How To Use Hair Rollers

Hair rollers come and go, but here at Diary of a Vintage Girl, they are commonplace, especially when it comes to getting that volumized 80s look.

While you could just use curling tongs, there is something different about the result of using hair rollers. This is especially true if you have fine hair – think Hollywood moviestar blowout.

How To Use Hair Rollers

They are easy to use too, despite how complicated hair rollers look. You can place them in your hair and then apply your makeup. 

If you are looking to know how to use hair rollers, then you have come to the right place. We take a look at both velcro and foam hair rollers. 

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s go and get that luscious bouncy hair!

What Is A Velcro Roller?

You may recognize velcro rollers as being the type that are plastic with velcro strips on them. They are hollow too and cylinder shaped, and should grip by themselves into your hair.

If you find that they do start to fall, then you can use something like a duckbill clip to keep them in place. 

Velcro rollers are best used to create volume and waves, rather than curls. They can give the illusion of thicker and fuller hair to those with fine hair. They also work very well on shorter hair styles.

So, if you want loose waves and volume at the roots, then velcro rollers will be your new bestie. You will see those first initial tight curls fall into curvy waves instead – so don’t be disappointed, it is meant to happen. 

What Is A Foam Roller?

A foam roller is basically a roller made out of foam. Once called the Molton Browner, they are best used on damp hair.

A foam roller can be manipulated to change its shape. This can create different curls and adhere to your hair. 

Foam rollers are also best to give tighter curls. This is due to how tight you place your hair around the roller, and how damp your hair is.

Often people are suggested to towel dry their just-washed hair and then place the foam rollers in. While the hair dries, the foam rollers will do their job.

Once the foam rollers have been removed, then you will want to add a serum to the hair to remove any remaining frizz.

And yes, you can leave these overnight!

What Are The Benefits Of Using Hair Rollers?

There are many benefits to using hair rollers, with the top one being the lack of heat to the hair. These days we use curling and flat irons so often, that our hair is subjected to heat almost every day.

While that is fine if you use a heat protecting spray, you may want to try curling your hair without subjecting it to a lot of heat in one go.

Hair rollers can also create the blowout look. You don’t need to make a quick appointment to the hairdressers. Instead you can put some hair rollers in and do the job yourself.

Plus, hair rollers are advantageous to those who have fine hair. It can lift the root and help to give the illusion that your hair is thicker than it actually is.

How To Use Velcro Hair Rollers?

How To Use Velcro Hair Rollers?

Using hair rollers is best on just washed hair that is dry. However, you can use velcro rollers on damp hair too. You may need more than 6 big velcro hair rollers for volume and waves.

Step 1

Always prep your hair. Make sure it is clean and dry – though as stated before, it can be damp too.

You will also need to brush your hair and detangle any knots. Once tangle free, apply a mouse to the hair. This will smooth and help with the process.

Step 2

Take your comb and section a part of your hair at the top area of your head. It should be around 4 to 6 inches in length.

Then take a 1 to 1 ½ inch of that hair at the front – enough to use with the hair roller – and begin winding the hair into the hair roller. You should wind it towards the forehead. 

Repeat this step for every single section of the hair. 

Step 3

Once all your hair is in velcro rollers, use a blow dryer on the lowest warm setting for around 5 minutes. This will help to speed up the process if you are short of time. You can skip this step if you prefer.

Now is the best time to do your makeup. You can let the velcro rollers sit in the hair for around 10 to 20 minutes. 

Step 4

Once you remove them, you can choose to use hair spray or not. Doing so will help to make the hairstyle last a lot longer.

How To Use Foam Hair Rollers?

Before you use foam rollers, pick the size according to the shape and size of the curls you would like. 

Step 1

Section hair into parts – one at the top, one at each side and two at the back. 

Step 2

Place foam rollers into your hair either horizontally or vertically. This will change the type of curl it is. 

Start at the top of your head, and also note that the larger the section of the hair, the looser the curl result will be.

Repeat this process for all the hair.

Step 3

Leave them overnight and remove them in the morning. Apply a serum to remove any frizz. 

Final Thoughts

Using rollers might seem quite daunting, but they are actually really easy to apply to the hair. They can create a lot of volume, similar to that of a professional blowout.

However, how you use the rollers and which type can all determine the final outcome. A foam roller is best for tighter curls, while velcro rollers are better for loose waves.

Hopefully you will have fun applying those rollers! Good luck!

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