you are wearing a maxi or midi dress keep the hat on the wider brimmed side to balance out your look, blacks or even deep reds in the winter can look extremely elegant.

While more wicker and straw wide-brim sun hats can add a touch of summer fun to your floral print.  

Final Thoughts

It is easy to be put off by a bolder print or color of dress but teamed with the right accessories these dresses can become your little secret weapon.  

The secret is to remember what your style is and work with that.

If you have more of a feminine wardrobe and your style is light and simple, keep your styling of these bolder prints to a minimum, lighter denim jackets, and sandals, with minimal, lighter gold-toned accessories. 

However, if an edgier look is your thing, a red floral dress styled with darker boots and a biker jacket can look just as amazing.

Also not to be forgetting a darker trench-style coat can be the perfect addition for the winter party season. 

Don’t be afraid to play with different accessories to find the right look for you.  

Willa Price